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Dr. Celestine Gitau
Dr. Celestine Gitau
Dr. Celestine Gitau is a Certified Trichologist, Trichology tutor, Hair and scalp health enthusiast, and Blogger. She was Certified by the International Association of Trichologists(IAT). She has been extensively involved in the diagnosis, treatment, and management of hair loss majorly on afro ethnic hair. As an enthusiastic blogger, she has written numerous articles on hair and scalp health in my quest to create awareness. 
Dr. Menna Salman
Dr. Menna Salman
Dr. Menna Salman is a qualified Medical Doctor and Passional Medical Writer. She has done MBBS from Cairo University, and Masters in General Pediatrics.
She has been a practicing pediatric doctor for several years, also she has been teaching several students in Medical science. As a personal passion, she started writing on medical and healthcare topics several years back and gained a lot of expertise in medical writing.
Princess Egieya - Fashion Blogger
Princess Egieya
Princess Egieya Graduated in Mass Communication from the University of Benin. She developed a huge interest in writing during her college days. Being a travel enthusiast and fashion geek, she always enjoyed writing about outdoor fun and the latest fashion trends. With several years of writing experience behind her, she excelled in writing awesome content on Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle, Travel, and Outdoor related topics.

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