Wigs For African American Male [Types of Wigs, Cost & 5 Best Wigs]

One challenge a growing number of African American men suffer is hair thinning, baldness, and hair loss. Although these issues are rising, many men don’t talk about them so much, just as they don’t talk about solutions that can help handle these issues. 

Male wigs have been created to help men deal with such hair issues and boost their confidence when working, attending events, or just going about their daily life. Beyond hair loss, some men might also wear wigs as costumes, for appearances, or to upgrade their appearance. 

Although there is nothing wrong with men’s wigs, many men don’t know much about them or still feel uncomfortable going about with him.

If you’re looking to switch up your hairstyle, make up for hair loss, or enhance your natural appearance, there are some African American wigs you can choose from. Let’s begin by considering the types of wigs for African American men.

Best Wig for Afro American Male – Top 5 Picks

What Types of Wigs Suit African American Males?

Just as we have several wig types for women, African American men also have several types of wigs to choose from, depending on appearance, style, and other factors. Let’s consider the best-suited wigs for African American men.

1. Afro Hair Wigs

Afro hair wigs are still famous in 2022 and we expect them to be in vogue beyond then. They are also largely affordable for men, and can easily suit any face shape or size.

Most Afro wigs are hand-tied and made of high-quality hair strands fixed on a premium base. 

Beyond daily use, Afro wigs are also great for men who want to try a unique hairdo.

2. Lace Front Wigs

Lace front wigs are perfect for African American men beyond doubt because they deliver a perfect appearance.

Many African American men prefer to buy the lace front wigs because they are affordable and offer flexible styling in front, just as natural hair would.

Men can create different styles on the same wig to suit different appearances and occasions. The lace front also often matches with the scalp of the men’s heads and hairline because they are either transparent or brown.

The thin lace at the front of the wig creates a seamless look and a natural and undetectable finish that matches with the men’s hairline.

Also, lace front wigs offer protection to African American men, especially those who are bald and don’t want to leave any sign of it. 

3. Full Lace Hair Wigs

Full lace wigs are an upgrade from lace front wigs because while lace front wigs have lace only in front of the wigs, full lace wigs are totally designed with lace.

This means that full lace wigs offer complete styling diversity, which means that men can style their hair whatever way they want, and not just in front.

Men can have full center parts, side parts, and any other style without it looking weird. This is because the lace will match with their scalp and look like the hair strands are growing straight out of their scalp.

Where lace front wigs have a little limitation in styling, full lace wigs are completely flexible with no limitations to styling.

Full lace wigs are also more breathable and comfortable. However, they may be less durable because the crown area is completely covered by lace.

4. Monofilament Wigs

Monofilament wigs are often at the top of the ladder for both male and female wigs. This is because they are more durable than other wig types and have the highest versatility.

Monofilament hair wigs are made with ultra-fine mesh or polyester material. The hair strands of hand-tied monofilament wigs are hand-tied to the material’s base, which also offers 100% styling versatility like full lace wigs.

However, there are also sewn-in monofilament caps that are easier to make but don’t offer the full style versatility that hand-tied monofilament wigs offer. 

The major difference between full lace wigs and monofilament wigs is that the full lace wigs need an adhesive or glue to be secured to the head, especially around the hairline, while a monofilament wig doesn’t require glue or adhesive.

Monofilament wigs are also great for men with sensitive scalps because they prevent heat, itchiness, and irritation, and are also comfortable on the head.

What Is the Average Cost of Wigs Suitable for African American Males?

When considering buying a wig for men, another thing to consider after wig type is the cost of these wigs. While some might be affordable, some others might be costlier.

It is quite difficult to pinpoint the cost of a wig for African American males, but depending on the type of wig, you can estimate a price range.

For instance, a custom-made wig ranges between $275 to $800. On the other hand, you can find a ready-to-wear male wig ranging between $30 and $300 depending on the material (human hair or synthetic), wig type, or method of wig construction.

Top 5 Best Wigs for African American Males

Now that we’ve got the basics covered, the next thing is to consider some of the best wigs that African American men can buy and enjoy.

1. BECUS Afro Short Kinky Curly Remy 100% Human Hair Wig for Black Men

This wig is an Afro Short Kinky Wig that is made of High Quality 100% Brazilian Virgin Remy Human Hair. It is a natural black, 150% density wig and weighs 115g.

This Afro wig is non-lace and has a length of 4 inches in its normal appearance and is 8 inches when straightened.

The wig has an average cap size (appx21.5 inches) with an adjustable band that allows the wearer to adjust the tightness to suit their head size.


  • The Brazilian Human Hair used to make this wig is very natural and thicker than other Hair.
  • The wig is breathable, natural, and durable, partly because of the wig cap and the material used to make the wig.
  • Because of its glueless nature, this Afro wig is easy to wear and doesn’t take the time or extra expertise.
  • The wig is a low-shedding wig, which means longer lasting volume.
  • The Afro wig is very affordable, meaning that many men will find that it is within their budget.


  • This Afro wig is often restricted in styling options because the only style you can use it for is the Afro for which it was created.
  • Some men might also find that this wig is too full for their head size, but this can be managed and corrected when an expert stylist trims it.

2. MAIMAN Short Afro Human Hair Wigs None Lace Front 100% Brazilian Remy Hair

It is a short curly hair wig with a breathable mid-sized cap (22- 22.5 inches) alongside an adjustable elastic band that fits firmly to your head.

It is a 4-inch long wig with tight curls floating around the forehead. 

The wig is made from 100% Brazilian Remy hair, which is very much like natural hair and is great for believable hair and facial appearance. 


  • Pure human hair that’s easy to manage.
  • Affordable Afro wig with breathable cap for comfort.


  • Restrictive/limited styling, so you can only carry the wig in the way you bought it.
  • Afro wigs don’t suit all face sizes and shapes. 

3. Aimole Afro Short Curly Wigs 100% Human Hair Wig for African American Men

This Aimole Afro Curly wig is made from 100% human hair and comes in black color (1B).

It is a fashionable short wig that has a natural appearance, a soft touch, and a stylish look. It is made of a rose net cap with an average size of 20 to 22 inches, but can be adjusted to suit any head size using attached straps.

The wig is about 4 inches in length without stretching and weighs 100 grams.

This beautiful full head wig can be worn every day, for parties, and as a part of a costume.


  • The wig has a breathable and comfortable rose net cap,
  • It is a skin friendly human hair wig that won’t cause irritation to your skin and scalp.
  • Because it is100% Human hair wig, it has a long lifespan and looks just like your real hair.


  • Does not support multiple styling options or tweaking, and can only be worn as an Afro wig.

4. HairMujer Men Afro Wigs Human Hair 70s Afro Wig for Black Men

The Hair Mujer human hair wig comes in natural black and has a thick, wavy hair type. It is a beautiful 150% Density 100% Brazilian Human hair that delivers a full look when worn on the head.

The natural Black wig is 4.5 inches when not stretched, and 8 inches when stretched.

The Hair Mujer Afro wig has an average-sized cap between 21 and 22.5 inches.


  • It is made from high quality human hair, which ensures that it is durable and will last long.
  • Thanks to the material and comfortable cap, the wig is soft and breathable, and won’t cause heat.


  • This wig might be too big to look natural, and could need professional trimming.
  • High management because of its curly nature.

5. HAPPYCC Afro Toupee Human Hair African American Wigs 

HAPPYCC Afro wig is made from Indian Human hair and is a free-style wig that’s popular for African American men.

The wig comes in natural Black and has a 4mm afro wave that can be cut and trimmed to suit any height or size.

The length of hair on this wig is 6 Inches and has a base size of 8”x10” side to side width x front to back length. It has a weight of 108grams


  • The wig is easy to clean and tape.
  • Styling is easy because it can be cut into any size without damages.


  • Expensive compared to other male wigs.

Comparison Of Above Listed 5 Wigs for African American Men

All the wigs we described above have their appeal to African American men and also have their cons which should be considered before buying decisions are made. 

However, let’s go a step further to consider how these wigs compare to each other based on the most important factors and feature African American men should consider when shopping for wigs.

HAPPYCCHuman Hair6 inches108gBlackAfro
HAIR MUJERHuman Hair4.5 inches240gBlackAfro
MAIMANHuman Hair4 inches100gBlackAfro
AIMOLEHuman Hair4 inches100gBlackAfro
BECUSHuman Hair8 inches115gBlackAfro

Final Words:

In the paragraphs above, we have considered the different types of wigs that are best suited to African American men. The recommended wigs offer a look that is as close to reality as possible and can come in handy for men dealing with temporary or permanent hair loss. 

Feel free to browse through these suggestions or use this article as a guide when shopping for a wig that is perfect for you!