Lullabellz Wigs Reviews | Are Lullabellz Wigs Good? How Long Do They Last?

Lullabellz wigs are produced by a mid-size wig and extension company with the same name. The brand is independently owned by Laura Smith, a 32-year-old entrepreneur.

Lullabellz sells synthetic and human hair extensions, as well as premium synthetic wigs on its website. Its products are also available on retail sites like ASOS,,, and Misguided.

The brand is making a name for itself in the extensions & wigs industry, and people love lullabellz because it offers a good amount of promo codes and discounts.

Although the brand has a lot of hair extensions on its product list, this review will cover only wigs by lullabellz and explore their features, price, and quality.

Where Are Lullabellz Wigs Manufactured?

Lullabellz doesn’t say where its wigs are manufactured. However, the company is located in Manchester, England.

What Type of Wigs Lullabellz Manufacture?

Lullabellz wigs come in lace front and fringe lace front wigs, made of synthetic hair. The wigs come in several styles and designs, including straight wigs, fringe wigs, lob and bob wigs, and body waves wigs.

The wigs also come in various lengths, from short to midi, and long lengths. You’ll find a wide range of colors on the lullabellz website, including light golden blonde, chestnut brown, jet black gold, platinum, peach, ash blonde, and other impressive colors.    

Lullabellz synthetic wigs are made from a mono-fiber material, while the human hair versions are made from 100% Grade A Remy Human Hair.

Lullabellz wigs come in a wide range of lengths, ranging from 14 inches to 33 inches. So, wig wearers with all preferences can find their preferred lengths.

Key Features of lullabellz wigs

  • Lullabellz wigs are easy to wear, and they come with combs within the wig for extra hold. 
  • The wigs also come with adjustable straps in the back for the wearer to adjust to any head size so that the wig sits firmly.
  • Lullabellz wigs come with a wig cap (sometimes two), and a satin storage bag that offers protection when the wig isn’t in use.
  • Lullabellz wigs are heat-friendly, even though they are synthetic. They can handle heat styling from straighteners or curlers for up to 180 degrees. However, any heat styling tool that exceeds 180 degrees can damage the fibers of the wigs.
  • The company advises wearers of their synthetic wigs not to use toners or dyes because they can cause damage to the hair fibers. The dyes might also not be accepted by the wig strands.

Pros and Cons of Lullabellz Wigs

Let’s explore the pros and cons of these wigs while taking customer reviews and features of the wig into account.

Pros of Lullabellz Wigs

  • Lullabellz wigs come with full hair, making them suitable for different kinds of styling. The full wefts also make it look very natural on the wearer.
  • Although they are made of synthetic fiber, the wigs can handle heat styling up to 180 degrees.
  • The wigs don’t have artificial shine, unlike other synthetic wigs that look unnatural. With proper styling, lullabellz wigs look natural.
  • Satisfied customers of the brand have said that lullabellz wigs are comfortable to wear. Even wearers without hair find it comfortable to use.

Cons of Lullabellz Wigs

  • Lullabellz wigs cannot be toned or dyed as the wig fibers don’t take in colors. Attempts to dye the wig can also lead to damaged fibers.
  • Lullabellz wigs need a lot of care to remain smooth and tangle-free. Several users have complained that the wigs are difficult to manage and often get tangled up, especially during storage. (Lullabellz has said storing the wig in its satin bags when not in use would prevent tangling when the wig isn’t in use)

How Long Do Lullabellz Wigs Last?

Due to their synthetic nature, lullabellz wigs don’t last as long as their human hair extension counterparts. However, they will last anywhere from a few months to a few years, depending on how often they are used, and how well they are cared for.

For instance, if you wear the wig occasionally, it’ll last longer than when you wear it every day. Proper storage in the satin storage bags can also help to maintain the shape, style, and bounce of the wig and extend its lifespan.

How Much Do Lullabellz Wigs Cost?

Lullabellz wigs vary in price depending on their length, thickness, color, and style. However, they are affordable, which probably has to do with the fact that they are made from synthetic materials.

On average, lullabellz wigs cost between 35 and 80 pounds, with many wigs selling at a range of 45 to 65 pounds.

Lullabellz wigs reviews - cost of Lullabellz wigs

Are Lullabellz Wigs Good and Worth the Money?

Yes! Considering the wig quality, features, and reviews from customers, lullabellz wigs are worth the money. They are beautiful, natural-looking, and within budget as much as synthetic wigs go.

Final Words:

Lullabellz wigs are making a name amongst the wig community for good quality synthetic wigs. They are simple and beautiful, and many wig wearers have positive comments to share about their wigs. 

However, one important detail to note before you purchase wigs from lullabellz is that you cannot return the wig once you remove the seal on the packaging. So, you’ll need to pay attention and ask all the right questions before you place your order.

You can use the color match guide on the website to ensure you’re purchasing a color that suits you. You can also contact the lullabellz customer care team if you have any questions.