Arda Wigs Review | Are Arda Wigs Reliable? How Much Do Arda Wigs Cost?

Arda is one of the most popular wig brands for cosplayers right now. They are loved for their unique styles, multiple wig colors, multiple-sized wig caps, and heat-resistant fibers.

The global brand is domesticated in several countries of the world and offers wigs that are loved by cosplayers for their beauty, versatility, and other unique features.

If you are considering buying an Arda wig, get in here! You’ll all the information you need and you’ll also hear what we think about the brand.

Where Are Arda Wigs Manufactured?

Arda wigs are manufactured in China, where they have a factory and also a partner factory.

As a global brand with several subsidiaries across America and Europe, their wigs are being shipped across the world. According to the website for Arda Europe, they ship from County Kerry in Ireland.

What Type of Wigs Does Arda Manufacture?

Arda manufactures and creates beautiful, high-quality, and pocket-friendly synthetic wigs for fashionistas, cosplayers, drag artists, and customers. The wigs produced by Arda are very realistic, durable, and comfortable for the wearer.

All Arda wigs come with high-density heat-resistant synthetic fibers that have roomy caps and custom blended colors. At least three colors go into the production of each color and shade of wig you find at the Ards store.

Arda classifies its wigs under two product categories ‘Arda Classic’ and ‘Arda Silky.’ Arda classic is the older version of Arda wigs that have been with us for a while before the new silky version was released.

Arda Classic is the brand’s original blend of heat-resistant synthetic fiber, while Arda Silky is the newer blend, also of high-quality, heat-resistant synthetic fiber. Although the description of both wigs sounds similar, there are a few differences, and we will explore them as we go on.

For instance, classic wigs have higher heat resistance than silky wigs. However, silky wigs can handle a lot of activity, styling, movement, and even weather conditions.

Although classic wigs look more realistic than the shinier silky wigs, these silky wigs are easier to detangle than classic wigs, making them the best option when shopping for really long wigs if you want easy detangling.

Under the ‘Classic wig’ category, you’ll find Lace front wigs, Multicolor wigs, Short Wigs, Medium Wigs, Long Wigs, Extra Long Wigs, and Unique Wigs.

The unique wigs come in lengths, styles, and colors you probably haven’t found and won’t find anywhere else. They are like the statement pieces of cosplay wigs if we can call them that.

The ‘Silky wig’ category doesn’t have as many options yet, but you’ll find Lace front wigs, Medium Wigs, Long Wigs, and Extra Long Wigs.

Key Features of Arda Wigs

The features of both Arda Classic and Arda Silk are mostly the same, apart from some earlier differences we pointed out. So, let’s get into the notable features of Arda wigs and what makes them stand out.

1. Size

Arda wigs have larger wig cap sizes for many of their wigs. Most Arda wigs can be comfortably worn over dreadlocks and large natural hairs.

You can easily twist or braid your hair into two or more parts, put on a wig cap, and comfortably ease on the wig. The wigs also have adjustable straps for different head sizes.

Most Arda wigs are 23 inches in circumference and they can stretch to reach 25 inches. Although some wigs are not up to 23 inches and don’t stretch as much, you will find the information in the product description, letting you know that it is a smaller wig.

For wearers who need more headroom than the 25 inches wig delivers, Arda wig manufacturers suggest a simple trick. You can cut a small spot in the wig at the back of each ear to get an extra inch on either side. The wig’s elastic nature will still hold things in place.

2. Thickness

Arda wigs are extremely thick, which is good for all sorts of styling and parts that the wearer might want to do. They have a lot of wefts in them, thereby covering your hair and scalp properly no matter how you style the wig.

Although both the Classic and Silky wigs are equally thick and have the same amount of wefts, the silky wig compresses more and looks smaller when you pack it or wrap your hands around it.

3. Style

Arda wigs are very versatile. They are easy to brush, style, and return to the original style. Their heat-resistant fibers can be curled, straightened, and styled with several heat tools.

Arda Classic can tolerate heat up to 420° Fahrenheit, while Arda Silky can tolerate as much as 350° Fahrenheit.

However, it isn’t advised that you go all the way by cranking up the heat settings. As much as they are heat-resistant, they are still synthetic fibers, and they will get old and damaged faster due to extreme heat exposure.

Arda recommends using heat settings between 300 and 325 Fahrenheit for both fiber types or a range between 200 and 300 if there are hair products in the wig.

Pros and Cons of Arda Wigs 

We wish we could say it’s all rainbows and roses with Arda wigs, but as with everything else, there are disadvantages even when there are advantages. We’ll be looking at Arda Silky and Classic separately because their differences also affect their advantages and disadvantages.

Pros and Cons of Arda Classic Wigs 

Pros of Arda Classic  Cons of Arda Classic
Can handle extreme heat and heavy stylingLow resistance to tangling compared to silky wigs
Don’t snag or lose strands with heavy combing  Thickness can make it hard to detangle
Matte, realistic appearance   
Highly textured fiber that’s perfect for creating spikes and styling with hair product   

Pros and Cons of Arda Silky Wigs 

Pros of Arda SilkyCons of Arda Silky
Smooth and soft feel  Hair fiber appears flattered and compresses easily.
Longer wigs are easy to comb due to smoother fiber shaftAppears shinier than Classic wigs
Easy to detangleCannot handle as much heat as Classic wigs.
High tangling resistance compared to Classic wigs 

How Long Do Arda Wigs Last?

Although there’s no specific information on Arda’s websites on the lifespan of their wigs, user reviews appear to peg the lifespan of these wigs beyond the normal synthetic wigs, probably thanks to their great quality.

Some cosplayers claim to have been using Arda wigs for the past 5 years, even wigs that were bought in their second-hand state. This is probably because the wigs aren’t used daily.

The lifespan would likely reduce drastically if you use your Arda wigs every day, probably for like a year, because synthetic fibers are not known to last so long with daily use and heat exposure, even if they are heat resistant.

How Much Do Arda Wigs Cost?

Arda wigs cost between $10 and $100, with many average-priced wigs ranging between $30 and $50. Shorter and fewer-layered wigs are more affordable than longer and fuller wigs.

The silky wigs appear more affordable than the classic wigs, but not by so much. It also depends on the color, length, and style. 

Arda Wigs Review – are Arda wigs reliable? How much do arda wigs cost?

Are Arda Wigs Reliable and Worth the Money?

It is a resounding YES for us!

From the features we have discussed above to the lifespan and price of Arda wigs, it is easy to understand why they are the favorites of many cosplayers.

Imagine spending $50 on an Arda wig that you get to use for years while attending different conferences and even going about your day-to-day activities.

The reviews from users of these wigs that we consulted also show that they are happy with their decision to shop and use wigs from Arda.

Another interesting practice that makes us love Arda wigs is that it has a reward point system whenever you buy a wig, so you can get a discount or percentages off as time goes on. So, while you purchase quality Arda wigs, you’re winning points for yourself.

Final Words:

Arda Wigs are high-quality realistic wigs that deserve every bit of accolades they are getting from the wig and cosplay community. They are easy to style, heat resistant, and deliver a very full appearance thanks to the many wefts you find on these wigs. 

Thanks to the high-quality fibers in all Arda Wigs, you’re assured of a realistic and beautiful head of hair, whether for pictures, events, cosplay, or other projects. 

Arda wigs are truly worth your time and money. Buy them, you will love them.