Best Cosplay Wig [Comparison of Top 5 Cosplay Wigs]

Are you ready to get into the world of cosplaying and cosplay wigs? The first step to becoming a bona fide cosplayer is to purchase a cosplay wig. However, you can’t buy a good cosplay wig without knowing how to pick the best wig.

To get a cosplay wig that suits the appearance of your favorite movie or book character, you need to get the right wig with the features that resemble the character you aim to look like.

This article will introduce the five best cosplay wigs to you and also guide you into how to purchase a good wig.

Top 5 Best Cosplay Wigs [Pros and Cons]

Let’s explore our selection of the 5 best cosplay wigs you can purchase based on several quality standards. All these wigs are available on Amazon and have great reviews from other cosplayers who have purchased them.

1. Akstore 28″ 70cm Fashion Wigs Long Wavy Curly Hair Cosplay Wig

This beautiful cosplay wig is manufactured by AKStore and it comes in the color purple with a length of 28 inches (70cm).

The wig is made from high-quality, Semi-heat Resistant Japanese Kanekalon fibers and weighs 300g.

The wig comes with an adjustable hook with which to adjust the cap to suit any head size. It is also suitable for daily use and special occasions.


  • The wig’s net cap is adjustable and the wig doesn’t need tape or pins to fit the wearer’s head.
  • This cosplay wig is made of high-quality synthetic fibers that can stand daily use without falling off.
  • This wig’s hair and fibers are soft and easy to brush.


  • Users have complained about the wig being unable to handle heat styling despite its description as heat-resistant.

2. Netgo Women’s Pink Heat Friendly Synthetic Cosplay Wigs

The netgo cosplay wig is a 100% Japanese Kanekalon wig that comes with bangs in front. The high-quality wig is 70cm in length and weighs 300g.

This wig has heat-resistant strands that are soft to the touch. The bangs in the front are easy to trim and style to suit any head and face size.

The netgo wig is suitable for daily use, concerts, theme parties, Halloween, and other occasions. It has a stylish design that looks natural and is easy to comb, wear, and take off.


  • The wig has an adjustable hook that suits all head sizes and a breathable rose net that doesn’t tear or break easily.
  • The wig fibers have a natural design that doesn’t fall off or twist easily.
  • The wig strands are full and sufficient for different styles and parts without looking scanty.


  • The strands shed often and are also prone to get tangled and frizzy. However, you can manage these disadvantages with synthetic hair shampoo and a leave-in conditioner.

3. MapofBeauty Multi-color Lolita Long Curly Clip-on Ponytails Cosplay Wig

The MapofBeauty cosplay wig comes in Pink/ Blonde and is made from Heat-resistant Kanekalon Synthetic fiber. The package contains one wig and two ponytails.

This curly wig is 65 cm in length and has a Ponytail length of 55 cm.

The wig Cap has a maximum circumference of approximately 20~21inches (51~53cm) and weighs 548grams.

The ponytails have a clip-on feature, which means that you can attach them to the wig easily and take them just as easily.


  • Can handle heat styling, such as straightening and curling at a heat that is no more than 120 degrees Celsius.


  • This wig is not suitable for dyeing because it doesn’t contain hair squama that can hold Color for a Long Time.
  • Cannot withstand high temperatures during straightening or curling as it might melt.

4. ColorGround Long Curly Cosplay Wig with 2 Ponytails

ColorGround Lolita wig comes in colors blue and purple, alongside a curly base wig and a pair of matching ponytails that blend seamlessly with the base wig.

This multi-colored wig has natural-looking Heat synthetic fiber that can be cut, permed, or dyed.

It has a base wig length of about 65 cm (25.6 inches) and a ponytail length of about 50 cm (19.7 inches). Its weight ranges between 530 and 570g.

This wig is great for costume parties, Cosplay, carnivals, Halloween, or daily fashion.

It comes with a high-quality rose net that is suitable for all head sizes and has two adjustable straps that can be intertwined to a firm position.

The three-in-one package comprises one ColorGround base wig and 2 ponytails, alongside one free wig cap.

The wig is thick enough for all wearers and its curls maintain their vibrant and bouncy shape for a long time.


  • The wig can be worn with or without the ponytails as the ponytails can easily be detached.
  • Full wig strands that cover the wefts properly and adequately.


  • Although you can re-dye the wig, you can only dye from a lighter color to a darker one.

5. OneDor Long Hair Curly Wavy Full Head Halloween Wigs Cosplay

The OneDor cosplay wig is a curly and fashionable Full Head Wig that has a natural parting design.

The wig is made from premium Japanese Kanekalon Synthetic Fiber that’s Heat-Resistant. It comes in color 130A-Fox Red, is 21inches in length without stretching, and weighs approximately 269grams.

The wig has a One-size-fits-all cap with a built-in elastic Strap to adjust the wig to any head circumference and ensure that the wig won’t fall out.


  • The wig can handle heat styling up to up to 377°F (100 degrees Celsius)
  • The natural part makes the wig look less synthetic and more like human hair wigs.


  • Some customers who have used the wig say it tangles very easily, which means frequent detangling is necessary and it must be brushed with utmost care.

How to Find the Best Cosplay Wig?

When you’re on your way to shop for your cosplay wig, you need a guide to help you make the best decision, so that you get the cosplay wig that suits your needs. Here are tips to guide you.

1. Consider the length and style 

length and style of the Cosplay Wig

If you’re choosing a cosplay wig to look like a particular character, then you must study the length and style of the character’s hair to ensure you get a cosplay wig that fits.

When shopping, you can either choose to buy a pre-styled cosplay wig that already looks exactly like the character’s hair, or buy a wig in the same color and length and style it yourself. If you’re not good at cosplay wig styling, buy already styled wigs.

However, if you’re simply seeking a normal cosplay look, you can get a wig in any color, length, or style you want.

When styling cosplay wigs yourself, always buy wigs that have extra length and fullness so that you’ll have enough hair to work with when styling.

2. Pay attention to Color Selection

Cosplay Wig Colors

Many people buy cosplay wigs online, only to find out that the color of the delivered wig looks different from what they saw on the computer screen.

To avoid such issues, you can either go physically to purchase your cosplay wig or ensure that your phone or computer’s colors are set to natural, to avoid any misrepresentation.

You can also confirm the color from the online seller, use the color code for accuracy, or view pictures posted in the review section to see how the wig looks in real life. Bear in mind that some people leaving reviews could use filters on their phones, so that could be a hindrance as well.

3. Be particular about the cosplay wig’s material

Quality of Cosplay Wig Material

Although you’ll find cosplay wigs made from human hair, synthetic material, or even human hair and synthetic blends, most of the best cosplay wigs are made from synthetic fiber, particularly from Kanekalon. 

Unless you want a full human hair cosplay wig, your best choice is Kanekalon cosplay wigs because they have high heat resistance, they look more natural and realistic than other materials, and they are often very affordable compared to their quality.

4. Always buy a heat-resistant wig

Heat Resistant Cosplay Wig

Most times, the hairstyles you’ll want to explore on your cosplay wigs will require heat exposure. But, if you buy cosplay wigs that are not heat resistant, you won’t be able to do any form of heat styling, including straightening, blow-drying, and curling. 

Thankfully, many cosplay wigs are heat-resistant, so you can find one with fibers that can handle a certain amount of heat. A quality heat-resistant synthetic wig should be able to handle heat levels between 150 and180 °C (300 to 350 °F).

Exposure to heat levels beyond what your cosplay wig can handle will make it frizzy and damage the strands.

5. Consider your head size when buying cosplay wigs

Best Cosplay Wig for Different Sizes of Head

Many manufacturers of cosplay wigs are producing wigs that can fit any head size. However, some cosplay wigs also come in smaller sizes that might not fit all head sizes or larger wigs that are not adjustable. 

It is important to know the size of your head, so measure the circumference so that you know what to choose when buying a cosplay wig.

The average size of a cosplay wig lies between 21 and 22 inches, so if that isn’t suitable for you, then confirm sizes every time you shop.

Comparison Of Above Listed Top 5 Cosplay Wigs

WigLengthWeightColorStyleHeat Sensitivity
Akstore28 inches300gPurpleStraight with spiky tipsN/A
Netgo27 inches300gPinkWavy with bangsN/A
MapofBeauty25inches (base wig length), 21 inches (ponytail length)548gPink/ BlondeCurlyUp to 240 degrees F
Color Ground25.6 inches(base length), 19.7 inches (ponytail)530g-570gPurple and BlueWavyUp to 356 degrees F
OneDor21inches (without stretching)  269grams130A-Fox Red  CurlyUp to 377 degrees F

Final Words:

Now you have all the tips a cosplay wig enthusiast needs to know before shopping for beautiful wigs. We hope you find these tips helpful.

You can also check out the selection of our top 5 wigs and their features. Who knows? You might find your next best cosplay wig among them.