Cosplay Wig – A Complete Guide [What Is It? How To Use? Where To Buy?]

Entering into the world of cosplaying goes hand-in-hand with owning a cosplay wig; the costume isn’t quite complete without it.

If you want to pull off the appearance of your favorite character from a book or movie, you need the finishing touch of a cosplay wig. Even if you want to dress up for fun, cosplay wigs are just what you need.

If you’re not familiar with navigating the world of cosplay wigs, this article will guide you through all you need to know, beginning from the most basic question.

What Is a Cosplay Wig?

Cosplay wigs are wigs worn by people who want to dress like movie, drama, novel, and game characters.

 These wigs come in unique shades and colors, as well as bright combinations. 

Cosplayers use such wigs professionally on the stage or for pictures, while others use them informally. Whatever the case might be, cosplay wigs bring a character to life and complete an existing costume.

Cosplay wigs help the wearer bring a costume or character to life and it is often very much representative of a character or image the wearer wants to portray because it is designed appropriately.

How Do You Use a Cosplay Wig?

Using a Cosplay wig is similar to using other wigs that you have, but we will go through the process so that you are sure about every step to take to get your cosplay wig to sit on your head beautifully.

1. Get the cosplay wig that suits the size of your head

How do you use a cosplay wig - step 1 - Get the cosplay wig that suits the size of your head

The first step is to ensure that the wig suits your head. If you’re not sure about the size, use a measuring tape to measure your head.

The average cosplay wig has a size that ranges between 21 to 22 inches. However, if you have a larger head, you’ll need to look for a wig that fits your head comfortably.

2. Prepare your hair 

How do you use a cosplay wig - step 2 - Prepare your hair

If your hair is long, braid it into cornrows or twist it into a ponytail. Flip your ponytail so that it rests on top of your head with the tail facing across your forehead.

If you have short hair, hold it down with hairpins. Simply prepare your hair in whatever style that won’t push the wig out of place when you put it on.

3. Select and put on a wig cap

How do you use a cosplay wig - step 3 - Select and put on a wig cap

Get a wig cap, preferably the type made from pantyhose because it can cover all your air without allowing some strands to get out. Wig caps made of fishnet are also another option but many people complain that it is too tight. 

Put the wig cap from the back of your head towards the front and ensure all of your hair is tacked into the wig cap. 

 For a firmer hold, you can secure your wig caps using clips. Use some clips to hold your hair to the cap in front and at the back, and use as many wigs as you deem necessary.

4. Wear your cosplay wig

How do you use a cosplay wig - step 4 - Wear your cosplay wig

Hold your cosplay wig in both hands and slide the wig over your head slowly. Ensure that your fingers are inside the wig and your thumbs are outside as you pull the wig on.

Place the wig’s scalp directly above your eyebrows and then bend your head forward while you stretch the sides and then the back of the wig into place over your head. 

Stretch the wig to ensure that it covers the back of your head properly and sits below your hairline. Depending on the style of your cosplay wig, arrange the front and back properly.

For extra hold, you can use bobby pins to secure your wig by inserting the pins through the wig and your wig cap straight into your hair. Use as many pins as you want, depending on how firm you want the wig to be. 

To test the firmness of the wig, try moving about, turning your head sideways, flinging the wig, and even jumping.

Once your wig is firmly placed, you can brush it and then style the wig anyhow you want.

How Long Do Cosplay Wigs Last?

Most cosplay wigs don’t last as long as the average wig, which is primarily because of the materials used in their production. The lifespan of a cosplay wig also depends on how frequently it is used. 

For instance, if you use a cosplay wig very frequently, the hair fibers begin falling out between 3 and 5 months. If you use it less frequently, you should be able to get 1 year or 2 of use out of it, especially if you manage it properly.

However, if you only use it occasionally or use quality material like human hair to produce the wig, it can last anywhere between 2 and 4 years.

Not many people invest in human hair cosplay wigs that they won’t use often, but some people might think it is worth it, especially if they want to wear their cosplay wigs every day.

How Do You Make a Cosplay Wig Look Natural?

When you get your cosplay wigs, they are mostly screaming ARTIFICIAL! Most cosplay wigs are shiny and unnatural, so they will need some touches if you want them to look as natural as possible.

First, you need a fabric softener and baby shampoo to soften the fibers of your wig. Place warm water in a bowl and add the fabric softener and baby shampoo, and then put your cosplay wig into the water and let it sit for a few minutes before taking it out and rinsing it with cool

After rinsing, wrap it in a towel and allow the water to drain (avoid squeezing the wig). Then, hang it to air dry. If your wig is heat resistant, you can use a hairdryer on it.

When your wig is dry, comb it gently with a wig brush. Always begin at the bottom and brush your way up the wig. Remove any tangles gently with your hands 

To reduce the wig shine, spray it with a dry shampoo or use clear translucent face powder on the wig. Brush the powder or the shampoo through the wig gently.

You can customize your wig hairline with tweezers to make it look like natural hair. Bring out some of the hair strands in front of your head so that they fall forward naturally.

If you have a lot of baby hair in front of your airline, study your hair and replicate that on the wig so it looks the same when you put it on. 

You can also widen the wig part or pull out some hair if it doesn’t look natural enough.

If you can’t do this yourself, visit a hairstylist to help you with the processes above. 

Can You Wear a Cosplay Wig Every Day? What Happens?

Although cosplay wigs were made for special circumstances and events, nobody says you cannot wear them every day as a part of your daily life. 

However, when you wear cosplay wigs every day, you can expect it to start losing fibers in a few months because of the wear and tear that comes from daily use.

If you want to wear cosplay wigs every day, it is best to buy several wigs and then rotate between them. That way, one wig doesn’t get all the attention and wears out quickly, and you can explore different colors and styles daily.

You can also invest in a human hair wig that looks like your natural hair and will last longer with daily use. However, human hair cosplay wigs can be expensive. Many people don’t invest in them, except for professional actors or cosplayers who need something that looks real.

Proper maintenance and storage also go a long way to ensure that your wigs will last for a reasonable amount of time when you use them every day.

How Do You Maintain a Cosplay Wig?

Cosplay wigs need proper maintenance so that they can last for a long time and you can enjoy them. Most cosplay wigs are made from synthetic fiber, so any rough handling could result in tangles or damage to the wig fibers. Here are the tips for maintaining your cosplay wig.

1. Washing

Cosplay wigs need very little washing, unless you use them every day, expose them to dirt and dust, or your scalp gets sweaty when you have them on. 

When washing your cosplay wig, always use wig shampoo. Avoid detergents because they can damage the hair strands. If you don’t have wig shampoo, you can use very small amounts of mild shampoo. 

A simple wash process involves adding a tablespoon of shampoo to a bowl of cool water and soaking the cosplay wig for a few minutes before rinsing and air drying.

To avoid tangles, always brush and detangle the wig before washing.

The rule of thumb is to wash cosplay wigs after wearing them between 15 and 20 times.

2. Detangling 

Your cosplay wig could get tangled up when you use them or package them for a long time. It is important to detangle the wig gently when you notice any knots or tangles. 

Use a wide-tooth comb to detangle the wig beginning at the tips and working your way up slowly. Do this as many times as possible until all the tangles are gone.

You can also use a brush and divide the wig into parts so that you detangle one part at a time. If it gets too difficult, you can use a detangling spray.

3. Maintain proper styling 

Pay attention to the nature of your cosplay wig when styling. For instance, avoid heat styling synthetic cosplay wigs, unless they are heat resistant. Even then, you must be careful to avoid overheating.

It is always safer to air dry your wig instead of using a hot hairdryer. Avoid using iron curlers if your wig fiber cannot handle them.

Always confirm that the product you’re using on your cosplay wig is safe and won’t cause damage.

4. Proper and careful storage 

Always store your cosplay wigs in a cool, dry, and airtight place when you’re not using them. This will ensure that dirt and dust don’t come in contact with your wig.

The best place to store your wig is in a sealed bag or box. You can also hang them in your closet, provided they don’t come in contact with your clothes or any other thing that can cause damage to them. 

How Much Do Cosplay Wigs Cost?

Cosplay wigs are largely inexpensive, although with some exceptions. Most of these wigs sell for between $17 and $50. However, this price is for ready-to-wear wigs, which are mostly synthetic, with a few human hair varieties.

If you want a custom cosplay wig, you’ll be looking at a few hundred dollars more, especially if you want human hair wigs that you can use frequently or professionally and have them last for a long time. 

Where Can I Buy a Cosplay Wig?

There are so many places where you can get cosplay wigs. Thanks to the internet, you can find people selling these wigs everywhere. However, you shouldn’t buy cosplay wigs from just any seller, even if they are cheap.

Here are the top 5 popular places where you can purchase the best cosplay wigs.

1. Amazon

Buy Cosplay Wig from Amazon

Amazon is one platform where you can find some of the best offers on cosplay wigs, although purchasing from the platform is often a gamble. Thankfully, you can return a cosplay wig bought from Amazon in a few days if it doesn’t meet the description given by the seller.

Customer reviews on Amazon can also guide you when purchasing a wig, so pay attention to reviews, study the reviewer’s picture, and find out what the wig will look like when you purchase it.

You can confirm the features of the wig in the description, so confirm that they fit your need before ordering the wig.

Amazon is one of the largest marketplaces in the world, so you can expect a wide array of sellers and wigs to choose from, including those that suit your budget.

2. Arda Wigs

Buy Cosplay Wig from arda-wigs

Arda wigs are one of the most popular platforms and companies that produce cosplay wigs. They have a large selection of cosplay wigs in many colors, lengths, and styles, making it easy for you to choose.

These wigs come at several prices, depending on their features, and you can be sure to find something that will suit your preference. 

You will also find other products related to cosplay wigs, including styling tools and materials for your wig. 

3. EBay 

Buy Cosplay Wig from ebay

eBay is home to some of the cheapest cosplay wigs you can find, so if you’re on a tight budget, this might be the best place for you. However, most sellers on eBay are overseas, so shipping might incur extra costs and also take a long time. 

Also, product reviews are not supported on eBay. You can only see seller reviews, so you won’t be able to tell what customers thought of the wig you want to buy, especially with regards to the quality. 

However, you can return a wig if it doesn’t fit the description or choose to resell it on the same platform.

4. Epic Cosplay Wigs

Buy Cosplay Wigs from EpicCosplay

From the name, you can tell that they cater to the cosplay wig community. Epic cosplay wigs have a wide range of wigs for cosplay lovers to choose from. Their products come in all forms of designs, colors, and lengths. 

This brand also has a line of wigs that are officially licensed for some Animes. So, if you’re an Anime lover, you might want to visit. 

The quality of wigs you find on their website is great, but visitors often complain that it isn’t so easy to navigate the site. So, you would need some patience when shopping here. But it could be worth your time.

5. Etsy

Buy Cosplay Wigs from Etsy

If you’re looking to get custom cosplay wigs, then you should visit Etsy. The platform houses a wide array of cosplay styles ranging from the simplest to the most colorful and dramatic ones.

You can find a cosplay wig by simply searching the name of the character and you’ll see the available options. Then, you can look for a commissioner and get a wig from them.

You can also find out their charge, discuss your preference, and have them customize a cosplay wig for you.

Final Words:

Whether you’re a passionate lover of cosplay wigs or you’re a beginner in this world, you can venture into the world of cosplay wigs with no worries, because you have received all the information you need to get started.

We hope that you find a beautiful cosplay wig you love and enjoy using it for as long as possible!