11 Most Popular Cosplay Wig Styling Products and Usage

When styling your cosplay wigs, you’ll need several products, depending on the style you want to create.

Sometimes, it is great to have these products already, so that you can always pick them up when the need arises. Here are some popular wig styling products you should have.

11 Popular Cosplay Wig Styling Products

1. Wig Head and Stand

The first thing you need when styling your cosplay wig is to buy a wig head where you will place the wig and hold it firmly.

Using other alternatives like the handle of a door or your laps will make it prone to error, especially when you need to trim the wig or cut the bangs. Cutting the wig while it’s on your head is also stressful.

The most affordable wig head is foam wig heads. They come in different proportions, so ensure to get one with realistic features and proportions close to your head or intended wig size.

A small wig head could make the wig too short or tight, just as a larger wig head can make the wig turn out too large or too long.

You also need wig stands to place your wig heads so that they stand firm and you can do whatever needs to be done without moving the wig head. 

Recommended Cosplay Wig head and stands 

2. Pins

When styling your cosplay wigs, you will need different types of pins, depending on the style you are trying to achieve. 

Bobby pins are needed to pin small hair sections to your head. You can use them both to pin your hair under a wig cap or to style your cosplay wig.

The U-shaped hairpins are of two sizes. The thinner ones are primarily used to hold your buns and braids in place under a wig cap, while the thicker ones are used to hold cosplay wigs to your head. Both pins are important parts of your styling kit.

Recommended Pins for Cosplay Wigs

3. Combs

Cosplay wigs react better to combs than brushes, so it is best to buy a group of combs that come in all sizes.

Your first option is a wide-toothed comb that’s great for detangling cosplay wings. You also need a fine-toothed comb that’s necessary for precision styling or combing tangle-free areas of your wig.

 Teasing combs have uneven teeth and are used in teasing your wig for added volume and spikes. 

Recommended Combs for Cosplay Wigs

4. Wig Brush

Wig brushes can help you to smooth your wig strands, tame flyaways and style your cosplay wig. It is always best to use the right wig brush whether you’re detangling your cosplay wig, styling, or adding volume.

Always use a wig brush gently, from the tip upwards, and never use a wig brush on wet wigs.

Recommended Wig brush for Cosplay Wigs

5. Razor Combs

Razor combs are styling tools used to cut and shape your cosplay wigs. They are called razor combs because the handle is shaped like a comb.

Most razor combs are made of plastic alongside a stainless-steel blade, while some are made of metal.

You can use razor combs to create texture in long and short cosplay wigs. You can also use them on thick wigs. 

You can use a razor comb to remove the bulk of thick, coarse hair to make styling easier. You can especially use razor combs on the front of your wig to make it look less flat.

It is important to note that razor combs are not suitable for all types of wigs, especially curly, wavy, or frizzy hair.

Recommended Razor Comb for Cosplay Wig

6. Clips

Clips come in handy whenever you need to section your hair for styling or when you’re putting on makeup. Clips come in several sizes, but they all perform similar functions, which is to hold sections of your hair apart temporarily.

When styling or wearing your cosplay wig, you can use clips to keep the hair in a certain spot or even hold curlers tightly to your wig strands.

Recommended Cosplay Wig Clips

7. Detangling Spray

You can hardly ever stay free of tangles when dealing with cosplay wigs. But when they do get tangled and matted, detangling sprays will help you get all the tangles out and make it easier to comb and manage.

You can make a homemade detangler with a hair conditioner and water or even use a fabric softener. However, you can also buy a detangler spray online or at a hair store in your locality.

Recommended Detangler Spray for Cosplay Wigs

8. Hairdryer

Although you need to use a hairdryer carefully and sparingly on your cosplay wig, some wigs are heat resistant, so they can survive low to medium temperature heat from your hairdryer.

Hairdryers come in handy when you’re styling your wig or applying setting hairspray to hold it in place better. Hairdryers can also help you change the direction of your wig strands. You can also use them to create flips, curls and straighten the wig fibers.

Most Suitable Hairdryer for Cosplay Wigs

9. Hairspray

Hairspray is a very important wig styling product that performs many purposes. It can help tame flyaways and keep your wig strands in place. It can also help hold your hair in a particular style, whether a curl, spike, or flip.

Always have a hairspray handy for some quick magic to your cosplay wig.

Best Hairspray for Cosplay Wig

10. Scissors

Your cosplay wig needs a pair of scissors designed for cutting hair. Although you can get away with using any scissors provided it is sharp, hair scissors offer a kind of precision that regular scissors don’t. 

Apart from the regular scissors, you will also find thinning scissors that are used to cutting sections of hair that have too much volume to ensure they are as thin as you need them to be.

Recommended Scissors for Cosplay Wigs

11. Spiking Gel 

Spiking gel is used to create spikes and spiker styles on your cosplay wigs. They have a firm hold that doesn’t wear off easily, so they can hold your wigs in spikes until you shampoo your hair to get the gel off.

Spiking gel creates stiff spikes that stand firm for a long time. Most spiking gels are great for all hair types

Recommended Spiking gel for Cosplay Wig

Final Words:

Now you have a list of the most important styling products for your cosplay wigs.

Pick the best suitable styling method for your cosplay wig and use the relevant products.

Good luck!