How To Style a Cosplay Wig? Why Do You Need to Style Cosplay Wigs?

Have you ever wondered how to style a cosplay wig? Maybe you just purchased one, or you’ve always owned one but you’re not sure how to style it.

You’re at the right place because this post is a guide to styling cosplay wigs. We’ll go through the most popular wig styling methods.

How To Style a Cosplay Wig?

Now that you have a cosplay wig, you need to know how to style it so that it looks good and works well for whatever you need to use it for.

Although styling your cosplay wig can be a long process, this guide will make it easy for you. Let’s go through all the steps.

Before we start, let’s check some of the products you may need to style your cosplay wig.

#NameRecommended Product
1Wig Head and StandTeenitor Wig Mannequin Head Stand  
2PinsSwpeet 220Pcs 5cm 6cm U Shaped Hair Pins Kit  
3CombOneleaf 10PCS Hair Stylists Professional Styling Comb  
4Wig BrushDreamlover Wig Brush for Synthetic Wigs
5ClipsHair Clips, AIMIKE 6 Pack Hair Clips for Styling and Sectioning  
6Detangling SpraySun Bum Revitalizing 3 in 1 Leave-In Conditioner Spray Detangler   
7Hair dryerREVLON 1875W Lightweight + Compact Travel Hair Dryer  
8Hair SprayGot2b Glued Blasting Freeze Hairspray  
9ScissorsEquinox Professional Hair Scissors  
10Spiking hair gelGot2b Glued Styling Spiking Hair Glue  

1. Brush/detangle your wig

How to Style a cosplay wig - Brush and detangle your wig

Place your wig on a wig head, hold the wig to the head using pins.

Take a wide-tooth wig comb and a wig brush, brush the wig gently from the bottom/tip while working your way upwards to the top.

If you face knots as your comb, pick them apart with your hands gradually and then brush your hands through the strands before using the comb.

If your wig is tangled, apply a wig detangler before combing the wig. You can section the wig so that you handle one part at a time.

2. Trimming/cutting your wigs 

How to style a cosplay wig - Trimming and cutting your wigs

When you buy a cosplay wig, you might need to trim it, either because it is too long or it doesn’t come in the style you want. Most cosplay wigs look better with a feathered cut, but you should be able to get it right.

To achieve a natural cut on your cosplay wig, place it on a wig head and hold it down with pins. Then, get sharp scissors and trim the hair strands while ensuring that you don’t cut all the hair fibers in the same length.

You can achieve that by moving the scissors up and down as you cut. If you’re using razor blades, blade across diagonally in a scratch and cut motion. Never cut your wigs straight because they will look unnatural and uneven.

If you’re not an expert at trimming and cutting, measure the length you want to cut the wig and add a few inches to make it longer. That way, you can avoid mistakes that could make the wig too long. You can also trim the tips properly to get the natural feathered look better.

Comb your wig after every few trims to be sure that the lengths are equal and then continue until you have trimmed the entire wig evenly.

3. Teasing/ adding volume

How to style a cosplay wig - Teasing and adding volume

Teasing entails combing your wig backward to give it volume and make it easy to create other styles, such as spikes and the like. 

Divide your wig into several parts, hold up a part of your wig, and then comb it backward and inwards towards the root of your hair, instead of towards the tips as you normally would.

When you let it go, the stands will stand up. You can then comb it out gently while holding the wig up and ensuring it still sticks out. 

Then, spray the area of the wig you have teased with a hairspray such as got2b glue and slick it down the hair if you find beads sitting on the hair. The hairspray will help the wig strands stay in place.

If your wig can handle some amount of heat, you can use a hairdryer on the wig in the opposite direction so that it stands out better. You can then brush the teased hair down. The result is fuller, but somewhat shorter hair which results from adding volume.

4. Spiking

How to style a cosplay wig - Spiking

You need spiking glue for this styling process, and a got2b glued spiking glue is a great product to use.

Tease the hair first, just like the previous step, except that this time, you shouldn’t brush the teased wig down. Simply use hairspray and blow-dry the hair as you go.

Apply a small amount of this spiking glue on your hands, work them through, and then work it through the tip of the spikes you created during the teasing process.

Leave it to dry, and the result is a crisp tip to your cosplay wig. You can trim the hair to whatever length you prefer and make it even.

5. Curling your cosplay wig

How to style a cosplay wig - Curling your cosplay wig

Twist your hair into small curls and then hold the curls in place with wig clips. You can also use curlers, which makes it easier to place the cosplay wig in curls. Curl all the wigs section by section and then use a pin to hold the curls in place.

The next step is to use a steamer and steam the curls gently. (Always confirm that your wig strands can handle a steamer before using one). You can cover the wig with a big plastic bag to hold the heat in and ensure that it saturates the wig properly.

Leave the wig a few hours to rest and dry, and then take out the pins and curlers. You can either allow the curls to bounce the way they turn out or brush them out into a wavy look.

6. Holding with hairspray

How to style a cosplay wig - Holding with hairspray

When styling your cosplay wig, you need a hairspray that’s suitable for synthetic fiber. You also need a spray that has an extra stronghold, which can hold your bangs, up-dos, and other styles in place.

When applying hairspray, apply it moderately because it can make your cosplay wig look stiff if you apply too much of it.

Apply hairspray to your cosplay wig in thin layers while constantly moving the can as you spray, so that you create a mist and don’t spray it directly.

If you’re dealing with big cosplay wigs and hairstyles that need plenty of product, section the hair into smaller units and then apply the hairspray section by section.

Hold a thin layer of hair in your hand, apply a bit of hairspray, and then move to the next layer of hair until you have applied the hairspray everywhere. The spray will hold your wig firmly, just like real glue, but you can easily comb it out if you want to change the style.

Final Words:

Now you know all that you should about styling cosplay wigs. Feel free to explore these styling methods and create something beautiful out of your cosplay wig. You can also begin shopping for all necessary styling products to create the best styling on your cosplay wig.