Most Attractive Hair Color for Guys [Top 4 Colors & 10 Shades]

Have you ever wondered what hair color people find attractive on guys? Trust us, there are attractive and not-so-attractive hairstyles for guys, but you wouldn’t know if you don’t ask. 

Many guys invest in some hair colors that don’t flatter them or look attractive, and that can put a damper on your social rep or even your engagements with the opposite sex. 

So, if you’re curious about where your hair color stands on the list of most hair colors for guys, dive in, let’s give you all the information you need.

Most Attractive Hair Colors for Guys

It might surprise you to know that the most attractive hair colors for guys are black and brown. That is especially interesting because they are two of the most common hair colors in the world.

So maybe people find it the most attractive because we are used to them and have taught our senses to appreciate them, or maybe they’re just beautiful, especially on the right skin shade and color.

Black and brown are not the only two attractive colors for guys. The top 3 colors are black, brown, and blonde, but of course, they come in different shades, so let’s discover all of them.

1. Black 

black hair color for guys

Most times, the most original things are the most natural ones, and this stands true for black hair.

Many men, especially those with natural black hair make the mistake of thinking that they should switch to other hair colors, but in switching, they leave the most attractive color for the less attractive ones.

Interestingly, people consider guys with black hair as trustworthy, kind, and friendly, depending on the region where you reside, and how common the hair color is in that area.

Black hair color is most attractive on men with medium to dark complexions, but there are no limits to the skin colors that go with black hair. From the lightest to darkest of skins, black hair comes through beautifully.

If you don’t have naturally black hair, using black hair dye is a great way to get beautiful black-colored hair that’ll look very attractive.

2. Brown

If you’ve associated the brown hair color with something dull, then you have been making a grave mistake. Brown hair color is considered warm and attractive on most men, and we can understand why.

Interestingly, there are so many shades of brown hair, ranging from light to the darkest brown. all with their perks and advantages.

i. Medium Brown

medium brown hair color for guys

Medium brown is an interesting shade of brown that is neither too dark nor too light, making it perfect for men with a medium warm complexion.

Medium brown hair color is especially great for thicker hair because it delivers finer and thinner hair strands.

Medium brown color on lighter hair would make the hair look thinner than usual, so if you don’t have full hair, or you’re suffering from thinning hair, you might want to check out some other shade of brown.

The medium brown color is also better for short or medium-length hair, especially when layered or side-swept. The color will make longer hair appear thinner, which you might not want.

ii. Neutral Medium brown

neutral medium brown hair color for guys

Neutral medium brown sounds like a mouthful and is probably quite similar to medium brown, but it is a different shade.

It is a natural brown shade that offers versatility and balances cool and warm tones beautifully.

Due to its versatile nature, neutral medium brown is compatible with many skin tones, but it has the best results on men with fair to medium complexions.

It also goes great with neutral complexion, that is, men who don’t have underlying olive and red skin tones.

Neutral medium brown goes great with any hair texture, but if you have fine hair cut in a short spiky style, you’ll look doubly attractive.

Men with naturally dark brown hair and other hair colors can easily make this color switch using a neutral medium brown hair dye

iii. Copper Brown

copper brown hair color for guys

Who would have thought copper brown would be an attention stealer?

But on the right skin tone, copper brown comes alive and looks as appealing as ever. 

Copper brown is perfect on men with a warm skin tone, primarily because of the olive and yellow undertones that create a beautiful blend on the hair.

If you’re a man with curly hair looking for the best hair color, copper brown is your winner, because it amplifies the texture of your curls, thereby improving the detail and appeal of your curls.

Men with straight hair can also rock this hair color, but it comes out beautifully with shorter hair.

iv.  Dark brown 

dark brown hair color for guys

The term ‘dark and lovely’ is completely encapsulated in this beautiful color that gives men a fuller, deeper, more handsome appearance.

The fullness of dark brown delivers warmth to your hair, adding a hint of caramel that rhymes beautifully with men who have tan, olive, and yellow complexions.

Get some dark brown color on your medium to thick hair and it will look fuller. Longer hair also carries beauty across, especially beautifying the tips of your hair.

The more length, the dark brown color delivers more charm to your hair and skin.

3. Blonde

There’s an interesting change in the narrative when you compare the response to black or brown hair in males to blonde.

While the hair color is the third most attractive, many people say blonde guys don’t evoke the feeling of security and safety they get from black-haired guys.

Maybe we have the media to blame for this, but many people see blonde guys as a bit of a flirt, but it doesn’t for one second dampen the attractiveness of this hair color for guys, especially in places where blondes are common and comfortable colors for people.

Let’s go through the different beautiful shades of blonde for guys.

i. Light blonde

light blonde hair color for guys

A good number of blonde men have natural light blonde hair shade that is nothing short of gorgeous, especially with a beautiful haircut.

Light blonde hair delivers killer looks to men with cool fair complexion and hair textures that range from medium to thick.

The light blond color makes the hair look father see-through instead of fully and bulky.

Men with black, brown, or darker shades of blond can create light blond hair by creatively using the appropriate hair dye that will deliver this color.

ii. Golden Blonde

golden blonde hair color for guys

There’s enough blonde to go around, and golden blonde hair offers more men an attractive hair color that’ll make them stand out.

While light blonde is for men with fairer complexions, golden blonde hair color embraces more skin colors, which are fair and medium complexion.

Light and bright eyes are a plus because they go well with golden blonde hair.

As far as hair texture goes, thick, wavy hair is the perfect match for golden blonde hair color. Getting a golden blonde hair dye might be what you need to create a memorable appearance that suits your skin.

iii. Dark Blonde

dark blonde hair color for guys

The darker the lovelier stands true for dark blonde hair.

Although light blonde is more common and more accepted than other shades of blonde, the dark blonde shade has its advantages, including its ability to make the natural hair texture more beautiful and improve hair shine.

Dark blonde hair color is great for light to medium complex and suitable for fine hair. 

If you’re a lover of spiky hair and your skin color matches, improve the visibility of your spikes by using the right hair product to deliver this look to your hair.

iv. Neutral Dark Blonde 

neutral dark blonde hair color for guys

Men with a cool complexion and dark brown eyes will find the neutral dark blonde hair color ideal and attractive for them. 

The most suitable texture for neutral brown hair is medium hair.

If your hair is too thick, or you have fine hair, the neutral dark blonde won’t look as good.

One of the best hairstyles to consider is one where the top of the hair is long and the sides are short on the sides and longer on the top section. It looks very attractive that way.

4. Medium Gray

medium gray hair color for guys

Medium gray didn’t make an appearance on the primary list of most attractive hair colors for men, especially aging men who have this hair color naturally.

Medium gray is a perfect combination of gray and white that has been associated with aging, but can now be used for men of all ages.

This stylish hair color improves appearance, especially for men with cool and neutral complexions.

The best hair types for this gray hair are medium and coarse-textured hairs. If you think you have what it takes to go gray, then getting a good medium gray dye and haircut with this color is best for you.

Final Words:

We have discussed the colors on top of the ladder for the most attractive hair color for guys, including who they will best fit, and the best hairstyle that goes with them.

If you’ve always been a black/brown hair person, you have nothing to worry about, because these two colors are the most popular hair colors for good reasons.

Feel free to explore these colors and improve your overall appearance beginning with your hair!