Dark Blonde Hair vs Light Brown Hair | Darker or Lighter Hair Color as You Age?

Blonde is the color of all seasons! The various shades of blonde inspire you to flaunt your hair and go to work every day with confidence. Blonde has been dominating the hair color era for long.

Even today, dark blonde and light brown shades continue to rule the trend. Some of the best hair stylists recommend blonde hair trends in their own techniques.

The color of your hair must always go with your skin tone. Going by just the pictures on the internet won’t justify your looks in blonde. 

Dark blonde hair vs light brown depends on skin tone, hair quality, texture, and personality overall. In this article, we shall explore further what one must go for after understanding the details to the core.

Popular Dark Blonde & Light Brown Hair Colors

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Important Tips for Blonde Shades of Hair Color

Before we switch to the differentiation, let’s understand a few tips for blonde shades of hair color:

1. Light blonde for pale skin tone

The light blonde goes well on pale skin tones. In fact, the shade looks fair on wheatish or pale skin. However, the light blonde shade would mean more maintenance and deep conditioning treatments. One also needs regular touch-ups as they get lighter with time.

2. Any blonde for medium skin tone

People with medium skin tones are blessed as any blonde shade looks amazing on them. Thus, it depends on what shade they wish to choose. Even if they wish to experiment single shade or a blend of shades as highlights, either way, would go perfectly on their looks.

3. Warm tones on dark skin tones

You can experiment with cooler tones too but, for a perfect touch, we suggest a warm base like caramel, beige, or honey on dark skin tones. Any other shade would make the skin appear dull on the personality.

Now that we know the various skin tones and blonde shades, let’s understand the most common question;

Is dark blonde the same as light brown?

Every blonde shade comes with a number that makes it light and dark. The difference between dark blonde and light brown is just one number here and there. If you consider the detailed study between these two shades in artwork:

  • Light brown is formed by mixing white and brown and,
  • Dark blonde is created by mixing black and yellow

By the above mixture of colors, what is easy to guess is that the dominant color in the former is brown and the dominant color in the latter is yellow. If you intend to change your current hair color to blonde but, are confused between two shades then the below will help you to make a proper choice.

Pale skin:

For pale skin, dark blonde is the right choice. It helps the hair color get deeper making it look just perfect on your face.

Neutral/Pale skin:

For neutral skin, either shade (dark blonde or light brown) is good to try. So you can choose as per your like and preference. Both will look great on your skin tone.

Dark skin:

Light brown is the thing for dark skin tones. Light brown colors look just fine to blend well with the facial features. The color also makes your face look smooth while those flicks flaunt your face.

Should you go darker or lighter with hair color as you age?

Most women wish to hide their age as wrinkles start emerging on their skin. They even choose various beauty treatments to look younger. Hair color plays a vital role too with age-factor. 

To share a secret with you, light brown color helps in hiding the grey hair perfectly. Most women go for light brown to also hide their age as many tend to look younger. Thus, most hair stylists recommend light brown for women aged 50 and 60 years.

Hair ColorSkin toneAge
Light BrownLight Brown50 – 60 years
Dark BlondePale/Very Pale30 – 40 years
Both/AnyNeutralUnder 30

Dark Blonde Hair vs Light Brown Hair

For a special occasion like an anniversary, birthday, wedding, baby shower, etc., Natural shade would be the best thing to do. Dark blonde or light brown, both match as per the skin tone mentioned.

If you get into details, you would notice that most women with longer hair choose dark blonde and the ones with short hair go for a light brown shade. The following chart will help you to understand the difference and make a decision wisely.

Other than the above, if you have curly hair then light brown is recommended over dark blonde. It is because light brown let your curls shine under the sunlight making it look lustrous.

Nos.Dark Blonde HairLight Brown Hair
1.Preferred by women with short hair.Preferred by women with long hair.
2.Hair looks shiny and longer.Hair looks fresh and vibrant.
3.Is mostly chosen by younger women.Age doesn’t matter and adjusts with age-groups well.
4.Is not globally accepted as skin tone varies.Is globally accepted.
5.Doesn’t help in hiding grey hair well.Perfectly hides grey hair with or without bleaching.

Can I mix light brown and dark blonde hair colors?

Now that you know the above comparisons based on hair length, looks, age, and skin tone, deciding whether dark blonde is good or light brown is better is easier. Both shades have different effects and results on different women. You may choose the one that is closer to the description based on the factors explained above.

Mixing two different shades can sometimes be a blessing in disguise. One thing is for sure, mixing dark blonde with light brown is not going to destruct or disturb your hair quality. Both colors complement each other when you know the right measurement of the mixture.

The only thing you must avoid is mixing black color with blonde. It is because both colors are dominant and thus, the combination won’t give you any desirable results.

Learn the level and tone of colors; standard colors come with a scale of 1 to 10. 1 is rated as the darkest and 10 as very light blonde, the scale will help you to choose the level and combination as per your desirability.

How do you lighten dark brown hair to light brown?

If you understand the chart and level of hair colors well, then you would notice that most companies rate dark blonde at 6 and light brown at 5 on a scale of 10.

If your current hair is already dark brown, then you need to mix the hair dye with 20 to 30 vol of peroxide to get the perfect lightening of the hair color.

Under any circumstances, you need to understand your skin tone and hair texture to get the desired results of hair color.


It wouldn’t be wise to rate which is better, both the colors go well on people as per their age and overall personality. If you are confused about finding a good brand in hair colors, then we recommend you begin with trusted brands like Paul Mitchell, Madison Reed, Wella Professionals, Matrix, etc.,