Blonde Hair | 40 Best Blonde Color Shades, Ideas, Tips for all Hairstyles

Blonde hair gives so many vibrant options to hairstyle lovers. There are several colors and shades to pick from if anyone decides to obtain blonde hair.

Starting from mild blonde hair color to the latest trendy blonde hair colors to magnify the beauty of your hair.

40 Best Blonde Hair Color Shades

1. Ash Blonde Hair Color

Ash Blonde Hair Color

Ash blonde is a hair color that has a tint of gray, i.e., ash to it. It resembles platinum blonde except for the fact that the roots are left dark to add some dimension and give a natural look.

It is a cool-toned color and has a blue base tone. It suits people with light skin tones with blue or green eyes. There are many ash blonde shades to choose from.

Ash blonde hair is one of the trendiest colors and there are many styles to choose from. Ash blonde hair looks good both on long locks and cropped haircuts.

2. Light Ash Blonde Hair

Light Ash Blonde Hair Color

This is a super edgy style and suits cool and fair skin tones. It helps to bring out the pink undertones of these complexions.

Light ash blonde color can be applied as a solid color and resembles a gray shade. It gives an icy look and can be combined with platinum shades.

3. Medium Ash Blonde Color

Medium Ash Blonde Color

If you don’t want to go to extreme shades of ash blonde and want to keep the look natural, then medium ash blonde is your color.

The roots are kept dark and the rest of the hair is dyed using the balayage technique. This shade looks good even without any highlights.

If you want highlights, then go for ashy shades and avoid golden and bright shades, to keep the look real. This hair color looks great on olive skin with blue or gray eyes.

4. Dark Ash Blonde Hair

Dark Ash Blonde Hair

Dark ash blonde hair can give you a sensuous and deep look. If you have brown hair, then keep the roots the same and use balayage to cover the rest of your hair in dark ash blonde color.

You may also like the ombre style with dark ash blonde roots with lighter ash blonde ends. This color looks stunning on medium-complexioned women. You can customize this color to suit your preferences.

5. Beige Blonde Hair Color

Beige Blonde Hair Color

Beige blonde is a sandy color and has a slightly warm tone. It has a sparkling look and looks great on women with a warm complexion and brown or hazel eyes.

The base tone of beige blonde hair color is violet or gold. This color is suitable for people who have naturally light-colored hair like pale blonde or light brown hair.

It is recommended to avoid low lights while picking the beige-blonde hair color. Pick natural colors like wheat, pearl, or champagne to create contrast. Beige blonde hair color helps to neutralize brassy and smoky undertones.

6. Blue Blonde Hair

Blue Blonde Hair

Blue is a serious hair color and think twice before dyeing your hair in blue blonde color. There are a variety of blue shades to choose from – Teal, sky blue, midnight blue, denim and the list goes on.

When combined with platinum blonde, honey blonde or champagne blonde, you can steal the show. The best choice is ombre, with blue ends and blonde roots. If you want to go completely blue-blonde, then pick the shades keeping your skin tone in mind.

7. Brown Blonde Hair Color

Brown Blonde Hair Color

A beautiful blend of brown and blonde is called bronde. This is a hair color that can be worn all year long and requires lower maintenance than other colors. Bronde is the best choice if you don’t want to take a drastic step, yet want nice, sun-kissed hair.

If you have blonde hair, then coloring it bronde will help to add dimension and depth to your hair whereas it will lift and illuminate natural brown and brunettes.

This color suits almost everyone as it is highly customizable and looks the best on fair and medium skin toned people with green or blue eyes.

Bronde gives you a natural, subtle and bright look. While coloring your hair brown-blonde, the roots are kept dark and a natural gradation is created to give a soft look.

8. Butter Blonde Hair

Butter Blonde Hair

Butter blonde is a warm hair color and gives you a sunshine appearance. It can brighten up your face and make every eye color, be it brown or blue stand out.

This is a good option for medium skin tones women who want to add extra radiance to their look. Honey base with butter blonde balayage is a combo that will give your hair a natural glow.

9. Butterscotch Blonde Hair

Butterscotch Blonde Hair

Butterscotch blonde is an impressive and extremely natural shade. It can instantly brighten up your hair and your face and give you that sun-kissed look.

This is a color that looks out of the ordinary yet natural. Honey blonde hair with butterscotch highlights helps to create a great image.

Butterscotch blonde is a nice choice if you want to brighten your Bronde hair. Butterscotch blonde and ash blonde are similar colors and go well with each other.

Dark butterscotch blonde with ash blonde can create a dark root effect. A butterscotch blonde is an amazing option for ombre with black or brown shades at the roots.

10. Caramel Blonde Hair Color

Caramel Blonde Hair Color

Caramel blonde comes in a variety of shades like light, golden, bright, dark, autumnal, maple syrup color and many other shades. This color looks great on people with medium to dark skin tones.

To get a naturally looking caramel blonde start with a dark golden blonde base and end with pale highlights. This shade is created by mixing different shades of blonde. Combining various caramel shades according to your base hair color and skin tone will give you a personalized look.

11. Champagne Blonde Hair Color

Champagne Blonde Hair Color

This is a beautiful shade that has a slight touch of cool pink and looks sandy. This is a sparkling shade and looks best on people with light eyes and pale skin. It is a cool tone.

If you have a warm skin tone and want to get this shade of hair color, then add some golden highlights. This will ensure that the champagne hair color will not look washed out.

This is a color that requires constant maintenance as root growth will be visible. Make sure you visit your salon for regular touch-ups to maintain this wonderful shade.

12. Cherry Blonde Hair

Cherry Blonde Hair

It is a great hair color choice for women with dark skin tones and eye color. It has shades of fuchsia and it is one of the trendiest hair colors.

The perfect cherry blonde hair color is achieved by coloring hair blonde and then adding cherry color on top. Cherry blonde hair is a flirty and trendy color.

13. Chocolate Blonde Hair Color

Chocolate Blonde Hair Color

This is a beautiful blend of brown and blonde hair colors. It is darker than golden blonde and caramel blonde color. Chocolate blonde hair looks best on medium to dark-complexioned women with dark eye colors.

Many shades of this color can be obtained by varying the amounts of blonde and brown colors. There are a variety of shades from light to dark chocolate blonde available.

Get a highlight of brown shade and avoid shades like orange, white and platinum for highlights to get a natural look. The chocolaty shade makes this hair color look ravishing.

Just like there are different types of chocolate, there are a variety of shades of chocolate blonde color too. This is probably the most versatile blonde shade and can suit many skin tones.

14. Copper Blonde Hair

Copper Blonde Hair

Don’t mistake copper blonde for shades of red, copper blonde is a magnificent hair color by itself and gives you a shiny and bright look. This hair color can suit all hair types and skin tones.

As there are many shades of copper blonde, from ginger, auburn to dark shades, you are spoiled with choices. Copper shades with orange hues can add some fun to your hair color.

15. Frosted Blonde Hair

Frosted Blonde Hair

Frosting is a technique used to add depth and dimension to colored hair. It involves bleaching some strands and leaving adjacent strands blonde.

The frosting is a nice idea if you want to take your hair coloring to the next level. The frosted blonde looks great on short hair length and layered hair.

16. Ginger Blonde Hair

Ginger Blonde Hair

Strawberry blonde hair color with even warmer tones gives ginger blonde hair. It is a good color choice if you want to look like a natural redhead.

This color looks fiery and bold. It can be subdued by pairing it with shades like honey blonde and champagne blonde. Ginger with blonde baby lights or balayage looks great too.

17. Golden Blonde

Golden Blonde

Golden is the most luxurious color and who will not love to have a glittering shade of gold as their hair color? This is a shade that will sparkle and makes you the star of every event. Golden blonde is created by mixing golden, butter, beige and honey hues.

It gives a natural and multi-dimensional, soft look. Golden blonde hair color can be achieved by keeping your natural brown roots or dark intact and using balayage or highlights of golden shade.

Golden blonde looks regal and as if spun from gold and will give you that fairy tale look you have always dreamt of. Golden shades look good on fair complexions with light eye colors like pale blue or hazel.

18. Dark Golden Blonde Hair Color

Dark Golden Blonde Hair Color

Dark golden blonde is a timeless and gorgeous hair color that never goes out of style. If you are a blonde who wants to go dark or a brunette who wants to lighten her hair color, and if you have a peachy, golden or fair complexion, then dark golden is the perfect color you are looking for.

To get this shade, you need to have natural light or bleached hair in case of dark hair color. Light brown-haired people can opt for dark golden highlights.

19. Light Golden Blonde Hair Color

Light Golden Blonde Hair Color

Noting is better than sporting a sun-kissed and glittering sandy hair hue. Light golden hair color has more buttery and golden shades than brown.

This color looks great on fair-complexioned women and you can customize it according to your preferences. It is easy to achieve this color if you have light-colored hair. Dark hair needs to be bleached before coloring it light golden blonde.

20. Gray Blonde Hair

Gray Blonde Hair

Gray blonde hair color gives you one of a kind look and a silvery shimmer. Gray blonde suits light-skinned women with light eye colors. While picking blonde shades to mix with gray tones, pick a pale or yellow blonde.

Avoid golden tones as they will not give the desired effect and will appear too harsh against the gray tones. This hair color is best if done by professionals. If you have a dark base, then your hair will be bleached and then colored gray-blonde.

So, stay away from heat styling if you have to get your hair bleached. Gray blonde is one of the most trending hair colors.

21. Honey Blonde Hair

Honey Blonde Hair

Honey blonde is a warm and shiny shade created by mixing golden yellow with amber-brown shades. This is a color that lights up a medium complexion from within and adds radiance to face. Keep your roots dark and add honey highlights to get a natural look.

Don’t make it one-dimensional, instead mix different shades to create the feel of being born with honey locks. This hair color is neither too dark or subtle. It is neither ashy or brassy.

Thus, it looks amazing against a variety of skin tones and looks best on medium skin tones with brown or black eye colors. This shade gives a nice sun-baked and light-catching look. Just like honey, this is a delicious shade.

22. Lavender Blonde Hair

Lavender Blonde Hair

One can’t deny that pastel shades look angelic on women. Lavender blonde is a beautiful hair color that gives you a subtle yet classy look. Nicely done ombre with blond at the root ending with lavender tips can steal any heart.

Lavender blonde is sophisticated simplicity. Even braids look amazing when your hair is lavender blonde. It can be customized to suit all skin tones. It looks best on fair-toned women with cool undertones.

23. Maroon Blonde Hair

Maroon Blonde Hair

With shades like burgundy, cherry, wine red, plum, deep maroon and so on to choose from a maroon gamut, maroon blonde is a versatile and hot hair color. It can suit almost any skin tone, hair type and length.

Ombre with maroon at the roots which gradates at the ends to light blonde shades looks amazing. Maroon highlights on blonde hair can add depth to your blonde hair, when done properly. Balayage techniques are also trending currently when it comes to maroon blonde.

24. Natural Dark Blonde Hair

Natural Dark Blonde Hair

Natural dark blonde is the perfect hair color after the summer. It is a low-maintenance color and can look as if you were born with it.

It is a simple color and suits fair to medium toned skin women. Natural hair has many shades, so go for some subtle highlights if you want to recreate the natural look.

25. Peach Blonde Hair

Peach Blonde Hair

If you are looking for a unique yet light hair color, then peach blonde is the perfect color for you. It looks extremely stylish when paired with a blonde tone having a cool base. Most peach-blonde hair colors have coral or rose undertones. It looks best on olive skin tones.

26. Pearl Blonde Hair

Pearl Blonde Hair

Pearl blonde is a cool and icy shade that is warmer than platinum blonde and ash blondes. This is the best hair color for summer as it looks great on all skin tones, haircuts, hair lengths, styles and outfits.

This hair color has a tinge of gold mixed with white which gives it a sparkly effect. It has a lot of blue pigmentation which contributes to the eye-catching nature of the hair color.

Pearl blonde hair color will give you an extravagant look and will make you feel like a mermaid. Visit a professional salon to get this hair color as it requires a lot of work and mixing up of various shades to give it a shimmer.

27. Pink Blonde Hair

Pink Blonde Hair

From watermelon, bubblegum, fuchsia, rose, and cotton candy to the millennium, there are so many shades of pink hair color to choose from. What is better than pink? Of course, pink and blonde. These two colors blend well and give a natural and trendy look.

Giving your blonde hair pink highlights is a good way to begin the pink blonde hair journey. Pink tips also look good on blonde hair. Pastel pink can also be achieved easily on light blonde hair.

28. Platinum Blonde Hair Color

Platinum Blonde Hair Color

This hair color is a classic and looks great on everyone be it, a runway model or a college-goer. It is the palest of blonde shades and is a cool tone.

If you have light eyes and a light to medium complexion, then you will totally rock this look. This is the dream color of many girls and requires a lot of care and maintenance. To keep its brightness for long, use purple shampoo to neutralize yellow tones.

This shade is evergreen, from Marilyn Monroe to Beyonce, everyone has sported this look and looked absolutely gorgeous, and so will you!

29. Purple Blonde Hair

Purple Blonde Hair

If you want to step out of traditional hair colors and go for something daring and modern, then purple is the color for you. When blended with blonde shades like baby blonde or beige blonde, it will surely create a fashion statement.

Purple blonde is also a good choice for highlights. A style with layers and bangs will give you a soft and edgy look when colored in purple-blonde.

30. Rose Blonde Hair

Rose Blonde Hair

Rose blonde is a shade obtained by mixing bright rose color with warm blonde shades. This is a good alternative for daring red or extremely pink shades. This color looks natural and can add a glow to your entire look.

With the best elements of soft pink and warm blonde combined, you get a magnificent mane. Rose blonde has taken a leap and incorporated gold and gives us the updated version, Rose Gold Blonde.

31. Rose Gold Blonde Hair

Rose Gold Blonde Hair

Imagine shimmery gold and soft pink as single hair color and you get this wonderful rose gold hair color.

This shade suits everyone as there are warm and cool versions of this color. If you have a warm skin tone, then go for cool shades and vice versa. This color looks best on women with yellow tones skin color with dark eye color.

Unlike pink hair, rose gold blonde looks like the hair color you were born with because it is a medley of metallic pink with copper hues and a warm blonde. This is a hair color that is best left to professional hair colorists.

32. Sandy Blonde Hair

Sandy Blonde Hair

Sandy blonde is a great choice if you have a medium skin tone. Sandy blonde hair color recently hit the trend charts and gained popularity because unlike shades like platinum blonde, this color requires few retouches and lesser maintenance yet looks equally or more amazing than icy shades.

Sandy blonde comes in a wide spectrum from beige, honey, and butterscotch to dark ash blonde colors, making this a versatile color that can be customized to suit almost all skin tones.

Golden sandy blonde with caramel will make you look Aphroditic. Light sandy blonde shades are earthy and natural.

33. Silver Blonde Hair

Silver Blonde Hair

Do you want a hair color that is icy as well as warm? Fret not, silver-blonde is here for your rescue. An amalgamation of warm blonde and metallic silver hue is silver blonde hair color.

If you have dark hair, then you will have to bleach it, as silver-blonde hair requires a light base. This is a shade that requires high maintenance and regular visits to the salon to hide your dark rots from showing up.

An ombre with dark roots and silver blonde ends will be a nice starter if you don’t want to bleach your roots. Icy shades like this one require professionals owing to the drastic color change.

34. Strawberry Blonde Hair

Strawberry Blonde Hair

Strawberry blonde is a delicious fusion of bleach / golden blonde and red tones. This is a color that looks great on fair-skinned women with light eye color.

With some alterations in the hue, it can be customized to suit everyone. This color can not only give you a sun-kissed look but can brighten up your winter. With so many shades of strawberry blonde to choose from, there is definitely a shade for all.

Strawberry blonde is the color for you if you want both classic blonde and daring red in a single look.

35. Dark Strawberry Blonde Hair

Dark Strawberry Blonde Hair

Dark shades of strawberry blonde suit warm-toned people. Contrasting dark roots with strawberry blonde ends is a good choice if you want a nice blend of colors.

Styles like ombre, babylights, and highlights are a great start if you are new to strawberry blonde hair color.

Here are some of the dark shades of strawberry blonde to choose from:

  • Reddish Strawberry Blonde
  • Copper Strawberry Blonde
  • Fiery Strawberry Blonde
  • Tangerine Strawberry Blonde
  • Hazel Strawberry Blonde
  • Chocolate Strawberry Blonde
  • Strawberry Auburn Blonde

36. Light Strawberry Blonde Hair

Light Strawberry Blonde Hair

Strawberry blonde is a color that can infuse many other colors beautifully with it. Here are some light strawberry blonde shades to try which will give you the look and feel of a Greek Goddess!

  • Golden Pink Strawberry Blonde
  • Sandy Strawberry Blonde
  • Light and Bright Strawberry Blonde
  • Metallic Strawberry Blonde
  • Nude Peach Strawberry Blonde
  • Lightly Dusted Strawberry Blonde
  • Caramel Strawberry Blonde
  • Strawberry Blonde Sorbet
  • Natural Strawberry Blonde
  • Molten Gold Strawberry Blonde

37. Violet Blonde Hair

Violet Blonde Hair

A person active on social media fashion will not deny the heights of popularity the violet blonde hair color has reached.

Pastel violet or purple shade combined with pale blonde shades will give you the perfect violet-blonde hair color. This is a hair color that will enhance your cool-girl attitude and attract the limelight.

Violet blonde is neck to neck with platinum blonde hair color and is trendier than the latter. Lilac is a nice hue of violet blonde which will turn heads. Keep your hair healthy, smooth and shiny to get the best of this look.

38. Wheat Blonde Hair

Wheat Blonde Hair

Wheat blonde is an earthy and sun kissed hair color. It looks amazing in winter when you feel deprived of the sun, so spread some sunshine with your lustrous wheat blonde locks. This is a warm shade and looks good on medium skin tones.

It can also compliment fair-skinned ladies by giving them some natural and warm hair color. This shade can be used as a glaze over dull shades like dirty blonde and brighten them.

39. White Blonde Hair

White Blonde Hair

Icy white blonde hair is a color that requires high maintenance. Your hair needs to bleach extensively to get this shade. So make sure your hair is nourished and can withstand the after-effects of bleaching.

This is a shade best suited for Spring when the weather is warm and you can rock your bright and icy hair. As this color tends to develop brassy tones, keep salon visits scheduled regularly.

Also, stay from heat styling as bleaching AND heating is a big no if you want healthy hair. This is a drastic color change, so put your confident pants on and embrace your uniqueness.

40. Yellow Blonde Hair

Yellow Blonde Hair

Yellow shades which were once seen as problems and were feared by light blondes has now hit the ramps as one of the trendiest shade.

Yellow with mustard and orange tinges with brown and ginger shades are o in vogue right now and suit a wide array of skin tones. Yellow blonde is a super warm color and looks incredible.

Some yellow blonde shades are mustard, marigold and sunshine yellow. If you are hesitant about getting full yellow-blonde hair, then do consider a multi-shade gradient look with brown shades at the roots with a light yellow-blonde ombre.