Pin Curl Perm | Curly Hairstyles to bring Style and Beauty to your Hair

If one is bored of his/ her flat, thin and limp hair, perms can be a great idea for them. Perms alter the absolute texture and internal protein structure of the hair. Providing one with easy and natural-looking curls, perms can be affordable thus providing the hair with the shape of one’s discretion.

Pin curl perm is one of the forms of perm that is believed to be ideal for short hair. As the name indicates, pin curl perm involves the usage of various pins to maintain and secure the curls.

What is Pin Curl Perm

Pin curl perm is a perm that provides one’s hair with fun curl patterns thus producing natural-looking curls and a more voluminous appearance to hair.

The hair is secured with the help of pins. Pin curls can be tried by oneself as well. With the help of curling pins positioned in damp hair, this perming technique may not require a lot of effort.

Pin Curl Perm Short Hair

Pin Curl Perm Short Hair

In order to add body to one’s hair, pin curl perm is preferred by people. Dividing the entire hair into small sections and wrapping the ends with cold paper is the process to be followed for performing a pin curl perm in case of short hair.

The hair is twisted in large loops. This hairstyle can be ideal for short-cropped hair, curling the front area of the hair.

Pin Curl Perm long hair

Pin Curl Perm long hair

Pin curl perm may vary depending on the size of each curl. It depends upon the way the curls are looped and pinned to the head, and the kind of pin curl perm has to follow.

In the case of long hair, it is preferable to use more hair around large rods. This will result in loose curls. However, the pinning step may take quite much time in the case of long hair.

The solution may require comparatively more time to help the segments absorb the shape. If one needs tight curls, tight loops have to be used.

Pin Curl Pixie Perm

Pin Curl Pixie Perm

pixie cut is a hairstyle with short hair which is usually short at the back and sides of the head while being a bit longer on the top of the head followed by short bangs. Pin curl pixie perm is a combination of pin curl perm and pixie cut.

How to do a pin curl perm

There are mainly two steps in a perm.

  • The physical action
  • The chemical phase

Pin curl perm involves efforts while positioning the curls and securing them using pins, making the strands appear wavy and bouncy. The time required for a pin curl perm is around two to two and a half hours. It can be undergone every three to six months.

The process of pin curl perm involves a series of steps. Certain factors have to be taken into consideration before performing a pin curl perm on any hair. The factors are as follows:

  1. Length of the hair: The length of one’s hair plays a significant role during the process. The more the length of the hair, the more time has to be given for the chemicals to function and vice versa.
  2. Quality of the hair: Apart from length, the quality of the hair has also an important role to play in the choice of the right kind of perm. In choosing the kind of solution to be used in one’s hair, the quality of hair plays a vital role.

The following steps have to be followed for obtaining a pin curl perm.

setps for obtaining a pin curl perm
  1. Rinse your hair: The sole motive behind this step is to clean one’s hair thus eliminating any unnecessary oil and dirt. Detangling all coils or curls must be done after washing. It must be kept semi-damp in order to obtain the shape and curls required in damp hair.
  2. Pre treatment: Pre-treatment involves the usage of hair sprays to keep and manage it in place.
  3. Applying the perming solution: The perming solution has to be evenly applied on all the sections of hair, assuring no contact with the scalp and skin.
  4. Sectioning: The hair has to be divided into various sections depending on the intensity of the curls. Sectioning has to be secured with the help of butterfly clips.
  5. Curling and shaping: This is the most essential step as the shape of the curls depends upon the positioning of the clips. For this purpose, duckbill clips or Bobby pins can be used. The problem with using a bobby pin is that it produces an indent on the hair which is clearly visible even after the completion of the process. Therefore, it is preferable to use crisscross and plastic clips for double holding power.
  6. Heat treatment: After winding the sections around the perm rods, it is time for the application of hot pins within the perming rods. The hot pins must be handled carefully due to their temperature. Hot pins are a kind of curl permanent tool that provides heat to the sections thus providing the hair with the required shape.
  7. Rest: Let the hair remain as it is for around ten minutes. After waiting for the application to settle properly and for the hair to adopt the curls, the hot pins have to be removed from the rods.
  8. Rinse: Rinse the hair for around three to five minutes. The perming solution must be washed off properly without taking off the rods.
  9. Application of neutralizing agent: Neutralizer is applied on each section, helping the hair regain its lost nutrients. Let the neutralizer stay in the hair for around ten minutes for the hair to restore its pH value.
  10. Shampoo and treatment: After rest, hair must be washed again with the help of a shampoo and treatment conditioner.
  11. Styling: After thoroughly washing the hair, styling creams are to be applied for the curls to reflect their patterns. For this purpose, EGF repairs crème can be made use of.
  12. Restyling: Depending upon the person’s needs, necessary styling treatments can be used. For this Re styling, Kera plain foam shone spray is ideal.

Pin curl perm – Do it yourself

Not only at the salon, but also pin curl perms can be performed by oneself. All one requires is a perming kit along with more than enough hair clips and Bobby pins. End wraps, curling rods, hot pins, and neutralizers along with necessary styling sprays and anti-heat treatments are required.

The same process has to be followed, commencing from rinsing the hair. Perm kits can be made use of for following the process.

Perming solution:

As per the instructions provided in the kit, the perming solution has to be applied to the damp hair.


Continuing with sectioning the hair, each segment has to be rolled and twisted beginning from the bottom of the tip and moving towards the scalp. With the help of plastic pins, the curls are to be secured.

Beginning from the front of the head, small sections of hair must be taken which are around half to one inch wide. Wind up all the curls creating loops. In the case of thick hair, thin sections must be made.

Heating treatment:

Heating treatment is what will help the sections absorb the shape, and the curls. Heating treatment may involve the usage of hot pins or any other heating treatment which is a low maintenance one to be easily available for oneself.


After letting the solution rest for some time on the hair, it must be rinsed with cold water. One must avoid hair contact with hot water as this may lead to frizz.

Apply neutralizer:

The second chemical that is the neutralizer is applied equally in each section of the hair.


The hair must be rinsed and dried. It must be handled carefully so that the effect of the solution stays for a longer period of time. After drying, the hair can be styled in the required way after applying the necessary holding gels and sprays.

Spiral Perm Vs Pin curl perm

Spiral perm is performed for attaining the spiral form of curls. In the case of spiral Perm, lots of perming rods are fixed vertically in small sections of the hair.

The shape of the hair may resemble thin coiled curls. However, it appears less natural due to the extreme curls. Long and thin curling rods are set vertically in the hair.

This perm is ideal for hair with a length of at least eight inches long. The strands are wrapped in such a way that one rod overlaps the other.

On the contrary, pin curl perm involves forming curls with the involvement of various pins for securing curls. Pin curl perm is said to be ideal for short hair while spiral Perm is ideal for long hair.

Pin curl perm produces easy, natural-looking curls while spiral Perm produces curls resembling a corkscrew pattern which may or may not appear too natural. While spiral perms involve the usage of perming rods, pin curl perm is all about curling and shaping hair through pins.


Pin curl perms can be ideal for people who want curls of different patterns that possess a natural appearance. Pin curl perm can be fun for people with medium or short-length hair. Like other types of perms, pin curl also provides the hair with a wavy and bouncy appearance.

To sum up, the pin curl hairstyle is also one of the chemical treatments used to alter the absolute texture of the hair, locking the curls for a certain period of time.