Perm Kits – Beach Wave Perm Kit & Body Wave Perm Kit [Top 3 Perm]

Do you want to create some beautiful waves on your straight hair? Perhaps you want to take a break from your straight hair without opting for wigs or weave-on. The solution lies in a hair perm kit.

A perm kit will transform your straight hair into beautiful waves that will sit beautifully on your head and even last for months.

If you’re familiar with the process, you might already know what to expect. But if you’re not, then you should be aware that the perming process includes separating your hair in sections and rolling these sections into perm rods before perming them using the chemicals that come in a perm kit. 

You can either carry out a perm at home by yourself, with a friend’s help, or you could visit a salon if you want a stylist to handle the process.

Let’s talk about the processes involved in getting a beach wave or body wave perm, beginning with choosing the best perm kit for your hair. We’ll begin by identifying what should be in your perm kit.

Top 3 Perm Kits

Below listed are the top 3 best perm kits that can be used as beach wave perm kits or body wave perm kits.

  1. One ‘n Only Exothermic Perm
  2. Ogilvie Precisely Right Perm
  3. Zotos Design Freedom Regular Perm

What Does a Perm Kit Consist Of?

Before you buy a beach wave perm kit, you should know what you ought to find in the kit. The standard perm kit often comes with perm waving lotion, paper wraps, and a neutralizing solution.

Although you need other things for the process like perm rods, clips, combs, and gloves, you’ll most likely need to buy them separately. 

What you find in a perm kit often differs from one brand to the next, so confirm the contents of a kit before you buy.  

However, we’ll talk about the most likely items you’ll find in a perm kit and what you’ll need for the entire process.

1. Perm Waving lotion/Perming solution

Perm Kit Components - Perm Wave Lotion

A perming solution is a chemical solution that gives your hair waves and curls by altering the inner structure of your hair.

 The lotion breaks down the sulfur and hydrogen bond in your hair shaft and softens the hair structure so that it can be easily molded into the new wavy or curly shape, depending on the shape of the rollers you use.

The hair is first curled using perm rods before the perm waving lotion is applied.

During this process, timing is important, because the waving lotion should be left long enough for the curls to form, but not too long that it causes the hair to break.

Most lotions come with timing directions on their pack, so pay attention to them. You’ll therefore need a timer to keep track of the time while you work.

2. Perm rods

Perm Kit Components - Paper end Rods

Perm rods come in several sizes, circumferences, and lengths, and deliver different sizes of curls as well. The size of the rod you use is often dependent on the volume and length of your hair, as well as how curly you want at the end of the process.

When you have short hair, you will most likely need a smaller diameter range for your perm rods. On the other hand, you’ll need to wrap longer hair around the rod several times, so you often need a larger rod, depending on the outcome you desire.

Perm rods often have a universal size standard, and most times, the rods follow some color codes. So, once you’re familiar with the colors and the sizes they represent, you won’t have a problem choosing the right size for your hair.

Another thing to note about perm rods is that they often come in concave and straight versions. While the straight rods create uniformly shaped curls, concave rods create some variance to the curl, making the curls look more natural when they are released from the rods.

Recommended perm rods: Perm rods for natural hair

3. Paper end wraps

Perm Kit Components - Paper end Rods

Paper end wraps are simply made to wrap the ends of your hair and protect them against chemical damage in the perming process.

End wraps, as they are also called are light, wet papers used to wrap your hair in a way that it can go through the rod comfortably and keep your hair damage-free. The papers are strong and absorbent and control the hair in place properly.

Depending on how thick or long your hair is, you might need more paper end wraps to protect the tips of your hair.

Some people find it hard to use these papers on some traditional rollers. In that case, plastic rollers with teeth grip and Velcro rollers will come in handy because they don’t need papers, and they will hold your hair in place.

Recommended paper end wraps: Truewave end papers

4. Neutralizer solution

Perm Kit Components - Neutralizer Solution

The neutralizer solution is applied after the perming lotion has done its work for the expected amount of time, and its primary function is to put an end to the perm solution’s processing on the hair.

A standard neutralizing liquid contains hydrogen peroxide that restructures and strengthens the hair’s bonds. The solution also allows the curls to take shape, establishes the spirals and waves in the hair, and allows them to curl smoothly and freely.

As we stated earlier, the perming liquid breaks down the hydrogen and Sulphur bonds in the hair shaft to affect the curling.

When this is done, the neutralizer re-establishes the shaft bonds in the new shape so that the shape stays firm for a long time. Apply the neutralizer in the same manner as you applied the perm solution.

The neutralizer also needs to be timed and washed off carefully to prevent any damage to the hair shaft and strands.

In most cases, the neutralizer should be allowed to stay on the hair for 10 minutes before washing it off the hair for 3 minutes. However, follow the timing procedure on the perm kit and use a timer for accuracy.

5. Gloves

Perm Kit Components - Gloves

Latex gloves are important when getting a perm because they protect the stylist’s hands from chemical damage.

Whether you are applying the perm solution to your hair by yourself or you’re getting help from a friend, don’t begin the process without putting on a pair of latex gloves.

Perm solutions contain strong chemicals, so you need latex, which provides greater strength and protection against tears and chemical damage than vinyl and other gloves. Latex is also quite comfortable for extended use.

Recommended gloves: Black Reusable Latex Gloves

The above listed are the five most common and important components of a perm kit. However, some perm kits come with activators and other solutions, including instructions about how to use them. In such a case, you need to follow such instructions closely.

Beach Wave Perm Kit

Now that we know what to expect from a regular perm kit, let’s be specific about beach waves.

Getting a beach perm depends on the technique you use to perm the hair, although the solutions remain similar to the solutions for other perms.

For instance, the beach wave technique entails using soft rollers that feel like sponges, instead of the usual hard perm rods for other perms.

Let’s explore them.

1. Perming lotion

The first thing in a beach wave perm kit is a perming lotion. This lotion is applied to the hair after it has been set in perm rollers and left for a given time.

The time is either specified on the perming lotion by the manufacturers, or the hairstylist chooses how long to leave it on depending on how the hair thickness and the number of perm rods.

2. Foam Rollers

To achieve beach waves, you should use foam rollers instead of the regular hard perm rods used for spiral waves and others.

Soft rollers or foam rollers are what you use to create beach waves. The process entails wrapping the hair loosely around these rollers without allowing it to get too tight.  

To avoid getting tight curls instead of beach waves, avoid using uniform rods. Depending on the length and thickness of the hair, you can decide on what length of soft rollers to use, but what’s most important is that the hair is rolled freely and on soft rods.

3. Neutralizing Solution

After the perming solution is left to work, the neutralizing solution is applied to complete the texture-changing process and close the hair cuticles.

The soft rods can be removed after the neutralizer has been left for the designated time. Then, it can be washed off.

Body Wave Perm Kit

A body wave perm kit comprises a perm solution, neutralizer, and paper end wraps. However, what’s different about a body wave perm kit is the rollers used in the perm process.

Body perm wave is perfect for adding volume and texture to your hair, and the perm process delivers a loose curly hairstyle.

Body waves are softer and more natural-looking than other perm styles. Let’s explore the kit and process.

1. Perming solution

The perming solution is what creates waves in the hair when it is left for the designated time on the hair. The chemical in the perm solution is what delivers the curls according to the shape of the rods used for the process.

The time of the set varies depending on the hair texture and length.

The perming rod is what makes the difference.

2. Large perm rods

Wrap your hair using large perm rods before applying the perming solution.

The rods should be some of the largest ones in the range of perm rods in your kit for it to create the body waves.

These large rods should also be placed around the hair unevenly so that it creates a natural and wild look.

3. Neutralizing solution

Following the same chemical process as other traditional perms, the neutralizing solution sets the waves into the hair. The rods can then be removed and your hair rinsed.

Top 3 Best Wave Perm Kits that can be used as Beach Wave Perm Kits and Body Wave Perm Kits

1. One ‘n Only Exothermic Perm with Argan Oil

This simple perm kit contains two perming lotion bottles; the perming solution and the neutralizer solution. However, it does not include other things like papers and rods. 

This perming kit is great for home use, and is gentle on the hair, such that it creates curls on your hair without dangerous effects or a strong odor.

One ‘n Only’s Exothermic Perm is great for most hair types, including normal hair, tinted hair, and even tinted hair.

This perm formula is most suitable for hair that needs strong curl support because it delivers lasting firmness and strength, even to resistant hair.

This kit can be used to create both beach waves and body waves.

You simply use the necessary perm rod for the wave you want to create. That is, foam rollers for beach wave kits, and large perm rods for body waves.


  • This perm solution is fortified with Argan oil, which delivers extra conditioning to the hair.
  • Argan Oil is known for its ability to provide nourishment to the hair and offer damage restoration to hair. 


  • Users with naturally curly hair have complained about the loss of curls and straightening effect after using this perm kit. However, such reports are very few.

2. Ogilvie Precisely Right Perm

If you have healthy hair, and you want lasting waves, then the Ogilvie perm kit is the classic option for you.

This perm does a great job of adding body to your hair and creates beautiful waves or curls.

The perm box comes with only the perming solution, neutralizer, and papers, although if you buy directly from the brand, you could get a welcome gift of two conditioners to use on your hair before perming and after. 

The papers that come with this perm kit are on the smaller side, so if you need large papers, you might still need to buy extra paper end wraps.

The Ogilvie precisely right perm works to create beautiful beach waves when you use soft perm rods and wrap the hair around freely, before applying both solutions.

As for body waves, the process changes because you use larger rods to set the hair before applying the perm solution and then the neutralizing solution, before getting the rods out.


  • The perm kit delivers long-lasting curls and waves and has built-in conditioners to ensure soft hair when the process is completed.


  • Users of this product say that although it is great for healthy hair, it can be slightly harsh on damaged, delicate, or colored hair.

3. Zotos Design Freedom Regular Perm

This perm kit contains a waving lotion and neutralizer without any added product, so you would need to shop for papers and other necessary equipment.

The Zotos perm lotion is formulated for normal hair types but also works for resistant hair and gray hair.

The best waves or defined curls can be gotten with this Zoto perm that can be used at home but delivers salon-quality results. Many professional stylists also use this perm, and they love it because it creates natural-looking waves and curls.

Zotos perm kit can create beautiful beach waves with the right soft roller applied to the hair before using the perming lotions on the hair.

As for body waves, the process is also the same- Apply large-sized perm rods, then apply the perming solution, followed by the neutralizer, before washing both liquids off the hair.


  • It is enriched with AHA and natural grapefruit acids to strengthen curl and improve manageability and appearance.


  • Some users have reported frizzy ends after use, and the perm doesn’t produce as many curls when used on tough or thick hair.

Final Words:

Now nothing is stopping you from getting those beautiful waves that look so good they could be on the cover of a fashion magazine.

Ensure to get everything you need for a smooth process and follow all instructions on your perm kit to get the best results. If you’re not confident in your ability to get a perm without the help of a stylist, visit a salon near you to get it done.

You can also compare the perm kits above to find which best suits your needs and preferences.