Spiral Perm Vs Body Wave Perm [Which is Better for Your Hair?]

Do you want to get a perm? Do you know what kind of perm to choose, and how to tell what’s the best perm for your hair type?

Yes, getting a perm goes beyond walking into the salon and sitting down. There’s a lot to consider, including your hair type, the products to use, and how to care for your permed hair. You should also consider the kind of perm to opt for. 

In this post, we’ll be deciding what perm to get, depending on whether you want your curls to be in a tight spiral, loose waves, or get beach curls.

Let’s begin by deciding whether you should opt for a body wave perm or a spiral perm. The best way to do this is to compare the features of both perms and see which one is best for you.

Spiral Perm Vs Body Wave 

Spiral perm vs Body wave perm - which is better

For many people, a spiral perm takes us back to the 1980s and is reminiscent of the past, but of course, it has made a beautiful comeback.

On the other hand, body waves give a modern style and appearance. However, both styles are very much in vogue right now and beautiful as well.

One very notable difference between a spiral perm and a body wave is the appearance of both perms at the end of the process. However, there are a lot of things that set spiral perms away from body waves. Let’s explore these differences based on several features.

1. Hair Length and type

Spiral perm is a perfect choice for shoulder-length hair or even longer length. 

Basically, your hair should be at least eight inches long if you want to get a spiral. That’s because your hair will shrink when it is curled, so it is important to start out long.

Spiral perms are best for fine, thin hair. These perms boost thin and fine hair and deliver more volume. Spiral perms are best suited to people who have very healthy hair because the perming process uses stronger chemicals than body waves, to create firmer, longer-lasting curls.

On the other hand, a body wave perm is not restricted to any hair length. You can get this perm whether you have a longer or shorter hair length.

Anybody with straight hair looking to gain more texture or natural waves can get body waves. People with limp, straight hair who find it hard to gain and maintain curls naturally can get a body wave perm.

2. Procedure and equipment 

Special curling rods are used to create spiral perms. These rods are thin and long and are set in the hair vertically to create a spiral effect.

Spiral perms are created with rods that are smaller than those used for other perms, which is why the curls they deliver are tighter and tinnier.

Although there are several sizes of rods for spiral perms, these rods are generally still within the small size range and they deliver tight and bouncy perms.

Body wave perms are generally created using larger rollers, but the size of waves you get at the end of your perm can be altered because you can also choose the size of rods to create your body waves.

You can use tinier rods to create tiny curls or large rollers to create large loose curls. You can even get creative by using different sizes of rods throughout your hair for different sizes of calls.

3. Hair Appearance 

The curls created by spiral perms are normally the tightest because they are created using thinner. The result is a hair appearance that’s fuller, firmer, tighter, and bouncy. If you want to add lasting volume to your hair, then spiral perms are the way to go.

Body waves deliver soft and natural-looking waves. They also deliver added texture and blowouts that last long. However, the effects are not consistent and long-lasting on hair that’s not straight.

4. Lifespan of Perm

Spiral curls are usually longer lasting because the rods used in their creation are thinner, and the chemicals are quite stronger, thus creating a stronger hold. Spiral curls have a lifespan of 6 months before you notice that the tight curls start to loosen.

Body waves usually last anywhere from three to five months, depending on the size of rods used to create these waves, the quality of solution used in the perm, process, as well as the management process after the perm is created.

Here are some major differences between spiral perms and body waves for you to consider when choosing a perm. However, let’s take a step further to make a choice.

Who Should Get Body Wave Perm and Who Should Get Spiral Perm?

If you’re looking to add volume to your hair and create curls that are tight and longer-lasting, you should opt for a spiral perm. Spiral perms tend to deliver an overall better volume to fine hair than other perms.

On the other hand, if you’re looking to add texture and curls to your straight hair but you don’t want tight curls, then body waves are right for you. Body waves are great for delivering texture and natural-looking waves.

If your hair is 8 inches and longer, you can go for spiral perms. However, for shorter hair lengths, you won’t be able to achieve spiral perms even if you want them, so you should go for body waves.

Final Comments:

Body waves and spiral perms are both beautiful styles to try when you want to add curls or texture to your hair.

Now that you know all that you should about these styles, consider your preferences, hair length, and the lifespan you require from these styles before choosing.

Whatever you choose, rest assured that it will look beautiful!