Beach Wave Perm | A Complete Guide | Top 20 Trending Perm Hairstyles

Beach Wave Perm – The most trending hairstyle in the recent past. If you are a person who has thin or straightforward straight hair, then you might feel a little difficulty trying out this hairstyle. 

Even though you have those light, breezy-looking hair that looks fun and playful at the same time but it wouldn’t be so great as to roll out with that style every day out of bed. If you worry about this, then it is a guarantee that beach wave perm is your calling. 

We came up with a complete guide to “Beach Wave Perm”, let us understand what is a beach wave perm, what beach wave perm means for different hair lengths, the process of getting beach wave perm at home, precautions to be taken and also 22 most trending hair perm styles.

What is a Beach Wave Perm?

The idea of beach wave developed when women noticed the formation of a certain wavy texture after going into salt water for a swim. But that looked messier and the hair appeared extremely frizzy and dry.

Beach wave perm is a hairstyle where you make hair curls, wavy that appear slightly messy and a tad bit frizzy. Beach wave perm is a type of hairstyle obtained through applying certain chemicals on hair. The regular hair is transformed into a permanent hairstyle that resembles waves on the beach, hence this hairstyle is named Beach Wave Perm.

Many wonder as to what this style is exactly. Well, to begin with, this chemical process is the secret behind those permanent beach waves.

This technique is nothing different from a standard hair perm, which everyone is typically more familiar with. With just a few tweaks, you can get the desired beach waves instead of those twisted curls. This style brings a more natural wave than curled hair.

The method is not different for this. The technique is the same, and the chemical solution that will be used will also be the same, the only thing that is going to vary will be the tools that will be used for achieving this particular hairstyle.

The hairstyle is formed by using tools like foam rollers where the hair is wrapped more loosely instead of using the tiny, uniform rods that are used to achieve the tight curls.

When your stylist is done setting up your hair, you will have a “straight from the beach” look. This hairstyle is more common during the summer season.

Regular Perm Vs Beach Wave Perm

Regular Perm

If you are looking to add some volume that is not too concerned about adding depth to your hair, then a regular perm is the right hairstyle choice for you. Traditional perm gives you uniform curls all throughout your hair.

The hair style’s effect is much more subtle than noticeable. Under this hairstyle, the curls are usually of the same size and the same shape. There is an overall uniformity to your hairstyle.

Regular perm will appear to be done from a salon and will not have the natural look that you can get from a beach wave perm. The maintenance for a regular perm is also much more than a beach wave perm.

Beach Wave Perm

The beach wave perm is different from the traditional perm as it has a specific technique with unique products that need to be used.

Here, soft sponge-like rollers are used instead of hard perm rods. It will have a beachy appearance instead of a wholly twisted and spiral hairstyle. It is a way to get your perm to look more natural. 

There are so many different types of styles that you can create with beach wave perm. You will have free control over the type of wave and the density of wave that you wish to have. Maintaining a beach wave perm is much easier than a regular perm.

Who Can Get a Beach Wave Perm?

Beach wave perm is a good idea for women who do not like the tight-looking curls and aren’t fans of super wavy hair. The beach wave perm creates a more loose wave which is easier to maintain and looks more voluminous and stylish.

Women with long hair should definitely try this look, and it is best recommended on long hair type to get the best look from it. It will not look as convincing as beach wave perm if you have extremely short hair.

It would help if you let your hair grow up to your shoulder level before trying beach wave perm as it won’t be as gorgeous looking as it appears on long hair. On short hair, it might appear unkempt and messy.

How long does it take for Beach Wave Perm Process?

The Process to get beach wave perm usually takes an hour or two. But you must also consider certain factors.  

Firstly, It depends on the length of your hair because the more the size, the more time will be needed to get it done and Secondly, the volume of the hair.

If the hair is much thicker, then you will need a much longer time to get the work done. Lastly, it depends on the place or the person that is doing it for you.

If you choose to do it at home by taking the help of some friend, then they might take a long time whereas if you get it professionally done at a salon, then the time will be reduced to a great extent. 

On average, two hours is the minimum amount o time that will be needed to properly get beach waves perms.

How Do You Prepare Your Hair for Beach Wave Perm?

All you need to do is wash your hair with good quality shampoo and conditioner and let your hair dry up. When your hair is all washed, you should use a hair serum.

When your hair gets partially dried up and is in a damp condition, then you need to apply a hair mousse into your hair. It would help if you started by scrunching the texturing mousse through the dry strands and then roughly drying it with a blow dryer.

Then you are ready after completing all the processes needed to prepare your hair for getting a beach wave perm. 

How to Get Beach Wave Perm at Home – DIY Beach Wave Perm

How to Get Beach Wave Perm at Home - DIY Beach Wave Perm

Before you get started with beach wave perm, you need to follow some simple instructions mentioned below: 

  • As a first step, you need to rinse your hair well and towel wrap it gently.
  • Make sure that you do not use any kind of conditioner or hair styling products like hair spray products to your hair.
  • Then you have to wrap your hair properly around the rollers which have been sized precisely to the size that you need your curl to look like. 
  • After you are done wrapping your hair, you need to apply the permanent wave solution to each roller.
  • At last, all you need to do is cover your head with a plastic hair cap and then wait for the time that has been given in the instruction manual in the perm hair kit.
  • Wash your hair with Luke warm water and make sure that you no longer receive the smell of the perm in your hair. It usually takes up to 5 minutes to get rid of the smell.
  • Then wipe the rollers with a clean towel and apply a neutralizer to your hair and keep it there for about five minutes. Then you can wash it after another five minutes with Luke warm water. 
  • The last step is to dry and style your hair, but you will have to avoid washing your hair for the next 24 to 48 hours to allow your hair to set with the newly curled formation. 

Precautions to be Taken While Processing Beach Wave Perm

  • As mentioned above, you cannot wash your hair for the next two days. 
  • You cannot comb your hair for the next 24 hours.
  • You are not to dye your hair for another two weeks after getting the perm.
  • Avoid putting your hair in a pony tail before washing your hair. 
  • Protect your hair from heat as much as possible.

How to Take Care of Beach Wave Perm?

As mentioned, taking care of hair is the key to maintaining a long-lasting beach wave perm. That way, you will be able to make the texture last much longer.

You need to remember that your average everyday hair care routine is likely not to be formulated to take care of the updated hairstyle with many textures. Follow these tips if you want those beachy waves to last. 

  • Consider switching your shampoo and conditioner. Your regular shampoo and conditioner won’t be specifically designed to match your new wavy strands. Know this that waves are accompanied by frizz. Your hair care must consist of those elements that can keep your hair strands smooth and hydrated. 
  • It would help if you used a hair mask. It is a great idea to give your breezy looking hair style some more love with a hair mask. It would be best if you changed your conditioner a few times a week with hair masks to bring extra nourishment to your hair.
  • Try using a hair mousse. Your styling products will not be ideal for your perms, therefore; you will have to be prepared to stock your cabinets with texture enhancing products, like a hair mousse. All you need to do is apply the mousse to damp hair, scrunch it a little bit and then lastly let your beach wave perm air dry. You will be obsessed with the way it looks!

Can you Use Styling Products after Perm?

Ideally, it is always advised to use any kind of hair styling product after 24 to 48 hours. After getting a perm, you need to let it sit and get fixed before using any type of styling products into your hair as that may cause the perm waves to not set in a proper manner.

You should then not comb your hair for the next 24 hours. Also, do not by any chance, use hair dye on your hair two weeks before and after you get a perm. You should avoid putting your hair in a tight ponytail before washing your hair.

The secret to a healthy-looking beach wave perm is to keep on moisturizing it. After you get the perm, do not wash your hair for the next two days. 

But it is very essential to look after your permed hair as it will ensure that you are able to enjoy the results after the perming process. Since chemicals are used while getting perms you will have to establish a good post perm hair care routine on your chemically treated hair.

This means that you will have to use a shampoo that isn’t too harsh or aggressive on your hair along with a conditioner that has extra smoothening, moisturizing and frizz control properties.

You must use a good conditioning product frequently. Using a leave-in conditioner might also be great as it locks in moisture and nourishes your curls.

As mentioned above, a hair mask, a hair mousse and a good shampoo and conditioner are the hair products that you should use. You should also avoid using harsh hair-setting sprays to your hair and let your hair flow in its own natural way. A hair spray hardens and damages your hair.

How Long Does a Beach Wave Perm Last?

If you have had previous hairstyling experiences, you must know that anything that is called permanent isn’t actually permanent in the beauty industry.

Especially when it comes to your hair, your hair is subjected to growth, and that means that it will not look the exact same as it did six months ago.

On average, Beach wave perm lasts about six months from the day you get it done. It also depends on how you take care of your hair. If you treat t properly, it will sure long much longer than you expect it.

On the bright side, you must know that if the styles actually stayed permanent, then you would have to even stay with it forever and would not get any other chance to style your hair differently.

Six months is an excellent time for a beach wave perm because you do not want to keep looking the same every now and then. 

How much does a Beach Wave Perm Cost?

When it comes to the beauty service industry, there can never be a fixed cost for anything as the price is very subjective depending on the type of salon you go to, to the area that you live in.

On average, Beach wave perm costs between $50 to $250. This is a considerable gap, but as mentioned earlier, every beauty salon has its own specific demands depending on several factors.

It is advisable always to call a hairstylist and check the price that is being charged and then according to your suitability book an appointment.

Beach Waves for Long Hair

Nothing tells boho shore babe like long blonde waves. The wavy perm is perfect for someone requiring a low subsistence, natural-looking coif that is full of bulk and cynosure.

Layers everywhere will benefit ducked down on the poof.

When it comes to building large and bouncy waves or long beach wave hairstyles, a body perm is where it is at. A body perm will give you long waves that are not as tightly twisted as the curls given by a winding perm.

These long curls look impressive, and original, and have an oomph representative of their own.

Beach Waves for Long Hair

At the gist, perm bangs help build more defined ringlets, and this does not forever mean twisted waves. You can have a flawlessly permed fashion with only the tips of your hair rolled.

For black hair with detailed highlights, this fashion is a gorgeous idea to explicate the dimension of your intensity.

Few of us love to perceive that all-natural appearance even when we style our hair. If you want long beachy hair, then this beach wave perm glimpse is tailor-made for those classes of women.

Not only is this incomplete perm done solely on the below half of your hair, but it is also prepared using scattered hair curling rods to generate long curls that have been tousled up to produce them that resemble offhand and simple. This is the best perm for long hair.

Beach waves for thick long hair

It is each girl’s desire to have beach waves long hair and full-bodied waves that lusciously drop down her backbone.

And you can gain that appearance with the help of a curling rod and including up to an hour of your time each day. Or you can simply run for a body perm that can give you long, bouncy, gorgeous waves and decrease the daily labor on your part.

Beach waves for thick long hair

At only the age of 17, the Danish celebrity Frederikke Sofie has constantly ascertained herself in the modeling environment.

A huge part of her achievement (other than her immense laborious work, of course) has to do with the ravishing golden waves that present an air of fragile quirkiness to her appearance.

You could go for a cold-heaped or winding perm with meager hair curling rods if you require to take a leaf out of her hair look book.

The famous Mexican supermodel Luz Pavon is an inspirational business person in her own power. But what took her to the peak of the glamour business is her thick, curly hair that she applied to sponsor various hair outputs.

A hot perm with extensive hair curling rods is plainly what you require to emulate her fabulously bouncy waves.

Perms are performed with a solvent that tears down the links of keratin in your hair and restructures your tresses once they are settled on a curling rod.

To obtain these sensual spirals you will require to have your bonds coiled around big perm rods to make sure that the waves are not excessively strong.

Beach waves for curly hair

When it comes to bohemian curly hair, Vanessa Hudgens orders the perch. Her lengthy, simply styled hair drops down in a waterfall of waves, and the result is breathtaking.

If you crave to get her appearance, you may have to improve your hair out until it touches your waist before running in for a hot spiral perm.

If you fancy your hair perm with a modernized aptitude, all you have to make is match it with a stylish fashion. Getting a wave in your hair is the best when impressive jet black waves are renewed by a traditional A-line cut and get an even more laid-back vibe to the saturated look of the locks.

Beach waves for medium hair

The bedhead appearance may originate not from the bed. A big curl perm for medium-length hair is a healthy way to revise the balance of your hair.

Mid-length beach waves are the ones every woman craves for. Embrace the coil or curl ornament for your beach waves if you have mid-length hair, it will look just amazing.

Beach waves for medium hair

You can absolutely engage with hair updos and half-up hairstyles as your enchanting twisted hair locks will be enthusiastic for them any time.

Beach waves for curly medium hair

The firm curl hairstyle is very prevalent amongst the ones who want beachy curls medium hair and those with heavier, granular textures.

The perm system lets you keep the balance of your hair under restraint and withdraw difficulties with hair styling, so you are not competing with those rebellious curls anymore.

Beach waves for curly medium hair

If you are further seeking to spice up your hair color, you can also opt for blonde highlights and let any of your hair roots dispense through.

When the restoration of the republican 90s TV show Beverly Hills 90210 knocked the shields in 2008, everyone convened up and took intimation of AnnaLynne McCord’s impressive blonde waves.

You could recreate her view by receiving your hair cut in some courses and running for a multi-textured hair perm.

Beachy waves medium short hair is excellent for medium hair, the spiraled coils start free and get stronger towards the tips. Modern perms loose curls is the detailed blonde highlights which build depth, which supports make it resemble like you have double as much hair as you really do.

Beach waves for short hair

You may wonder “How to get beachy wave hair for short hair?” or “How to do beach waves short hair?” Well, do not be scared of too much bulk or stiffness in short perm headdresses.

As long as you have courses completely throughout your cut, you do not have to bother about it resembling a poodle or standing too curly.

Beach waves for short hair

Can you get a perm with short hair? Yes, you can. Beach wave perm short hair exists.

The intention of perming one’s hair is often compared with difficulties, and if you are one of them who is shying aside from the hair treatment, after knowing the perming styles you might desire to rethink your idea.

Short permed hair does not have to be super bulky, willingly you can opt for some rumpled waves that will make you view “wow, you have simply emerged right out of the beach”.

Beach waves for thin hair

For thin hair, you will wish to make a confirmation your permed hair does not sit flat and stuck on your head. You can easily ask your hairdresser for a partial hair perm.

This will yield your hair locks with constant mobility and flexibility without confounding them with hair curls that do not seem very ordinary or overly mushy.

Beach waves for thin hair

It is easier getting a beach wave perm for fine hair. Whether you are contemplating a fixed hair perm or a more relaxed hair perm, both ways, it is probable with a perming solution composed for fine or degraded hair.

The hairstylist should acknowledge how to use the hair perm for fine or thin hair. If your hair is thin due to therapeutic effects then it is recommended not to get a perm.

Being worried about perming your thin hair for the very initial time is reasonable. So the moral duty to do is, to get a detailed report about what is to be done to your hair, analyze as much as you can, and discuss it with your hairstylist at all moments.

Though there are numerous types of hair perms practiced in hair salons, only several of those perms can be practiced for thin hair. Identify, your hair should not be subjugated to unrelenting chemical substances, or otherwise, it will show the symbols of being degraded and unprotected.

Also, due to the multiple techniques and glimpses, each of these hair perms gives, it is essential that you take guidance from a professional stylist before arranging one.

Acid Perm is a practice of delivering thin hair a synthetic wave to them. Acid perms have glyceryl monothioglycolate which is a mild and gentler method that is not too rough on your hair.

But, if you are irritable by chemical substances, it may induce allergic stability when used in excess. They give loose curls effect on thin hair and look unquestionably beautiful because acid curls or perms provide softer waves. It is a surpassing alternative for concealing thinning hair.

Short hair loose perm

Once you place your sights on the Dutch figure Rose Bertram, it is tough to see away.

She has that perfect loose hair perm on her short hair.

And, accept it or not, her hair is readily that wavy and blonde.

Short hair loose perm

If you crave to obtain exceptionally wavy tresses like hers in your short hair, you might have to run in for a tint job to lighten your short hair blonde and then go for either a spiral coil or an accumulated digital perm to get that loose-flowing hair.

We all want to remain tender and natural and free. And we all fancy the idea we look to communicate that. This Olaplex perm will score a ton of construction and dimension to your hair and help you expose your tender side.

And to engage your hair simply out of power, cut it into a small shag bob and allow your tresses to do their task.

Demi wave perm short hair – Body wave perm

If you are considering getting unchanging waves via a body wave perm, there are some looks that we have found that will help you arrive at a conclusion.

For the inexperienced, a demi-wave perm is simply like a wavy perm.

It is used to produce relaxed waves in your hair which is accurate for those people who have hair types that would not possess a curl properly.

Demi wave perm short hair - Body wave perm

Beach waves for shoulder-length hair

If you think about whether you can get shoulder-length beach hair or not, well, you can get it.

There are various hair wave type options for shoulder length hair as you have enough length of your hair to do firm or easy flowing loose hair curls, and you do not have to bother about the hair curls being too bulky and heavy over your face.

Beach waves for shoulder length hair

Curly hair curl bangs can seldom look boyish or childish, so you can also stick them backside to display off your face.

Seldom flowing and fine, shoulder-length hair needs some human help, and a bright, wavy perm is an excellent method to accomplish this.

You may request your hairstylist for several laps to withdraw too much pressure at the back, and to hold the look fresh. It also helps in getting messy waves shoulder-length hair.

Beach waves for very short hair

Now, here is a different take on the traditional perm look.

You do not have to restrict yourself to long-drawn hair or bob cuts to play a perm.

You could additionally go for a plunged bangs look that is short on the sides and long on the summit.

Beach waves for very short hair

A perm can append tons of amplification to your hair and work fabulously to conquer the wholeness and circularity of your face and emphasize your angles.

1. Wavy Auburn Hair

Stylish Perm Hairstyles - wavy auburn hair

Auburn is a gorgeous hair color to apply to your hair.

Usually, women prefer to switch to this hair color when it is the time of winter, but you can give it a try during summertime.

It is a perfect blend of reddish-brown shades and looks very warm giving your hair a more natural hue.

It will look fantastic when combined with beach waves which are what we can guarantee.

Match it along with your summer dresses to create a much better impression. 

 2. Wavy Bob

Stylish Perm Hairstyles - Wavy bob

The beach wave bob is best for girls who have slightly thin hair because it adds a certain amount of volume to your hair.

It will not only add volume but provide your hair with extra texture as well.

Wavy bob has bigger curls that are more dense and more visible.

This hairstyle is perfect for the summer season. This asymmetrical bob is attractive all on its own, and when paired with waves, it looks magical.

3. Blond Balayage 

Blond Balayage

All kinds of curly hair have their own unique feature, but when you double it up with two-toned-looking hair, your hair turns out to look more attractive.

Ask your hairdresser to give you the golden or any shade of balayage that you want, and then ask them to perm it up.

A blonde balayage is a hand-painted technique where your natural hair color is blended along with the blond shade to create a bright look.  With the balayage technique, you will be the one standing out from the crowd.

4. Wet Looking Beach Waves  

Wet Looking Beach Waves

Do you love the look that one has after they have come from a beach?

With these wet looking beach waves, you can derive all that messy hairstyle.

If you have blonde hair, this hairstyle look will enhance further.

This looks perfect for anyone who likes to keep it rough and look sporty and adventurous. Wet-looking beach waves have more tightly packed curls instead of the other beach waves.

5. Long Brown Hair 

Long Brown Hair

This lovely two-toned hairstyle looks simply stunning. Beach perm on long hair looks epic.

This perm hairstyle is usually not as curled up as you think instead it is a much softer light and breezy look on your hair.

It will be a different look for anyone having straight hair as it will give a slight amount of wave to your otherwise pinpoint straight hair. This is a low-maintenance hairstyle with different brown tones. 

6. Short Thick Waves 

Short Thick Waves

These waves are also great for summertime.

This hairstyle looks exceptionally natural, and if you desire to look like a water baby who is out from the salty sea, then this is your ideal hairstyle.

If your goal is to make your hair look more like a natural beach wave, then this is it. It is going to stay the same even if the weather may change. That is too cool, and you can style your hair irrespective of whether it is short or long. 

7. Waves on Thin Hair 

Waves on Thin Hair

If you have thin hair and think that there is no hairstyle that can fix your hair from looking thin, then you are highly mistaken.

You can obtain this wavy hairstyle on thin by adding more texture and volume to your hair.

This hairstyle is more permed than the regular one as its plan is to add more volume. Even if your hair is short, you can choose this as your ideal hairstyle. 

8. Honey Blonde Hair

Honey Blonde Hair

Honey blonde hair color is suitable for people with a slightly warm and fair complexion.

It is key to their versatile-looking hair. When you get a beach wave perm added to it, then the results are just breathtaking.

You can achieve a girl next door look with this hairstyle and is suitable for any casual occasions and meet-ups.

Therefore, try out this hair color along with a beach wave perm to look like the gorgeous woman that you already are.

9. Balayage Perm

As you can figure out from its name, balayage perm means that your hair will get bleached and permed all at the same time.

After the finished look you will get a nicely blended highlight of your choice which is enhanced beautifully along with your curled wave perm hair.

Balayage Perm will have a very natural from dark to light hair flow that looks stunning.

10. Root Perm

root perm

Getting a root perm is a process of hairstyling that gives your hair a lot of volume and thickness to the roots of your hair that is visible from far away.

The hair will appear bouncy and frizzy as a result of this perm hairstyle.

This process alters the hair shape into curls and waves it through the involvement of heat and chemicals. This is a tad bit wavier.

11. Brunetter Perm

Brunetter Perm

From the name itself, you get a hint as to what this Brunetter perm style might appear like.

This perm style is for all those ladies who have darker hair color or desire to get their hair into a darker shade like black.

The curls look more enhanced when they are done on a brunette and look more intense on them. If you wish to get some beautiful and funky action going into your brunette head then this is a great pick.

12. Mermaid Perm

Mermaid Perm

Mermaid perm is more of an organized perm that follows some kind of sequence.

It can either be sleek or be more curled up from the up top.

It looks good on people with very long hair and can be made to look more beautiful if there are some light color highlights added to enhance the overall look.

13. Ombre Wavy Perm

Ombre Wavy Perm

The color ombre is obtained after one color hue is blended into another and your hair remains darker on top and becomes more and lighter towards the bottom.

It has to be done by following the correct method and looks great when it gets a wavy look along with it or else it will appear bland, plain and simple.

14. Acid Perm

acid perm

Acid perms are obtained by using mild chemicals that have a pH level of around 4.5 to 6.5 and they are ammonia-free.

They are made from glyceryl monothioglycolate.

It is much gentler to your hair and gives loose curls which are much easier to relax.

15. Blonde Wave Perms

Blonde Wave Perms

Blonde waves perms are the look that you achieve after your hair gets lightened to a complete blonde or white color from top to the bottom.

There is no other hair color or way to achieve it without getting your complete hair bleached for this look.

The waves look utterly pretty when they get permed along with the blonde hair.

16. S-Curl Perms

As the name suggests these perms create very luxurious S-shaped swirls that wind in different directions and give your hair more volume, texture and 10 times more glamour.

It is also very surprisingly low maintenance to handle this type of perm.

These S Curls are very popular in the American African community.

17. Spiral Perm

spiral perm

Spiral perms are created by rolling the hair onto the perm rods vertically.

It creates a spiral shape and can be used to create very crazy curled hair.

This hair looks most beautiful when you have long hair.

Spiral perm requires some effort to maintain.

18. Body Wave Perm

body wave perm

Body Wave Perm is more of a looser type of wave that is done by using a larger curling roller for getting the perms.

It is perfect for anyone with naturally straight hair who wants a little textured hair but does not wish to always use heat to get this look.

19. Digital Perm

digital perm

This type of perm involves heat and chemical treatment which changes the chemical composition of your hair.

Your hairstylist will treat your hair with chemicals that are supposed to restructure your hair after which they will use hot rods to curl your hair.

20. American Wave Perm

american wave perm

American wave perm is obtained through a special process that uses many harsh chemicals like sodium hydroxide, ammonium thioglycolate etc.,

This process helps to break down the natural hair bonds and reshapes them to give the wave or curl.

Final Comments:

Girls with simple straight hair have always dreamed of getting this hairstyle. One of the simplest and long-lasting ways to get the right-looking hairstyle is to get a beach wave perm.

It is not a very hard process to get a wavy perm as it ideally takes only two to three hours if you get it professionally done. Go for it!