How to roll hair with Perm rods and Different Perm rod sizes

Perms are in fashion nowadays among all young women and girls and Perm rods are the most critical component of the perming process. It involves curling your hair using some chemicals and rods to permanently curl your hair which will last more than 6 months.

But getting a perm involves a lot of maintenance too. It affects the cross-linking bonds of your hair somehow, so that involves a lot of chemicals and reagents on your hair.

Therefore, you can maintain your hair depending on the hairstyles that you choose for yourself. Lets us take a quick look at some of the perm rods and perm hairstyles.

Moreover, there are various styles of beach wave perms including a spiral perm, flex perm etc. You need to determine carefully which one will be best suitable for your hair and which one you want to adopt.

However, with the latest fashion technologies, there are different perms which you can actually try and flaunt your natural flowing waves.

What is a Perm Rod?

A perm rod is basically a rod that is used for getting a beach wave perm on your hair. There are different types of perms rods that hair enthusiasts use. You can adapt the one suitably and fit your hair type.

On the other hand, perms rods are also available in a variety of sizes and colors. There are different perm rods for short and long hairs. You cannot use the same rod for all types of hair and style.

The sizes of perm rods range from two inches to even 10 inches. Therefore, you now know what is the diversity in getting a perm hairstyle.

Not only perms rods are used only on medium-length to long hair, but you can use them for every length of hair. It is generally a hair curler that is used for curling your hair and giving you a beach-ready look.

Everyone craves that look which seems they are straight out of the beach. Well, you can achieve all those gorgeous hairstyles by using a perm rod.

Perm Rod Sizes

Perm rods are available in numerous sizes and shapes. Here are some of the sizes of perm rods that are best suitable for different types of hair curls and beachy waves:

Perm Rod Sizes
  • The Long 7/16 Inch Perm Rod This perm rod is best-suitable for you when you want a jerry curl. Jerry curl is basically deep curl that resembles the curly hairstyle. If you want to opt for the Jerry curl, this 7/16 inch rod is the best suited for you.
  • The 11/16 Inch Perm Rod This 11/16 inch perm rod will be the best for a beach wave perm hairdo. It is a medium curl look which you can easily get by making use of this perm rod.
  • The ¾ Inch Perm Rod The 3/4th-inch perm rod will help you get loose but deep curls. If you wish to get this loose deep kind of hairstyle then you can contact your hair impressionist for this size of the perm rod.
  • The Small 1 Inch Perm Rod- This perm rod is perfect when you want a body wave perm. Body wave perms are best obtained with small perm rods. It will give you the perfect beach body waves.

How to Roll Hair with Perm Rods?

There are various perm hair products available in the market that you can use for perming your hair. The way one rolls their hair over the perm rods influences a lot the type of permanent wave they are likely to get in their hair.

Read on to know how to roll hair in perm rods for the best quality curls:

How to Roll Hair with Perm Rods
  • Shampoo your hair and rinse thoroughly before washing your hair: It is essential to use and apply a shampoo that removes the buildup from hair styling products. Some products can leave a residue on your hair that reacts with the perm products. Therefore, you need to rinse and shampoo your hair very carefully. Make sure to use a clarifying shampoo to remove tangles and excess oil. Please do not use hair conditioner or hair spray.
  • Comb thoroughly to remove tangles from your hair: Use a wide-toothed comb to brush your hair. Make sure to remove all tangles and frizzes from your hair. Firstly, divide your hair into 5 to 6 sections. Use a clip to tuck the parts on and get incited with the rolling process.
  • Brush your hair and place an endpaper at the ends of your hair: This process will fasten the ends of your hair together and prevent it from folding. Now slowly roll your hair over the perm rods. Make sure that your hairs seem not to create a fish nook while operating over the perm rods. Keep spraying water on your hair to prevent any formation of curls and a fish nook. It will keep the strands smooth.
  • After the rolling process is over, make sure to spritz the drier parts with water: This process ensures that no portion of your hair remains dry. Also, it guarantees that your hair does not soak in chemicals in one part more than the other.
  • Apply a protective gel around the edges of the hairline: This particular process serves two distinct purposes. It protects your hairline skin from toxic chemicals, and it helps the elements adhere to the cotton strand so that the chemicals don’t drip over the face.
  • Remove the cotton strands and rinse your hair after you finish curling: Rinse your hair thoroughly but make sure you do not wash in an excess amount. Wash your hair for approx 5 minutes. The chemicals may feel slimy in your hair. Wash to remove that feeling. Wrap your hair with a dry towel and allow it to dry so that your hair is not sopping wet.
  • Spray neutralizer in your hair and allow it to sit for some time: This process protects your hairline with cotton. After that, rinse it one last time after removing all the perm rods. Make sure to wash with lukewarm water. Comb your hair thoroughly and do not apply shampoo for 48 hours.

Washing your hair before 48 hours will not remove the curls but will unnecessarily cause frizz. To avoid that frizz you need to keep your hair dry for 48 hours.