3 Effective Ways to Wash Hair without Getting Face Wet [EXPLAINED]

Have you ever wished to wash your hair without getting your face wet? If yes, then you are not alone. It’s a common struggle people face. Some people just don’t like water dripping down their faces from their dirty scalp. Some have sensitive skin and get allergic reactions from the shampoo they use.

Some simply have to attend a party after a long day at work. They need to refresh by having a shower. But they can’t wash as washing their face means ruining their makeup.

And who has the time to spend another thirty minutes in front of the mirror rewinding all the steps of a perfect makeup face and wasting all the expensive makeup products?

Have you ever been in one of these situations? Believe me, I know the struggle. In all such situations, you can’t help but ask this question – 

Can you wash your hair without getting your face wet?

how to wash hair without getting face wet?

The answer is YES! You can wash your hair without getting your face wet.

You just need to follow some simple tips and tricks to save yourself time and struggle.

And of course, you have to follow some precautions to make these hacks work. Confused, right?

That’s the reason I’ve come up with a detailed guide that can save you from all the extra mess.

Here are some of the magical hacks you can use to wash your hair without getting your face wet.

3 Effective Ways to wash hair without getting your face wet

We brought you 3 different methods you can follow to wash your hair without getting your face wet.

1. Make use of the shower attachment

Washing your hair without getting your face wet is possible if you have a shower attachment in your bathroom.

All you have to do is lean forward and put your head in sync or in the bathtub.  

Then, use the shower attachment to wash your hair. Start rinsing and washing your once you are in this position. Make sure to shift your head to convenient angles to save your face from getting wet. 

Make sure you don’t hold your head longer than required if you want to avoid neck pain.

Also, you need to be extra careful to ensure that water doesn’t flow through your face, you can do this by controlling the water pressure and tilting your head as required.

2. Use a protective transparent facial shield

The best way to save your face from getting wet while washing your hair is by using a facial protective shield or a visor.

Yes, using a visor in the shower may seem weird at first but you are going to love it once you see the results.

This hack makes showering without water dripping all over your face easier. It saves you from the neck pain you get from bending your head in the shower in the hopes of not getting your face wet. It saves you from the efforts you make to reach out to the sink and wash your hair bit by bit.  

Yes, you can stand straight in the shower and save your makeup at the same time. Also, the shampoo is not going to trigger your acne-prone skin and result in breakouts again. All you have to do is just wear this shield and get in the shower.

Items required:

A Visor or Transparent Protective shield. We have some good recommendations for a perfect shield or visor you can refer to.

How to use:

Wear the shield like a headband. This will cover a small portion of the hairline but it’s required to protect your forehead from getting wet.

You can clean your hairline by simply moving your fingers under the protective shield or visor and massaging the area of the scalp where water cannot reach. In case you are using shampoo, follow the same method to rinse it off your hairline.


Angle your head as required:

  • The visor or shield is forward-facing. There are slight chances that you may still get the sides of your cheeks wet.
  • This situation can be entirely avoided by angling your head as required. Shift your head angle from time to time to prevent a single drop of water from wetting your face.

Minimize the steam to save your makeup:

  • All of us have our reasons for not wanting to wet our faces while washing our hair.
  • Wearing a shield or visor is enough for most of us. But those whose objective is to protect their makeup while washing their hair must take some extra precautions.
  • The steam in your bath can open your facial pores. This will allow your skin to absorb the makeup and experience sudden acne breakouts.
  • Avoid this situation by lowering the water temperature or letting the exhaust fan do its work. If possible, you can also leave the bathroom door open. This will prevent building steam in the bathroom.

3. Bending your head back does the trick

Bend your head back in a position that is comfortable and doesn’t allow water to drip on the face. Stay in this upright position until you finish shampooing and conditioning your hair.

In the beginning, keep the water supply low. This will save you from the excess flow of water that can wet your face.

It also gives you an opportunity to check if your head is in a comfortable position. You will also get an idea of the best position to tilt your head to have a fresh and dry face.

Final Comments:

I have seen a number of people struggling to make a choice between having a full shower and washing just their hair. It’s a tough job to not wet your face while washing your hair but we have just made it easier for you.

Use the hacks mentioned in this article and say goodbye to ruined makeup and acne breakouts! Finally, you are ready to wash your hair without getting your face wet.