How Much is a Perm? [The Perm Cost for Short hair, Long hair, Medium hair]

The Cost of a Perm depends on multiple factors. In addition to that, the wide variety of perms available makes it even more complex.

In this article, we tried our best to present to you the average cost of a Perm from the data we gathered through our research.

In addition to the average cost of various popular perms like Beach Wave Perm, Body Wave Perm, and Spiral Perm, we also brought you the cost of perms based on hair length. Read on to know all the details.

How Much Does a Perm Cost?

“On an average, the Perm costs anywhere from $40 to $200”

The cost of a perm depends on the process of rolling the hair, the parlor or salon, the hairstylist, the hair products used, and the quantity of time that has been consumed on your hair.

Nevertheless, consumers can anticipate the cost of perming ranging from $40 to over $200. In broad, those who spend more for their beach wave perms manage to have long hair, which involves more work for the hairstylist.

Type of PermPerm Cost
Beach Wave Perm CostOn average, Beach Wave Perm costs anywhere from $40 to $200
Body Wave Perm CostOn average, Body Wave Perm costs anywhere from $69 to $200
Spiral Perm CostOn average, Spiral Perm costs anywhere from $89 to $200
Plain Curl Perm CostOn average, Plain Curl Perm costs anywhere from $40 to $200
Long Hair Perm CostOn average, Long Hair Perm costs anywhere from $49 to $200
Short Hair Perm CostOn average, Short Hair Perm costs anywhere from $50 to $100
Medium Hair Perm CostOn average, Medium Hair Perm costs anywhere from $90 to $200
Shoulder Length Perm Hair CostOn average, Shoulder Length Perm costs anywhere from $40 to $100

How much does a body wave perm cost?

The body wave perm is the ideal hairstyle for any age span. Try the appearance of maturing hair to give your expression joy and an enthusiastic boost. You can also apply the ash brown body wave perm to match up a body wave perm with a softened aspect of brown.

You can also try the Auburn color body wave perm hairdo. This is a breathing-in look and it formulates so much life in this fashion. Estimated drying on your hair will be enough to achieve the look. On the other hand, a loose body wave perm mixes perfectly with a set of hanging bangs.

The range of all these hairstyles ranges from $69 and it is the wavy perm cost is the most affordable for the ones addicted to waving perms.

On average, the Body Wave Perm costs anywhere from $69 to $200

How much does a loose spiral perm cost?

Want to instill new growth into your drab, lackluster hair? A spiral perm is just what you require to append impressive curls and vibrant texture from the origins to points of your lengthy locks. And the immeasurable part is you will finish up with hair that resembles as beautiful as a lion’s mane.

You know what people tell you – go great or go back. And with this loose spiral perm job, you will positively be going great. These firm and bouncy waves formed by a winding job look as sumptuous as they are.

But decolorizing your hair before perming it, will give you an unceasingly beach-ready appearance. Loose spiral perm starts from $86 in the market worldwide.

“On average, the Loose Spiral Perm costs anywhere from $89 to $200”

loose spiral perm cost

How much does permanent curl hair cost?

Passed are the days of the 80s, when each hair curling rod was required to be injected specifically to get a head full of flawless curls. It is the 21st century, and rumpled hair is all the style.

The multi-textured permanent curls require using hair curling rods of diverse sizes to produce rumpled and more natural-looking hair curls.

This edgy curly look is the modern way to wear a perm. Yes, perms are irrevocably back. The improved twisting method is comparatively durable and gives a more tangible action for hair. Perms as in wavy perms originate from $45 depending on hair height and density.

“On average, the Permanent Curl Hair costs anywhere from $45 to $200”

permanent curl hair cost

How much does a long hair perm cost?

It is every girl’s desire to have unchanging curls that look very tangible. So why not give the long-wave perm an attempt?

Perms for long hair manage to ooze unkempt, 1970s vibes, excellent for hair with a glossy blonde balayage. With this technique, don’t be hesitant to let your original sources display.

But that is not your only alternative. The first action in uprooting off a perm with long hair is estimating if you want curls or perm waves. In case, if the customer has long hair, the best approach will be the perm method specifically like any other hair perm.

Giving serious care to each and every level and detail of the perming process is required to produce the coveted outcomes.

If you are worried about the perm prices for long hair, do not bother as it starts from $49 and that is an extremely pocket-friendly price for the ones who have long hair and are addicted to curls.

“On average, the Long Hair Perm costs anywhere from $49 to $200”

How much does a perm cost for short hair?

Counter to popular opinion, you do not require to have mediocre or lengthy hair to get a hair perm. A short bob can satisfy if relaxed waves are all you require.

The cuteness determinant of this carefree twisted look is taken up even more by the adorably tiny bangs at the front. There are many hairdos which you can try with short hair and that’s in trend nowadays.

It is remarkable how adaptable you can be with a short hair perm. Take the short bob appearance, for instance. Done up in waves of fluctuating sizes, the rough perm is the embodiment of chic grunge.

Pruned off with some super small bangs and the curls ostensibly having cognizance of their own, the look takes grunge styling to an entirely brand-new level. The cost of short hair perms ranges from $50 to $100.

“On average, the Short Hair Perm costs anywhere from $50 to $100”

perm cost for short hair

How much do perms cost for medium hair?

Imaan Hammam is that Dutch-Egyptian attraction that has germinated in the glamour world through turmoil in the prior couple of years.

When she strolls down the ramp, her regular curls make her endure a sea of lovely faces. To get curls like hers, your guaranteed bet would be to go for a mid-length hairstyle and a hot spiral perm.

Espouse the versatility of medium-length techniques by intensifying your texture. For medium hair, you may not wish to go for excessively tight curls when you are choosing an excellent hairstyle for your hair texture.

On, the other hand you can go for loose waved perm rather than coiled waves for medium-length hair. This way your hair will be a lot easier to manage.

But, you wonder what the cost for these perms would be. Well, this article is all about letting you know about the cost of various perms and it will act as a comprehensive guide to all your hair perm queries. The cost of medium-length hair perms starts from $90.

“On average, the Medium Hair Perm costs anywhere from $90 to $200”

perms cost for medium hair

How much does a perm cost for shoulder length hair?

A shoulder hair perm is an excellent approach to amplify the actual volume in your hair. Fanatics of the tight curl are already congregating at hair salons to get this technique.

Discovering the right length when apportioning with perms can be keen-witted, but as a global rule of thumb, you should eternally apprehend about half an inch of depreciation.

When it comes to the cost, the range of shoulder-length hair perms ranges from $40 to $100. Well, do not freak out as you will never regret the cost after applying the hairstyle.

“On average, the Shoulder Length Perm costs anywhere from $40 to $100”

perm cost for shoulder length hair


There are several other local factors that also influence the perm cost. Also, there will be some local specialties and special ingredients the hairstylists use as their unique specialty while perming the hair.

Considering all these factors, the perms cost may vary. Hence, we suggest you obtain local feedback about various salons, specialists, and the cost of perms in your area and select the best option.