Spiral Perm Vs Beach Wave Perm [Which Perm Should You Get?]

Beach wave or spiral perms? Are you stuck and confused? Wondering which one to opt for?

Indeed, it can be confusing to choose between these two beautiful perms, but a choice has to be made because we can’t have both perms together at the same time, can we?

To help you make a well-informed pick, this post will be throwing light on the features of spiral perms and beach waves. We’ll also be comparing these features so that you can choose what best suits you.

Spiral Perm Vs Beach Wave [Comparison]

beach wave perm vs spiral perm

A spiral perm has a spiral shape, as the name implies, and is the result of rolling a long hair vertically onto a perm rod. Compared to beach waves, a spiral hair perm is an older perm technique, especially because of its ties to the 80s fashion.

In a traditional or standard perm procedure, horizontal rolling of hair is done. But, in this case, vertical rolling of hair around the perm rods performs the central role.

A beach wave perm, on the other hand, creates a natural wavy look and volume to the hair, making it look tousled and wavy like the beach water and wind found their way into your hair.

Now that we’ve got the basics covered, let’s delve into more details.

1. Hair Length and Type

beach wave perm is suitable for all lengths of hair, and can be styled for anyone, provided their hair is long enough to wrap around the perm rod more than once.

All hair types are suitable for beach wave perms, especially straight hair because the added volume and texture beautify the hair.

Spiral perm, on the other hand, requires shoulder-length or longer hair to be created.

Your hair needs to be eight inches long or more before you can get a spiral perm. This is because of how your hair will be wrapped, and also because your hair will shrink by a lot to create the spiral.

Spiral perms are particularly great for people with thin, fine hair because it increases the hair volume and gives it a boost.

2. Procedure and Equipment 

Beach wave perms are created using soft, spongy rollers that deliver loose and free curls. The rollers for beach waves should be 1 inch or more, depending on how obvious or subtle you wish for the wave to be.

The stylist will wrap the hair loosely around the soft rollers before applying the perm solution. The results at the end of the process after the perm lotion is washed off are beach waves that look like the rods you used.

Spiral perm is created using special curling rods. The rods are long and thin, and they are placed in the hair vertically, as opposed to the regular horizontal placement for beach waves.

Because they use smaller rods, spiral perms deliver curls that are tighter, more defined, and tinnier. 

3. Hair Appearance 

Spiral perms deliver the tightest curls because thinner rods are used in their making. Using lots of thin rods all around the hair then delivers full, bouncy, firm, and tight hair and curls. Spiral perms are perfect for adding lasting volume to hair.

Beach waves deliver a natural and wavy appearance that is light and tousled. It doesn’t look curly, as is the case with spiral perms. Instead, what it creates are beautiful waves that add texture and flair to the hair.

4. Lifespan of Perm

Beach wave perms often have a lifespan of between 4 and 6 months. At 6 months, all the curls might already be nonexistent. The lifespan can even be shorter if you don’t manage the style properly or the chemical used for the perm isn’t strong.

Spiral curls have a pretty long lifespan, especially because the rods used in their creation are thinner, so the hair is firmer. Spiral curls often last for a full 6 months before you begin to see the curls loosen, so you can even go a few weeks after that.

Who Should Get Beach Wave Perm and Who Should Get A Spiral Perm?

Now that we know how the features of beach waves and spiral waves compare to each other, here’s what we can say.

beach wave perm is great for all hair types, provided your hair is healthy and considerably long enough to wrap around the rods. 

Whether you have straight hair and you’re seeking to add movement and texture, or you want to add body to your fine hair, the beach wave is great for you.

Summarily, the beach wave perm works with all hair types, but your hair type will contribute to how the waves come out in the end.

Spiral perms are suitable for people whose hairs are 8 inches and longer.

A spiral perm adds volume and subtle texture to your hair, especially if you have fine hair.

If you want lasting curls that won’t loosen easily and added volume to your hair, a spiral perm is a great option for you. 

Final Words:

Now that you’ve probably decided what perm to choose, it’s important to remember that the health of your hair is important.

Bleached or chemically treated hair can weaken the hair and cause further damage, so don’t get a perm if your hair is already chemically treated.

Also, you can rest easy because the perm isn’t permanent after all. So, even if you try one of these perms and don’t like it, you can make your hair straight again, although in a matter of time.

So, you are all set! It is time to get those beautiful perms on your hair!