Body Wave Perm Vs Beach Wave Perm [Which Perm is Suitable for You?]

Is it about time for you to switch things up with your hair? Are you considering getting a perm to get some waves into your hair? Surly, perms are great for adding volume, waves, and a new sense of style to your hair.

However, when you decide to get a perm, you’re still one step away from getting things done. You still have to decide what perm to get.

Both beach and body wave perms are beautiful perm styles, and they’re super stylish too. But before you make your pick, you need to find out what both styles entail. Let’s compare these beautiful perms.

Body Wave Perm Vs Beach Wave Perm [Comparison]

body wave perm vs beach wave perm - comparison

Body waves are the perfect waves for adding texture to the hair without getting the curls all tight and strong. It adds texture to the hair while delivering a soft wave that looks very natural.

On the other hand, a beach wave perm delivers a messy look that appears like you just got back from the beach, even if you haven’t been. It is a great summer look for many ladies, and it creates minimal waves to the hair. 

Now that we have the description covered, let’s compare both waves based on several features.

1. Hair Length and Type

body wave perm does not have any hair length restriction, and it can be created for anyone, whether you have long hair or short hair; provided the hair can go around the perm rod. People with straight hair can add texture and natural-looking waves to their hair by getting body waves.

Straight, limp hair can also be transformed into a wavy beauty by getting a body wave perm.

The case is also similar for a beach wave perm. While there is no restriction on hair length, your hair needs to be long enough to go around the perming rod a few times, and not just once.

2. Procedure and Equipment 

When dealing with body waves, the perming process is the same as other waves, except that the perming rods used are different.

For body wave perms, the stylist typically uses large rods of several thickness ranges and then wraps sections of the hair around to create an uneven, and inconsistent wave pattern.

As for beach wave perms, the solution remains the same while the perming rod is different. The beach wave is created using soft, foam rollers instead of the uniform perm rods that deliver tight curls.

The hair is wrapped loosely around the foam rollers before the solution is applied. The resulting beach wave is a creation of the perm rods.

The right rod size for beach waves is at least 1 inch, but you can use a larger size than 1 inch depending on how subtle you want the wave to be. 

3. Hair Appearance

When the perm process is completed, the body wave perm appears as loose curls on your hair that are more wavy than curly due to the larger rollers used during the perming process. 

Your hair develops soft and loose waves that appear a bit tighter and more developed in the first few weeks. However, as time passes, say one month or two, the waves loosen further and relax along the line.

As for beach waves, the perm process creates looser waves that have a natural appearance and mimic the waves you see when you visit the beach. This light, tousled wave will last strong for a month or so before it begins to relax and your hair begins to look normal again.

For both wave perms, the amount of waviness and volume you get from a body wave perm in the earlier weeks over several months, before it eventually disappears.

4. Perm Lifespan

Body wave perm has a lifespan of three to five months, depending on how well the perm solution works, the size of rods used, and how well you manage the waves

Generally, a beach wave perm for an average of 4 to 6 months. Management, quality of perm solution, and the nature of your hair also contribute to the lifespan.

Who Should Get A Beach Wave Perm & Who Should Get A Body Wave Perm?

Body wave perm is primarily suited to people who are interested in increasing the volume and texture of their hair. Those with naturally straight hair will also find it to be a great option. 

If you have straight hair and you want a little more texture and movement, a body wave perm is for you.

If you have fine hair and you want more body and hold in your hairstyle, then you can opt for body waves as well.

Summarily, body wave perm generally works with all kinds of hair, whether flat, thick, or fine. The same is the case with the beach wave perm.

beach wave perm is suitable for anyone with healthy hair, provided it is long enough to go around the rods. The perm can be done on all hair types. However, the final waves will look different depending on your hair type and natural curl pattern.

Final Words:

Both body wave and beach wave perms are great for a wide range of hair lengths and types. You can choose any of these styles for your hair the next time you’re in the salon.

Before getting a perm, ensure that your hair has not gone through chemical processes like relaxing or bleaching because exposure to more chemicals during perming can damage your hair. 

If you have dry or brittle hair, it is also advisable to avoid getting a perm until you’re sure that your hair is healthy and moisturized enough to deal with the heat and chemical styling.