Beach Waves Hair Products [11 Essential Products & Recommendations]

One hairstyle that will always continue to be a timeless summer trend is beach waves. Whether you’re gearing up for a tropical getaway or you just want to look the part while you’re enjoying your summer, beach waves are the way to go.

However, visiting the salon every time you want to get beach waves can be a bother. First of all, finding the right products to use in the right proportion to get the hair definition you need isn’t always easy. Sometimes, you could use too much of one product and lose the hydrating benefits of the other.

So, hair experts have found the best way to create your beach waves using the best products out there in their right proportions for the best beach waves that’ll last for a long time.

These products will give you smooth waves that hold in place without being sticky, making your scalp slick or itchy. 

Let’s find out what group of products you need to get the killer beach waves!

1. Curling Iron 

A curling iron is one must-have appliance for structured beach waves. 

The secret to great waves is to get the right curling iron for your hair type and length. Size up your curling iron properly while considering the look you want to achieve.

If you want tighter waves, then opt for a curling iron with a smaller barrel. For loose waves, a larger curling iron is your best choice.

When making the ultimate selection, choose a curling iron that is between 1 and 2 inches in diameter to give your hair loose curls. Opt for a curling iron that’s between 0.75 and 1-inch thick when you want tighter curls.

2. Hairsprays 

When you don’t have the ocean delivering the waves to your hair, you’ll need a spray that can deliver the waves and hold your hair as firmly as you need it to. Hairsprays will give you the natural beach look and a firm hold that you need.

Texturizing sprays or salt sprays are the best things to happen to your waves when you use them right. 

The best hairsprays should offer UV protection so that when you go out in the sun, your hair is not adversely affected. You also need a spray that holds your hair without all the stickiness. 

The best way to use hairspray is to section off your hair, and apply the hairspray from your hair roots to its end at nearly an arm’s length away. Allow it to dry, and then use a curling iron on the hair.

Most hairsprays offer the hold they promise to, but the wrong application can spoil things for you and make you think the product is to blame.

Avoid over-applying the product because it could become crunchy when you end up using the curling iron.

3. Hair Mousse 

Hair mousse is another versatile hair product that can give your hair the beach waves you need.

Before now, people have turned away from hair mousse because of talks about it being too crunchy, but the newly enhanced formulas in the market these days deliver mousse that offers maximum hold without being crunchy or sticky.

They also don’t get sticky or reactivate when you use a curling iron on them.

If you have fine hair and you’ve found that hairsprays leave your hair looking heavy and overloaded, then you should opt for a mousse to plump up your hair before you proceed to style it.

Look for a volumizing hair mousse that offers anti-free qualities, contains hydrating oils and butter, and offers humidity resistance. It would enhance your curls, fight frizz, improve your hair volume, and provide a bounce.

4. Shampoo and conditioners

We cannot talk about getting the best beach waves without getting it right with shampoos and conditioners that enhance your hair and scalp.

If your hair is heavy, wavy, or frizzy, you need an Anti-Frizz Shampoo and Conditioner to prepare your hair before using other products.

One ingredient that helps shampoo and conditioner deliver the best results is Hyaluronic acid. It is great for your skin, and also offers the same benefits to your hair.

Also, look for a shampoo and conditioner that are paraben-free. They should offer deep hydration, especially because you would be heat-styling after using them.

Pay attention to products that promise gloss if you want shiny, healthy beach waves at the end of your styling process.

5. Styling powder

The duty of a texturizing powder, which works similar to a texturizing spray is to help you lift your hair root and improve the length and volume, which is just what you need for beach waves that stay.

When choosing a texturizing powder, consider your hair type and the effect you need the powder to make on your hair.

If you need it to hold your waves in place, then consider the hold rating indicated on the texturizing powder. When styling a short haircut for a natural finish, opt for the lowest numbers, which should be 1 or 2.

However, if you want a very firm hold or you’re dealing with long hair, then the highest hold number is your best bet.

If you want to boost your hair volume while you’re at it, then you need an ultra-fine powder that will lift your hair roots and coat its fiber without making it heavy or stiff.

If you have extremely fine hair, choose a thickening formula that will make your hair look thicker. For greasy roots, opt for a texturizing powder that has rice powder as its base or is rich in silica to remove excess oil from your scalp.

After applying the texturizing powder, you’ll need a comb or wave brush to style it into the waves that you need.

6. Wave Brushes 

When it comes to wave brushes, you need to understand that there are different brushes for different hair types. So, if you’re working on getting beach waves, you shouldn’t be using a regular brush, unless you want your hair to suffer from frizz

Opt for wave brushes instead for enhanced curls and minimal freeze. What’s more? 

You can contour wave brushes to fit your scalp and make your wave patterns more defined. You simply need to use the wave brush in the direction of your wave to get a natural and well-defined hairstyle.

There are several considerations to bear in mind when using wave brushes.

If you have coarse or thick hair, you need to choose hard-bristle wave brushes because they would bring out your waves faster.

They also help to de-tangle your hair and help to lay your waves down. However, they could be harsh on short or thin hair, so you’ll need to consider soft-bristle brushes.

Soft-bristle brushes are gentler on your scalp and they have natural bristles that are softer and more flexible. They’re great for short or fine hair and can help to keep your waves flat and sleek, even if you have straight hair.

Beyond whether a brush is hard or soft, the shape of your wave brush also contributes to the effect it leaves on your hair.

Round wave brushes are great for long hair, and they improve your hair volume. Paddle brushes, on the other hand, are rectangular and help to define wider hair sections faster. They are also great for thick and coarse hair types.

Other features to consider when choosing a wave brush include vented brushes that allow air to pass through, and are great for use alongside hair dryers. They help you to create concentrated and dramatic waves. 

Double-sized brushes have both hard and soft bristles on either side, making them very versatile for whatever effect you want to create at the time.

Finally, a quality wave brush should have natural bristles made of horse, goat, or boar hair. They should also be widely spaced to prevent frizzing or snagging hair. Wave brushes with nylon bristles are not recommended, just as brushes with wooden handles are preferred over those with plastic handles for durability.

7. Hair Extensions

Don’t want to spend hours trying to get beach waves with several products and techniques? Then you should opt for hair extensions that give you perfect beach waves in minutes.

Extensions can give you perfect waves alongside the length and desire you need. There’s a wide range of lengths, styles, and volumes to choose from when considering beach wave hair extensions.

Look for clip-in hair extensions that are 100% invisible and won’t cause damage to your hair. Also, look for clip weft designs that are thin at the top so they can blend seamlessly with your hair.

With the right Beach Wave Clip-In extensions, you can attempt different wavy hairstyles, whether an updo or side braids.

Most beach wave extensions shouldn’t be straightened, but you can use curl-enhancing products to maintain the curls overtime

8. Bobby Pins

Bobby pins can help you create overnight beach waves alongside a hairspray. If you don’t want to use heat or you want a simple natural beach wave, dividing your hair, twisting them, and holding them down to the crown of your head with bobby pins is a good way to create beach waves.

Use a Lightweight Hair Spray in the morning to hold the natural waves in place.

9. Crimpers

If you have crimpers amongst your kit of hair products, then you have one more thing that can create bouncy beach waves on your hair.

In a few minutes, you can create natural-looking silky waves that’ll have a lasting hold throughout the day.

Whether you’re gunning for professional waves, loose, dreamy waves, or elegant beach waves, crimpers can create them. It all depends on your hair type and how you choose to style them.

While several single and double-barrel crimpers are popular in stores, triple-barrel crimpers also offer quick beach waves as you can handle lots of hair at a time.

Choose a crimper that begins at a moderate temperature and goes as high as 410°F. An iron that has an automatic heat regulator is also great to avoid burning your hair or hand.

10. Hair Dryer and Diffuser Attachment

A hairdryer with a diffuser attached can come in handy when you want to create those stylish beach waves. However, you’ll be using it alongside a mist detangler and a texturizing cream or spray for a firm hold.

The job of the hairdryer and diffuser is to dry your hair and hold it in place after you must have used a detangler and applied texture cream from the ends to the roots.

11. Hair Rollers

If you’re skeptical about using the traditional curling iron on your hair, you might want to go for hair rollers. They are safer to use once you know how to use them.

Rollers help you to create beach waves by letting your hair dry in a particular shape, and you can use them alongside hair texturizers or mousse.

The three most common rollers are electric hot rollers that you apply to your hair for firm heat, Velcro rollers that help to increase hair volume, and comfortable rollers made with foam that’s used on hair that has already been blown out.

Final Comments:

If you’ve read this far, then you’re ready to get those killer beach waves for your summer look or at any time really! Opt for the best products and seek further advice on how to use them to get the best results.