55 Beautiful Mermaid Hair Color Ideas You Cannot Miss

Trends do not require much time to undergo obsolescence. Various fads are discovered with the changing time and lose significance the other times. When it comes to hair, there is no confinement of the ideas.

Innumerable styles and techniques have been discovered and undoubtedly there are millions who do not want to be termed as ‘old school’ which is a major reason why people make attempts so as to not lag behind in sporting the contemporary trends.

Mermaid hair is yet another form of the application of an artistic hair color idea into various hairstyles.

What is Mermaid Hair

Mermaid hair is one of the most popular trends of the year 2016. The hair, through its color highlights and creation, successfully reflects the waves of the ocean.

Mermaid hair is a perfect blend of the vivid shades of ocean colors including pastel shades, aqua tones, deep blue, green, pink, and wine highlights. It can be termed as an expert implementation of multiple ocean shades. Long hair is ideal for mermaid hairstyles.

Why Mermaid Hair Color is popular?

Various stylists have gained popularity due to the mermaid style. Long and luscious hair has reflected the highlights in the most ideal way. It has been in trend in 2015 and 2016 considering Disney’s famous and loved ‘ the little mermaid’.

The hair used to be dyed with various shades of ocean colors. It has been popular considering the flawless blend of the multiple shades. Being one of the most unique forms of hairstyles, this gorgeous idea has captured various eyes.

Mermaid Hair Products

Apart from spending in a salon, mermaid hair can be obtained at home as well though it requires considerable effort. The products required to get the color at home are the following.

  • Hair dye
  • Color-protect shampoo or spray
  • Conditioner
  • Sectioning clips and bands.
  • Brush for application
  • Petroleum jelly and a hairbrush.

Necessary instructions have to be followed before attempting hair experimentation at home. The color may not be attained in a single time and the process can be repeated until the same texture has been obtained.

55 Beautiful Mermaid Hair Color Ideas

Some of the most amazing and considered mermaid hair colors are as follows.

1. Ocean Depths

ocean depth

Ocean Depths, as the name indicates, is characterized by the colors chosen from the oceans. These colors include ocean blue accompanied by streaks of electric green color. The bottom is transitioned with a berry blue shade.

2. Silver Kelp

Silver Kelp

Silver kelp features roots varying from black to silver-gray in combination with green which creates an illusion of a voluminous appearance.

3. Sterling Blue

Sterling Blue

With dark shades at the root followed by the silvery grey bottom. Sterling blue is one of the most pretty and boldest forms of mermaid ideas.

4. Platinum Peekaboo Mermaid

Platinum Peekaboo Mermaid

This style is a combination of the usual platinum roots with purple and blue shades at the bottom. Reflecting the ocean colors, the peekaboo colors are added to create depth to the hairstyle.

5. Midnight Moonlight

Midnight Moonlight

Midnight Moonlight is inspired by the colors produced in the oceans as a blend of ocean colors and moonlight shades of blues and greens. This hairstyle is probably suitable for almost every hair texture.

6. Sea Princess

Sea Princess

The sea princess is a blend of colors including blue, Jade and shades of green. The tip is transitioned with multiple shades of these colors. For women with fine hair, it can be a perfect one because it successfully reflects a voluminous appearance.

7. Sea Green Sombre

Sea Green Sombre

Sea green sombre features shades of green at the roots that continue to the tips with a faded appearance. Being a successful blend of vivid shades of green, this one produces light and gives dimension to one’s hair.

8. Ruby Locks

Ruby Locks

Unlike the usual mermaid shades, Ruby locks are a consequence of the conjunction of pink, lavender along ruby effects. Creating volume in one’s hair, ruby commences at the roots and melts down into layers of pink.

9. Aquamarine Waves

Aquamarine Waves

An idea of even implementation of aqua shades on the long waves, aquamarine waves is an absolute mermaid appearance and look incredibly beautiful.

10. Gray Mermaid

Gray Mermaid

Commencing from the dark black roots perfectly reflecting aqua tones, the waves fall with faded gray at the tips that reflect a perfect example of the mermaid idea.

11. Ocean waves

Ocean waves

Ocean waves mermaid hairstyle is characterized by streaks of various colors that create dimension to the hairstyle. Getting purple tones, this hairstyle produces a mesmerizing effect.

12. Mermaid Grunge

Mermaid Grunge

Mermaid grunge is the incorporation of shades of blue at the tips with deep black roots. This helps hair gain texture.

13. Blue Mermaid

Blue Mermaid

Beginning at the roots with purple that fade towards the bottom combining with ocean blue. Producing a fresh mermaid appearance, this is one of the most beautiful color plays.

14. Purple Depths

Purple Depths

Purple depths feature dark shades at the roots that fade in blues across the length. Progressing downwards, it melts into purple towards the tips.

15. Cool Rainbow Tones

Cool Rainbow Tones

Not being able to decide which color to choose for the highlights? This one is going to be ideal for such women. It is a blend of vivid shades of rainbow ranging from tones of blue to pinks and purples producing a dramatic appearance.

16. Green on Green

Green on Green

It can be an Ariel hairstyle. All one is required to do is create some greenery from the root towards the tip through the highlights of shades of deep green.

17. Blue with Purple Ends

Blue with Purple Ends

Producing an ombre effect with a combination of bright shades of blue, this mermaid idea is one of the most adventurous and bold forms. Beginning with blue at the roots, the waves end with shades of purple and pink.

18. Colorful Ombre

Colorful Ombre

Producing a youthful appearance, this classic mermaid hairstyle is a fun hairstyle with multiple colors.

19. Pastels


Adding pastels to the hairstyle will produce the look of a unicorn. The hairstyle looks light and soothing.

20. Ocean Blue

Ocean Blue

Ocean Blues feature the mixing of the color of the waves to the hairstyle. The deep ocean color melts into aqua tones producing a creative appearance.

21. Mulled wine Highlights

Mulled wine Highlights

This hairstyle features purple roots that end up in deep wine highlights producing an elegant appearance. With purple and Ariel base, the locks appear voluminous because of the dark wine waves caused.

22. Sea Foam

Sea Foam

The waves carrying greenish-blue shades from the roots to the ends reflect the natural shades of aqua tones of the sea.

23. Blend of Sea colors

Blend of Sea colors

This hairstyle carries probably every color discovered under the sea. A mixture of vivid shades of green ombre, blues, pinks and purple. Short hair length can also sport this hairstyle and is definitely a daring one.

24. Messy Curly Mermaid Style

Messy Curly Mermaid Style

For those who do not want to let go of their curls along with the mermaid look, this hairstyle is perfect.

25. Elegant Blonde Mermaid

Elegant Blonde Mermaid

Women who prefer to possess elegance all the time can sport this one with confidence. This is ideal for women having straight hair with medium length.

26. Interwoven mermaid

Interwoven mermaid

To attain one of the best mermaid looks with medium hair length, this one is the most suitable one. With a long fringe in the front, the entire hair is braided in the center.

27. Long Flat Mermaid Plait

Long Flat Mermaid Plait

One of the easiest forms of braids, this hairstyle consists of a simple braid with long natural fringes in the front.

28. Intertwined messy Hairstyle

Intertwined messy Hairstyle

Intertwining looks great on thick hair. The messy version is ideal for people who want a mermaid look but are in a rush. It is a combination of twirls and plaits.

29. Subtle Hints of Mauve and Purple

Subtle Hints of Mauve and Purple

The purple and mauve highlights add dimension to the hair. It is the best for brunettes being suitable for almost all ages. The purple and mauve highlights reflect ribbons toned down across the waves.

30. Double plaited Mermaid

Double plaited Mermaid

A Double plaited mermaid, as the name signifies, comprises middle plaits in the hair followed by a big plait carrying the entire hair and securing it. This produces a voluminous appearance. Long and luscious hair is likely to flaunt this hairstyle in a better way.

31. Deep Sea Ambergine

Deep Sea Ambergine

A reflection of the dark shades of the oceans, this hairstyle consists of deep purple tones that produce an underwater appearance. The hair is dyed with dark purple and gray shades.

32. Mermaid Fishtail

Mermaid Fishtail

Fishtail rarely upsets anyone. All one is supposed to do is braid the bifurcated sections of the hair, pleating them into a fishtail. In case one prefers experimenting with colors, purple highlights must be given a try that is going to produce a stunning look.

33. Mermaid Crown Hairstyle

Mermaid Crown Hairstyle

Women with thick and long hair can sport this in the best way. Comprising a crown produces a royal appearance. It consists of a rope braid on the top with loose pleats all over the hair.

34. Electric Mermaid

Electric Mermaid

In the absence of light, this electric mermaid becomes a source of illumination through the glow it possesses with its vivid shades. It is one of the most pretty hairstyles of all the mermaids.

35. Crowned Mermaid

Crowned Mermaid

The hairstyle commences with dark roots that melt into deep blue as it progresses towards the bottom. Fading at the tips into aqua blue, the hairstyle is one of the most pretty mermaid ideas.

36. Dream Blue

Dream Blue

The hairstyle is characterized by purple roots fading into deep blue across the length. The mid-length introduces teal shades producing a fresh appearance.

37. Midnight Waters

Midnight Waters

The color begins with a dark black base melting into aqua blue towards the bottom. Producing an ombre effect, the waves gently fade into lighter versions of blues which makes the hairstyle an amazing one.

38. Jaded Purple

Jaded Purple

The base carrying an aqua blue shade fades into Jade tones across the length of the hair.

39. Teal and Aqua Faux Haul

Teal and Aqua Faux Haul

It is an aqua-themed hairstyle consisting of deep ocean blue shades that melt into aqua tones at the tips.

40. Smoky blend of terracotta and lilac

Smoky blend of terracotta and lilac

This is a combination of terracotta shades with lilac fades. It produces a metallic appearance with smoky fades across the length.

41. Sandy denim and cream waves

Sandy denim and cream waves

The roots begin with dark shades of black and end with the same at the tip. The mid-length holds a creamy texture with darker shades of cream across the tips.

42. Faded Silvery Pink

Faded Silvery Pink

There is a pop of pink at the tips and lighter pink tones at the lengths. The roots have dark shades of cream melting into pink.

43. Purple and Bronze Waves

Purple and Bronze Waves

This one is a blend of purple haze with rose gold. Like most mermaid colors, it begins with dark shades at the roots and progresses with bronze highlights textured with purple tones at the tips.

44. Bohemian Mermaid

Bohemian Mermaid

One of the most ideal mixtures of most natural as well as unnatural colors defines this hairstyle.

Almost all the shades of pink, orange, blue, yellow, green, blonde and brown are likely to be observed in this hairstyle. Carrying a blend of vivid colors simultaneously, this one is quite artistic and undoubtedly a daring one to go for.

45. Opalescent Shimmer

Opalescent Shimmer

This is a combination of pink, blue, and pastel shades. The blend of multiple colors on the platinum hair produces a cool tone.

46. Red Mermaid

Red Mermaid

It is a single-toned hairstyle with Ariel shades all over. It is a true form of mermaid hairstyle that, though does not appear natural yet the red locks do not fail to produce a mesmerizing effect.

47. Pastel Mermaid Undercut

Pastel Mermaid Undercut

This mermaid hairstyle is a combination of pink, purple, blue and green. The colors are engraved in a fish scale structure on the undercut giving the hairstyle a perfect mermaid look.

48. Mermaid Fairy Floss

Mermaid Fairy Floss

This is like a pink mermaid being an expert blend of pink and pastel that melts into multiple shades of yellow, blues and pink producing a beautiful appearance.

49. Clear Waters

Clear Waters

The name itself indicates the appearance of clear water produced by aqua roots progressing with platinum across the length. This reflects a gorgeous and soothing look with the perfect blend of clear colors.

50. Subtle Fishtail

Subtle Fishtail

This is quite a different combination of neon and dirty blonde with light green shades at the tips. It is one of the best mermaid balayage to be considered.

51. Mermaid Hair Waves

Mermaid Hair Waves

This is a perfect instance of soft retro waves that is a blend of various light tones of blue, green, pink, purple, and blonde reflecting the faded shades of all the colors.

52. Cotton Candy Pink

Cotton Candy Pink

This hairstyle carries a soft shade of pink that is perfectly reflected by the loose curls. If one is fond of pastel hues, it will assist the hair in producing a ravishing look.

53. Baby Blue Mermaid

Baby Blue Mermaid

For women who would like to go with cool tones, the addition of baby blue to their hairstyle is a perfect idea.

54. Periwinkle and Lavender Balayage

Periwinkle and Lavender Balayage

With adequate pastel shade, this mermaid hairstyle produces a vibrant look due to the purple highlights at the tips.

55. Pastel Tiara Braid

Pastel Tiara Braid

This is one of the most alluring combinations of pastel and blues. One of the most attractive pastel balayage is the most suitable definition for this hairstyle.


For all those who are not tentative to undergo daring and adventurous hair colors, mermaid hair is the perfect one. It is likely to suit almost all occasions and is a perfect beach hair idea.

Therefore, women with long and fine hair can go for this dyed beauty. The fades and highlights tend to fit almost every woman if styled in an appropriate way.