Ash Brown Hair Color | How to Get Ash Brown Hair Color [Step by Step]

For some people, brown is synonymous with boring. With hair colors like red, purple,  and even rainbow in vogue, who would want to color their hair brown? “It makes me look old, so out of fashion, and like a simpleton.” This is what people used to think about brown hair shades.

But now, the newbie Ash Brown is here to break all these stereotypes about brown hair and women are fawning over this shade which adds a tone of mystery to them.

Ash Brown hair is a relatively recent shade and gained popularity because of the chic look it gives easy coloring and maintenance. It looks good on all skin and hair tones and is easy to create. This shade gives you a professional and classy look and at the same time has a certain edge to it.

Ash Brown color is a shade that looks good on women of all skin and hair colors. This looks great on fair and medium complexions with cool undertones.

Ash Brown Hair Color is liked by many as it is not too harsh and does not look rebellious. This is the best choice for those who do not want much commitment, as this shade requires less maintenance and upkeep than the other vivid shades.

What is Ash Brown Hair Color

What is Ash Brown Hair Color

A blend of silver-gray and dirty brown, that’s what ash brown is. Ash Brown hair color is a modern variant of brunette hair that is blended with cool gray tones. This hair color is probably the most versatile hair color.

As you do not have to go completely blonde, bleaching is entire hair is not necessary. It is also a good transition from brunette to blonde. This shade adds some gloss to your hair and also adds depth to your tresses.

Ash tones have a blue or green shade. But this does not mean that you will get a blue or green shade on your hair. it means that the red or bronze tones n your hair will get neutralized.

Ash tones give you a more natural look as the natural hair of most people is either neutral or has ash undertones. This is a hairstyle that is an eye-catcher even though it is subtle and somewhat understated.

Few Other names of Ash Brown color:

  • Mousy Brown
  • Mushroom Brown
  • Smoky Brown
  • Dusty Brown
  • Silver Brown

13 Most Popular Ash Brown Hair Colors

Popular Ash Brown Hair Colors

Ash Brown Color is available in a variety of shades and each shade will sweep you off your feet. Check out these popular shades of Ash brown hair and pick the right one for you.

1. Light Ash Brown Color Hair

This is a great choice for women who have naturally brown hair and want a transition to blonde. Instead of going completely blonde, you can begin with this shade as you can experiment with how the lighter looks.

This color has a close resemblance to the dark dirty blonde shade which is one of the trendiest shades.

2. Dark Ash Brown Color Hair

Adding ash brown to your naturally dark and murky brown hair will soften the appearance of your hair and will highlight your facial features. This shade will definitely bring out the mysterious side latent in you and will definitely bring you loads of compliments.

3. Silver Ash Brown Hair

There is no other color that spells chic better than silver. Combine this metallic and cool shade with ash brown to get a super glossy hair color. The brown roots will add dimension to your hair whereas the silver shade will keep you trending in this era of fashion.

4. Deep Ash Brown Hair

Ash brown color helps you get thick and glossy-looking hair. It also accentuates other dark colors like ginger and deep brown. Deep ash brown color hair with some highlights will definitely highlight you at parties.

5. Snow Glazed Ash Brown

This is the best shade for winter. Add some platinum blonde highlights which will make your ash-brown hair even glossier. The warmth of the brown color when combined with snow-like platinum blondes will work amazingly in winter.

6. Light and Dark Ash Brown Color Hair

If you are in the middle of a battle between light ash brown and its dark counterpart, make it a win-win situation for both by coloring your roots and the top half in dark ash brown and go for light brown ombre ends.

The dark shade at the roots will accentuate the volume of your hair and will give your face a slender look whereas the lighter locks will soften your face and will highlight its features.

7. Pink Ash Brown Hair Color

Which girl does not like pink and pastel pink hair color is so in vogue right now. But if you don’t want your hair to look like candy, then this shade is perfect for you. It is a subtle pink shade. The bright pink color gets smoked out by the ash brown leaving you with a splendid and subtle look.

8. Champagne Ash Brown Balayage Hair Color

Celebrate your luscious locks with the color of the symbol of celebration, champagne! The blend of dark brown and champagne is a color that will steal the show, especially if you are wearing nude and gold makeup. Add some ash brown hints to make the splendid shade even more splendid.

9. Muddy Ash Brown Hair Color

This is the best imitation of nature after the rainy marshy land. Keep your roots a shade of dark brown or even black and from halfway down,  get a deep ash brown shade. This is a shade that will remind you of your connection with Mother Earth.

10. Classic Ash Brown Hair Color

This shade also called Mousy hair is cool-toned and gives your brown mane a smokey look. Styled in some beautiful waves, this hair color will bring out the best of you.

11. Golden Ash Brown Hair Color

If you want a royal shade, then this one is for you. Blend a golden hue with ash brown to make your locks look rich, shiny and well-nourished. This is a shade that will never fail to leave behind an impression.

12. Strawberry Ash Brown Hair Color

Add some strawberry color to your ash brown hair color and you will notice how nicely your mane gets brightened up. This is a shade that looks neutral and pops out at the same time.

13. Cappuccino Ash Brown Hair Color

The blend of brunette and blonde is irresistible. The dusty and pastel shade combine well to give you a stunning look. Select a muddy ash brown hair color and let the color fade into a shade of dusty blonde and watch the magical shade your hair gets.

How to Get Ash Brown Hair Color at Home? (DIY)

You have two choices if you have to color your hair. You can either use the various DIY Kits or go to a salon to get your hair colored. If you know the Knicks and Knacks of hair coloring, then you get salon-like results without stepping out of the comfort zone of your home.

With the variety of DIY hair color kits available in the market with crystal clear directions and loads of YouTube tutorials on the internet, hair coloring at home has become simpler than ever. Here are the steps to follow to dye your hair at home.

How To Get Ash Brown Hair

Step 1:

  • If you have brunette or naturally dark hair, you have to lighten it using bleach before coloring it ash brown. This could take an extra coloring session or two.
  • For women with natural light hair, one coloring session is all that is needed.

Step 2:

Select the coloring style which you want, like ombre, balayage, highlights, or dip dye etc., Balayage is the best choice if you want a low-maintenance and natural look.

Step 3:

Wear a shirt which you would not mind getting soiled. Wear a plastic cape and gloves. Apply Petroleum Jelly on your neckline and hairline to prevent the color from getting absorbed into your skin.

Step 4:

Detangle your hair and divide it horizontally and vertically into 4 sections.

Step 5:

Start by dyeing a single section of your hair after clipping the other 3 sections.

Step 6:

Follow the directions on the box and color your hair section by section.

Step 7:

Rinse your hair after 2 to 3 hours once the color is completely absorbed. Make sure to use a sulfate-free shampoo. Always wash your hair using cold water to ensure the color stays even longer. Invest in a good color investing shampoo for your further hair washes.

Dyeing at Salon:

This is another option if you want to get a hassle-free coloring experience. The choices you will have to make are the hair color, well that’s Ash Brown and the stylist.

Once it is decided, just sit back and feel like an heiress when your hair is being shampooed and colored by a professional hairstylist.

Natural Ash Brown Hair

If you have hair that is naturally light brown in color, then ash brown will look cool, surprisingly refreshing and earthly on you.

Having hair the shade of dust might have troubled you in the past, but remind yourself that your natural hair color is the hair color goal of many women out there.

So brace your blessing. You might add some highlights to make your ash-brown color hair even more lively.

Ash Brown Hair Extensions

If you want to get ash brown hair minus the damage caused by all the chemicals in hair coloring products, then hair extensions are the best option. Transform your short hair into a cascading tress using hair extensions.

Also, if you want something temporary and do not want much commitment, go for a hair extension. Here are some hair extensions which you can buy online.

Product Name
Ash Brown Hair Extension(available in 16” and 20”)
Fshine 18″ Tape in Remy Human Hair Extensions Colour
KINGHAIR Ash Brown(#8) Clip In Remy
#5A Ash brown 20″ clip in hair extensions  
Easyouth Balayage Hair Weft Color #8 Ash Brown Fading To #60 Light Blond Silky Straight

Important Tips to Maintain Ash Brown Hair Color

Hair coloring is a process and does not end right after your hair is colored in your desired shade. Here are some tips to maintain your ash brown hair after it is dyed:

  1. Use a good color-retaining and sulfate-free shampoo.
  2. Make sure your conditioner is nourishing and shower your strands with love.
  3. Always use a heat protectant if you are using heat to style your hair because colored hair and heat are a combination that can cause great damage to your hair.
  4. Heat-free styling is the best as you can avoid any further damage to your hair. Styles like air-dried beach hair or even simple braids look amazing and require fewer products to style.