Babylights Hair | Babylights vs Balayage | Babylights vs Highlights

I agree that you might get entangled in a net of options available for coloring your hair at times. It’s time to take a chill pill with the newest trend in town: Babylights hair.

There are several reasons for you to choose this hair color over other methods. It comes as a relief for dark hair headed who had nothing apart from basic red and golden highlights.

Babylights are a lighter version of these kinds of highlights, so it’s a blessing in disguise for all the beautiful dark-haired ladies. They can finally have some more variations in their hair coloring routines.

This dyeing technique is your best option if you are a person that visits a salon 3-4 times a year. It gives you freedom from the monthly visits to the hairstylists and helps save the dent in your pocket.

They adorn all types of hair. Curly hair has an added advantage as babylights give a different kind of radiance and definition to the locks. If you think that babylights hair is only for people with long hair, then you are wrong. It looks just as beautiful on bobs and lobs kind of hairstyles. They save you from awkward weeks when your new highlights grow out and highlight your face naturally.

What are babylights?

what are babylights

Although it looks like ombre, sombre, balayage and splash lights, it dramatically differs from all of them.

They look like the gradient you see in children’s hair. They use a very delicate technique to color fine hair and give them a subtle look.  The application process is vital. For babylights, you put lesser hair in the foil and degree of separation for each strand is more so that the color mixes with the base color.

Natural-looking hair colors are not new in the town, but babylights hair takes it up a notch. It is inspired by the sun-kissed and light brown strands of the blondes. Popular for being low maintenance, they can smoothly go without touch-up for three months straight. Another advantage includes

Babylights do not discriminate over any hair color or hair type. They are for anyone and everyone! Although they are low maintenance, initially coloring your hair with babylights can be pretty time-consuming. Get ready for long hours at the salon if you plan to get babylights hair done.

As long as you don’t color the same hair over and over again and lessen the number of visits to the salon, you will be fine maintaining this subtle look.

Types of babylights hair

Babylights provide the kind of refreshment your hair deserves. The hairstylists suggest that the right shade is chosen, keeping in mind one’s skin tone to attain the best result.

Babylights for black hair

  • Caramel babylights – This color gives an instant gloss and definition to each section of the hair. This contrast quickly gains traction as it gives off summery vibes. For a natural look, begin by coloring the midsection of the hair first.
  • Blonde babylights – These acts in favor of your complexion and provide your face with a kind of highlight. It’s always great to experiment with a blonde as it is lighter, and it never goes out of style.
  • Brown babylights – This one looks best on people who don’t want to look like they just got out of a salon, every time they go out. It beautifully captures the sunlight, and your hair feels like they are fresh all day.
  • Honey blonde babylights – These go perfectly with curly hair, beachy waves and even loose curls. It’s a bit of everything you would want. It has got a tinge of “I just got out of bed’ and a part of “Give me some attention!”. It has a perfect transition from dark to light and adds that touch to your locks.

Babyights for Blondes

  • Ash babylights – With this colored babylights hair, you would be the new uptown funk in the city. Its adds a milky flavor to your hair and complements a fair complexion. It is popularly known to be one of the most flattering combinations for blonde hair.
  • Dirty blonde – the term here can often be misleading. Unlike its name, these babylights easily blend with the surroundings. Get this one if you like soft hues added to your blonde hair
  • Rose gold – This particular babylights can have variations. For a darker shade, you can choose a peachy tone, and a more relaxed tone would be the light rose. Overall, it gives a sophisticated matte finish to your blonde locks.

Babylights for Brown hair

  • Chestnut brown – Suitable for all complexions, chestnut brown babylights look absolutely amazing with any hairstyle. It beautifully blends with all kinds of skin tones and gives a bohemian touch to the overall style!
  • Dark Brown – Dark brown looks stunning in terms of dimension and gloss. They provide extra volume to the hair and upgrade your hairstyle by many levels.

How to Babylight Hair at Home?

You can save up a lot of money on salon visits if you choose to do Babylights hair at home. The steps are a child’s play, and it would be easier to spend time at home.

how to do babylights - infographic

Follow below steps:

  1. Wear an old T-shirt to avoid spoiling your current clothes and make sure your hair is squeaky clean before you start coloring them.
  2. There are a lot of formulas available inside a typical hair coloring package. You might have to use two to three colors to get the perfect look.
  3. This method is for blondes: Take a sachet of blonde lightener and apply it on the parts of the hair. Wrap it in foil and take care that you don’t take a large amount of hair in one foil.
  4. Now take another sachet of blonde lightener and apply it on the hair left out of the foil. Keep it for 45 minutes.
  5. Wash your hair with a color protection shampoo and pat it dry.
  6. Now, it’s time to do the roots next. Take a shade darker than the blonde lightener you used and apply it on the scalp near your roots, keep smudging it all the way down and front to give an enhanced face feature.
  7. After rinsing the hair, apply the same previous formula over the full hair and keep it for 8-10 minutes an then wash it away.
  8. Blow-dry your hair and then moisturize it with a serum later.

Few Recommended Blonde lighteners

Wella Blondor Multi Blonde Powder Lightener

Schwarzkopf BLONDME Premium Lightener

L’Oreal Paris Professional Techniques La Petite Frost Chardonnay

  • Hi-precision pull-through cap highlights
  • Two hooks for bold or subtle highlights
  • Create perfectly precise even highlights
  • For shorter hair

Babylights vs Balayage

The primary difference between Balayage and Babylights would be the usage of foils for hair coloring.

Balayage (if you can’t pronounce it right, don’t worry. Most of us can’t) also known as the “sweeping technique” literally lives up to its name. This technique gives a feeling as if someone has hand-painted or swept your hair with darker or lighter shades. They do not use foils. They often provide a warmer tint to the hair and lift in the sun if exposed for long periods.

Babylights, on the other hand, is a foiling technique to give a subtler version of highlights to the hair for a natural look. These are small highlights and seem as if they are melting and blending with the base color of the hair.

Both of them give a natural look to the hair and are a delight to have. Babylights hairs look glossier and provide a sophisticated look. Balayage, on the other hand, gives more of a free street-style look to your hair.

Babylights vs Highlights

Highlights have been in trend for like forever. All these hair coloring techniques are just an ode to the oldest method – Highlights.

Highlights give more definition to the hair by weaving colors in the strands. They generally like their name and highlight individual sections of the hair to stand it out from the rest of the hair. The foils are loosely wound in the case of highlights.

Babylights are smaller but better versions of highlights. They intricately weave into the hair in strands of hair, perfectly mixing itself with the natural base color. The foils, in this case, are tightly wound, and the separation between strands is more.

Babylights have softer lines compared to traditional highlights, thus giving a better shine to the hairstyle

Babylights vs Partial highlights

Partial highlights, just like traditional highlights, are done when someone wants to have more division in their hair. Partial highlights as is evident by the name are done on the upper or lower parts of your hair.

The most common one is the partial highlights done on the lower section of the hair. They clearly have a line dividing the lower part, which is colored in a different shade and then the upper part consisting of roots that are not painted.

Babylights meanwhile are done on the hair as a whole and don’t give a feeling of division in the hair. It is soft and offers a natural look to the hair.


In a world full of Balayage, lowlights, Ombre and Sombre, there is hard to find Babylights – the newest trend that has taken the spotlight. These delicate highlights have won so many hearts in the hair industry and continue to do so.