Kanekalon Hair vs Toyokalon Hair | Pros & Cons of Kanekalon & Toyokalon Hair

There are several cheap synthetic wigs available on market nowadays. The quality of the synthetic materials used to make the artificial hair makes all difference. Low-quality synthetic materials result in fake, plastic-looking products.

Because one of the primary materials used is a plastic-based substance that is melted and stretched to form hair strands. If you opt for synthetic extensions, remember to choose higher quality ones made from toyokalon or kanekalon.

Synthetic or artificial hair has been an alternative for so long, however now kanekalon and toyokalon hair have gotten the go-to for women wishing to siphon up their twists. Utilizing these extensions is simple since they are classy, staggeringly delicate, soft, and long-lasting.

Whether you carry braids on or styling for the first time as a novice, exploring braiding hair can be intimidating. For the beginners, the foremost thing to know is that in case you’re hoping to get a plaited extension, there are explicit sorts of hair utilized for braids and twists.

What is Kanekalon Hair?

For those of you who aren’t acquainted with kanekalon, this is a hair extension and known as the perfect option for braiding styles in light of its synthesis.

For a very long time, about 50 years, kanekalon has been a well-acclaimed manufactured fiber made up of altered acrylic filaments from acrylonitriles and vinyl chloride.

This Fiber is commonly accessible for artificial hair since it intently takes after human hair because of its too soft quality.

Japanese organization Kaneka has made this synthetic hair product called Kanekalon.

The fiber is mostly available in white or cream color and has various lengths, pleat levels, and deniers. It contains various contracting possibilities, and you can quickly seal it with steam and other related strategies.

The best type of kanekalon hair is Futura because it’s incredibly resistant to heat, so no worries during styling.

Ultima type of kanekalon hair is another fine quality product, and most look like human hair since it is synthesized with natural collagen protein that makes it moisturized enough.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Kanekalon Hair


  1. Knit twists are very cost-effective.
  2. They can be worn crimped, straight, and can be twisted.
  3. A cornrow pattern can be made with Kanekalon hair to have a feel of a natural look. You may, in any case, approach your hair to deal with it carefully.
  4. Kanekalon hair comes in numerous tones. So, you can pick, blend, and match colors whatever you desire. Go for numerous prospects like fringes, layers, and highlights as well.
  5. You can likewise decide the length of hair, strength, and softness.
  6. Simple to brush and not confounded.


  1. Your hair may shed crazily.
  2. Tedious and time-consuming way.
  3. But these little cons that we can quickly get over. This is the reason Kanekalon is an ideal option.
  4. Kanekalon hair, when it’s utilized for twisting, commonly appears as though frizzed hair after you blow dry it and comb.

Few Popular Products using Kanekalon Hair

DAN NING 24 ” Pre-stretched Braiding Hair Original Kanekalon Braid Hair Extensions

  • Pre-stretched braiding hair extensions is made with pure high quality Kanekalon, soft and smooth like human hair.
  • Your time will be cut half since it's pre-stretched. It's much easier and simple.
  • This braid hair is very light, no itch, no odor, no tangles, no shedding. The yaki texture is top smooth, no fingers cut.
  • It's so shiny and beautiful. You can make complex styles such as faux locs, nu locs, box braids or wave twist crochet braids etc.
  • Good material will bring you different feelings. Try it, it will surprise you!

26″ 8 Packs Braiding Hair Pre Stretched Hair for Braiding Professional Kanekalon Synthetic Hair

  • ♥ Hair Style: Pre-stretched braiding hair, easy to braid professional hair, Kanekalon braiding hair, good quality braiding hair.
  • ♥ Hair Material: Made with Pre-Stretched low temperature synthetic fiber, and very easy to braid. Hot Water setting&curled are workable.
  • ♥ Hair Feature: Light weight and very soft hair; will not cause discomfort to your scalp. No vinegar dipping process needed and save your time.
  • ♥ Function: You can make senegalese twist, crochet braids, box braids or straight Yaki hair styles.

What is Toyokalon Hair?

Toyokalon brand fiber is more costly than Kanekalon. Toyokalon is highly similar to human hair. Eminent sheen and the silkier texture make it superior to the Kanekalon and other synthetic fiber. Toyokalon is strong enough to be styled using heat in a blow dryer even or iron up to 100 degrees.

An illustration of this fiber is generally utilized in hairpieces or wigs and blended in with human hair since it seems to be mass-created.

A toyokalon hairpiece is gentler than most synthetic hairpieces and less inclined to tangling. However, it doesn’t feel as natural as kanekalon hairpieces. It is regularly utilized for impermanent hairpieces, such as those used at Halloween, instead of ordinary wear.

Polyvinylchloride Toyokalon is utilized for twisting or braiding. It holds its form in a way that is better than polypropylene. The hair can be twisted, or the ends can be flipped with this fiber.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Toyokalon Hair

  • Toyokalon is a fire-resistant fiber typically utilized for hairpiece making.
  • It has a higher capacity to bear heat than Kanekalon, and available in various shades.
  • It is handy for twisted styles as it carries the twist and curls very well.
  • Toyokalon is gentler than Kanekalon and won’t tangle as much.
  • This is a benefit when utilizing it in its non-crimped style for free extensions.

Few Popular Products using Toyokalon Hair

Tight Afro Kinky 100% Human Hair

EVE HAIR Pre-Stretched Water Wave Braid 22

  • ✓Material: Hair is 100% Synthetic Kanekalon. Famous hot water setting method and passion twist style.
  • ✓Colors: Available in a 6pack deal. Each pack includes 15 strands. Colors are #1( Jet Black ), #1B( Natural Black ), #2( Dark Brown ), #4( Light Brown ), #T1B/27( Natural Black & Blonde ), #T1B/30( Natural Black & Copper ), #T1B/BUG( Natural Black & Burgundy ).
  • ✓Hair Features: Super soft and skin friendly, no Smell, lightweight, natural & stylish Looking. Itch-free, tangle-free long-lasting. The appearance and feeling is most close to human hair, protective hairstyle.
  • ✓Hair Textures: Double machine weft, high elasticity & bouncy. Tight & neat, no shedding, no tangle, Soft & Shiny.
  • ✓Add To Cart! Buy yours today and get the new look of water wave and passion twist. With easy installation and effortless maintenance.

Kanekalon Hair vs Toyokalon Hair

Kanekalon HairToyokalon Hair
It is less silky and glossy.It holds more sheen.
It becomes tangled and mat soon.It is tangle less and softer.
The color and texture are more likely to be human hair.The color and texture do not give a natural look.
It is cost-effective.It is highly expensive.
Your hair may shed crazily.No chance of hair shedding.
Resistant to heat within a limited range.Wide range of heat resistance.


kanekalon vs toyokalon hair

Hair wigs or extensions are always popular products. It has become a trend to wear extensions to look more stylish and daunting.

Wearing hair wigs has been viewed as a sleek and popular approach to flaunt your hair.

In conclusion, kanekalon is closer to human hair but toyokalon is shinier and silkier which surpasses the natural look. So, the choice is yours as per your comfort and preference.