Hair Wax -A Complete Guide | Comparison of Hair Wax with Other Hair Products

Hair wax has been in style for years, and it still proves the best. Either you want a sleek modern look or a classic look: hair wax covers it all. Hair wax is a step up in men’s hairstyle. Also, it works perfectly in female hairstyling. 

With these many traits and advantages, hair wax has been able to occupy the market’s top place. There is a range of hair waxes available in the market with a range of ingredients used.  Also, with time, other products that work like hair wax are available in the market.

So, if you are thinking about styling your hair with hair wax and about to dive into the internet pool, then this article is for you. Here is a complete guide on hair wax.

What is Hair Wax?

Hair wax is a hair styling product made out of Waxes obtained from animals and plants. It is easy to use and pliable. It sets the hair into the desired style and texture without making the hair stiff or dry. It also removes the frizziness of the hair.

Due to the pliable nature, it gives hair a more natural look. As hair wax doesn’t make the hair stiff, hair can be easily restyled into multiple styles at any hour without washing hair and reapplying any product. 

Though it is popular in men’s hairstyle, it still comes in real handy in female hairstyling. Hair wax is a versatile product: it works in a variety of hair forms. Be it rough to soft, curly to straight, wet to dry, or short to long.

Once you know the way around hair wax, you can get the desired look within minutes. The one thing that should be taken care of while using hair wax is the building up of wax in the scalp. It happens due to improper washing, which can be effortlessly cleared up by just shampooing.

Here are some of the popular hair wax products available in the market:

  1. Gatsby Moving Rubber Spiky Edge Hair Wax
  2. Schwarzkopf  Osis Flexwax
  3. Bed Head for Men Matte Separation Workable Wax
  4. Paul Mitchell Firm Style Dry Wax
  5. Blind Barber 60 Proof Wax

What is hair wax used for?

Hair wax is a versatile product that has a range of useful functions. Along with hairstyling, it proves effective in other areas too. 

Listed below are some of the uses of hair wax:

1. Hairstyling

The primary use of hair wax is hairstyling. It works well on both men and female. With hair wax, one can achieve their desired style and texture of hair. It enhances the volume, shine, and structure of the hair.

Hair wax also prevents the hair from drying. A hair styled with hair wax stays for a longer time without losing its shape. Also, one can restyle the hair without reapplying the hair wax or shampooing the hair. You can get either classic, modern, vintage, dapper, or messy look with hair wax.

2. Styling the facial hair

If you are running out of time to shave your beards, then using a hair wax will be the best decision. Hair wax has a stronghold of the hair than other styling products, so it will work well for styling your facial hair.

3. Managing your eyebrows

It sounds skeptical, but it works. It is mostly for peoples with thick eyebrows. The stronghold of the hair wax makes it possible to manage eyebrows.

What is Hair Wax made of?

A hair wax contains a range of ingredients: from natural wax to chemical products. While some of the products are constant in all hair wax: different companies apply different formulas and products to make a hair wax. Also, hair wax can be homemade, where the products used are unlike commercial ones and more natural. 

Here are some of the products that are needed to make hair wax: 

Natural wax

It is either animal or plant-derived. Some of the waxes used are bee wax, candelilla wax, Carnauba wax, Castor wax, Emulsifying wax, Japan wax, Lanolin, Ozokerite.


Though hair wax contains chemicals, it is well-considered that the amount used is safe for human hair. The chemicals in hair wax are Bis-Diglyceryl Polyacyladipate-2, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Petrolatum, Cetearyl Alcohol, carbomer, VP/VA Copolymer, Propylene Glycol. They work as emulsifiers, preservatives, or to give texture to the product.

Chemicals used in hair wax have their role to play: still, one needs to be aware of certain flag chemicals and materials some companies use to make a hair wax.

It is safe to say that hair wax is a great styling product if you take few precautionary actions. These include not using hair wax daily, using hair wax only at the ends of hair, and understanding the materials used in a hair wax before using it.

What is Hair Wax  Dye?

What sounds more fun than temporarily dyeing your hair without any commitment. Dyeing your hair with a hair wax gives you the flexibility to do so.

You can dye your hair with a hair wax color/ hair paint wax. It is available as a colored wax with a thin consistency. The hair paint wax/ hair wax color is applied easily to your hair like a regular wax. As it is a colored wax, we can see the hair color instantly. But the texture of the hair gets better after the hair dries.

A hair wax dyeing lasts for a maximum of four days. Though the shine fades a little in the latter days, the color remains intact. The main benefit of hair wax dyeing is the fact that it is easy to remove. Washing your hair with a good shampoo works the best.

Hair wax color/ hair paint wax is available in colors from green, blue to gold and black. Also, there are lots of brands producing hair wax colors in the market. So you can choose the best suitable for your hairstyle.

What is Hair Wax color?

Hair wax color is the latest trend in the hair industry. The reason behind this hype is the flexibility of the hair wax color. One can get colored hair within a second without using harsh hair coloring products. Also, hair wax color doesn’t damage or dry off your hair as it contains natural ingredients. 

To apply hair wax color, we use the same technique as used when applying hair wax, but along with style to the hair, it also gives color. So, it is easy to use and is suitable for every hair type. It is a perfect solution for someone who wants to test a hair color before committing to it for months.

Another perk of hair wax color is that it takes one hair wash to get rid of it. So if you are thinking about trying a funky hair color for a Halloween party, fancy dress event, or other events, then hair wax color is the choice. You can have a new look for the party and the next day you are good with your normal hair.

Best hair wax color brands

Here are some of the popular hair wax color brands:

  1. Mofajang Hair Color Wax
  2. Spdoo Hair Color Wax
  3. Hailicare Unicorn Hair Wax

What is Hair Wax Stick?

Hair wax stick is a hot sale product in these days. It is just a hair wax available in a stick form, but the formula used to make hair wax sticks is different from the hair wax. Also, a hair wax stick is less greasy than a hair wax that gives a shiny and grease free look.

As per individual brands and manufacturers, hair wax stick contains a range of ingredients from hair wax to sometimes hair pomade, but the result is that it gives a grease-free, shiny, and sleeky look. It is a safe product and good to use in all hair types.

Here are some of the best Hair sticks available in the market:

  1. Avlon keracare styling wax stick
  2. She is bomb collection hair wax stick
  3. FTXJ head hair wax stick
  4. Tigi Bed head hair wax stick
  5. Hanyia hairstyling wax stick
  6. Woody’s messy firm hold matte stick wax

What is hair wax stick used for?

Hair wax stick has multiple uses. Here are them listed below.

1. To control flyaways and frizziness

Applying a hair wax stick controls the flyaways and frizziness of the hair especially, along the hairline. It produces a sleek look and evens out the messy hair, giving a flawless-looking hairstyle. Also, heat ironing the area where the hair wax stick is applied gives a more smooth look and prolong the working time of the hair wax stick. 

2. Lay your edges

Styling that baby hair is so in style these days. Using a hair wax stick will lay your natural-looking non-greasy baby hairs.

3. To perfect that hairline

A perfect hairline is the one without and frizzes and flyaways. So, you automatically get a fine hairline as you control the frizzes and flyaways with a hair wax stick.

4. In braids and twits

Using hair wax sticks to braids and twist your hair produces a very tight and clean product. 

5. Use in eyebrows

Yes, this works. Especially peoples with thick and fanned-out eyebrows can take the maximum benefit of it.

Hair wax Vs Hair gel

We all are familiar with hair gels. In one way or another, we have come across hair gels in our childhood. But have we ever considered the properties of a hair gel and the style it gives?

Considering its similarity with hair wax, people often get confused. Listed below is the comparison between hair wax and hair gel.

Hair waxHair Gel
What is it?Hair wax is a waxy semi-solid substance.Hair gel is a jelly-like wet substance  
In which condition hair should be used?The hair should be wet before using hair wax.The hair should be damp before using hair gel.  
StylingHair wax gives a natural soft hold to the hair. The hair turns into a more natural texture. With curly hair, hair wax works for a limited time. You might need to restyle and reapply the hair wax sometime laterHair gel gives the strongest hold to the hair that stays throughout the day. The hair turns shiny and wet. Hair gel works best in curly hair as the hold of hair gel is strong. 
RestylingHair wax is pliable. It doesn’t make hair dry or stiff, and restyling the hair is easy and a matter of a few seconds.The downside of a hair gel is that it drys and hardens the hair. The hair becomes stiff and rough. An attempt to restyle the hair will end up messier.
After useHair wax does not dry in the hair and does not produce flakes in the hair. With hair wax, hair need not require frequent washingAs a hair gel dries on the hair, it creates flakes in the hair that resembles dandruff. Hair gel hardens the hair so, washing is essential before restyling.
RemovalHair wax being on a greasier side needs considerably strong shampoo and longer wash to get rid.In a single wash, hair gel entirely washes off.  

Hair wax Vs Hair spray

Hair wax and hair spray are completely different styling products. These two styling products have a different consistency, hold, look, and end results.

Listed below is the comparison between hair wax and hair Spray:

Hair waxHair spray
What is it?Hair wax is a waxy product that gives a long-lasting natural style to the hair.   Hair spray is a styling product that sets the already styled hair. Liquid fixatives present in hair sprays hold the hairstyles all day long.
StylingHair wax adds texture, shine, and hold to the hair. It also controls the frizz and flyaways.Hair spray sets the already styled hair and adds volume to it.
DownsideHair wax usually does not damage the hair until you use precautions like frequent washing and choosing the right product.  The alcohol content in the hair spray dries the hair. Frequent usage of hair spray leads to damage of hair due to breakage and brittleness.
UseHair wax mostly works well on short and medium hairstyles.  For longer hair, hair spray is favorable as hair wax does not go well with long hair. So, this hair is styled first and then set with hair spray.

Hair Wax Vs Hair Clay

Hair clay is the rising new generation product in the conversation.  Though similar to waxes, it gives its uniques style to the hair.

 Listed below is the comparison between hair Wax and hair clay.

 Hair WaxHair Clay
What is it?  Hair wax gives natural hold and shines to a hair. Hair wax is pliable. So, it does not dry out or hardens after use.  Hair clay gives an extreme volume, matte look, and more natural touch to the hair. Also, if you blow-dry your hair, then you can add volume to the hair. Hair clay drys out the hair.
CompositionThe main ingredient of hair wax is naturally derived wax.  Hair clay mainly contains bentonite clay that can make the hair follicle look thicker, adding volume. Also, It has a healing property that repairs damage.
PricePricing is more towards the lower endHair clay is more expensive than hair wax

Hair Wax Vs Hair Cream

Hair cream is a new styling product, but it hasn’t gained that popularity. However, it serves its unique purpose.

Here is a comparison between Hair wax and hair cream:

 Hair WaxHair Cream
What is it?    Hair wax is a styling product that provides good hold to the hair and gives texture and style.  Hair cream is a styling product that controls the frizzes and manages them. For minimal clean styling, it is the best choice. Hair cream also works as a moisturizer and nourishes the hair. 
Consistency  Hair wax is a waxy product. It will clog the scalp if not washed properly.Hair cream is a lightweight product that doesn’t clog pores.

Hair Wax Vs Hair Pomade

There is always a lot to talk about hair pomade as it is one of the oldest hair styling products.

Here is a comparison between hair wax and hair pomade:

 Hair waxHair pomade
What is it?Hair wax is a waxy product that sets your hair into the desired shape and texture.Hair pomade is also a versatile hair styling product that gives you a perfect and polished look. There are two types of hair pomades: petroleum-based and water-based.
StylingHair wax is applied to dry hair.  Hair pomade, if applied in wet hair it gives hair less hold and more shine. But if applied in dry hair, it gives hair more hold with less shine. The amount of pomade you use alters the hairstyle.
ConsistencyHair wax is a waxy product.Hair pomade is waxier and greaser than hair wax.

Hair Wax vs Hair Serum

Hair serum has been there for years, but it has gained more popularity these days. 

Here is a comparison between hair wax and hair serum:

 Hair WaxHair Serum
What is it?  Hair wax is a hair styling product that styles your hair into the desired shape and texture with its stronghold.Hair serum is a silicon-based hair styling tool that protects the hair from frizziness and damage.  
What is its composition?Hair wax is a waxy product that contains plant or animal-derived wax along with chemicals.  Hair serum is a silicon-based product that coats the hair and makes it silky and shiny. Along with silicon, it contains amino acids and ceramides. 
BenefitsHair wax has a stronghold that styles any hair type. Because of its pliable nature restyling can be done frequently.    Hair serum protects hair from hot sunlight, pollution, and humidity. It also protects the hair from damage due to heating irons and curling tools.  
ConsistencyHair wax is a waxy product.Hair serum in liquid in nature.

Hair Wax Vs Hair Oil

Hair oil is my all-time favorite hair product. It comes in handy in every stage of life and is a versatile product. It provides to the hair nourishment to the hair rather than styling one.

Listed below is the comparison between a hair styling product ‘ hair wax’ and hair oil.

 Hair WaxHair Oil
What is it?Hair wax is a hair styling product that holds your hair and gives a sleek desired texture.   Hair oil is an all-natural hair nourishing product. Its use makes the hair healthy and strong. These days we can get chemically processed hair oil as well. 
Consistency  Hair wax is somewhat on the greasy side. So, if not washed properly, it will clog the pore.  Hair oil is an oily product, but this oil enters the scalp and provides nutrition to hair and scalp. 
UseHair wax is a great hair styling tool. You can get a range of looks from modern to classy with it.   Hair oil, though have multiple advantages over hair wax, is not essentially a hair styling product. You can opt for a hair serum for a more clean look.

Hair Wax Vs Hair Paste

The final product, hair paste, is an extremely versatile one. Its properties and consistency is somewhat similar to hair wax and sometimes hair pomade. If you are new to hair styling, then starting with a hair paste a good option.

Here is a comparison between hair wax and hair paste:

 Hair waxHair paste
What is it?Hair wax is a hair styling product that gives a stronghold to your hair with desired shapes and styles.Hair paste is also a hairstyling product similar to hair wax, but it gives medium to very firm hold to the hair.  
RestylingHair wax is pliable. It does not harden and gives you the flexibility to restyle your hair without any problem.Hair paste is also a pliable and flexible hair product. It allows you to restyle your hair many times a day.  
ConsistencyHair wax is a waxy product.    The consistency of hair paste is similar to hair wax, but it can also range from toothpaste-like to tacky glue-like.


Hair wax is a great tool for hairstyling. Also, every hairstyling product mentioned in the article has its unique work and gives a unique style.

The use of the product depends upon the type of hairstyle you want. The only thing one needs to consider while using any hair styling product is to take the required precautions.