Texture Perm – A Complete Guide | How to get Textured Perm – Step by Step

The modern-day perm, obviously adapting the new generation technology, gives you more natural and finer-looking curls. It is altogether a perfect solution for someone who wants to add some volume to their hair and level up their hairstyling game.

Before diving into a complete guide of texture perm, let me explain what perm is in general. Perm (also known as permanent curls) is a permanent hairstyle that one can receive through a chemical treatment. (Not to confuse with permanent straightening treatment, which is called a straight perm.)

There are two types of perming methods, cold waving (texture perm) and hot waving (digital perm). Also, there is a range of perm styles that one can receive, using different perm rods available in the market.

However, selecting a perm treatment that best suits you is one of a deal. Here is a complete guide on one of the most popular perms, Texture Perm.

What is a Texture Perm?

Texture perm is a permanent textured hairstyle that one can receive through chemically applied treatment. The treatment breaks the hair’s chemical bond and sets the hair into desired curls or waves by rebuilding the chemical bond.

It provides soft textures and volume to the hair. The perming treatment uses traditional cold-wave perm solutions and perm rods. Though called permanent treatment: the maximum time till which the curls lasts is 5-6 months.

 Texture Perming Process

  • The hair is shampooed and then rapped in perm rods. (Perm rods are of various shapes and sizes, made of plastic.) 
  • A bandana is wrapped in the forehead to prevent the dribbling of the perm solution. 
  • Apply vaseline in the bare area to prevent irritation due to the perm solution.
  • Next, a waving solution is applied all over the hair. The solution penetrates deep into the hair strand and weakens the hair chemical bond. 
  • Then, the hair is wrapped with a hair cap and left for an hour.
  • Next, the hair is washed.
  • A neutralizer is then applied to the clean hair to set the curls over the perm rods. Neutralizer rebuilds the hair bond and permanently changes the hair’s texture.
  • Again, the hair is covered with a hair cap and left for 15 to 20 minutes. 
  • Lastly, the hair is rinsed and dried. 

Below are the Hair Products you can use for Texture Perming

Texture Perm AfterCare

  • Avoid washing hair till two days after the perming treatment.
  • Moisturizing and conditioning the hair is essential, so invest in a good moisturizer and conditioner.
  • Sulfate-free shampoo, hair mask, and hair serum will also be beneficial.
  • Avoid heat styling on the permed hair.
  • Also, avoid other hair treatments like bleaching and highlighting for the next 2-3 months.
  • Use a wide-toothed comb instead of a brush to detangle your hair.
  • Cover the hair with a satin cloth before bed to prevent frizziness.

Below are the hair products you can use for Aftercare Texture Perm

What is a Multi-textured Perm?

A multi-textured perm is a perm style that gives your curls a more natural touch. We can say that it is an advancement of classical texture perm.

For this perm treatment, perm rods of varying diameters are used. The use of perm rods with different diameters gives curls and waves of multiple diameters and textures. This perming technique is adapted to mimic natural curls that are not uniform.

As a result: we get more natural-looking effortless curls. Because of the non-uniformity, a multitextured perm is more flexible to styling with its natural volume.

The perming process is similar to texture perming. However, both cold wave and hot wave perming techniques can be applied. In comparison, hot wave perming gives multitextured perm more definition.

Texture Perm Vs Digital Perm

Digital Perm (also known as Digi perm) is the modern touch to our long-practiced perming method. Originated from Japan, digital perm has changed the game of perm styles. It results in smooth and shiny curls.

Both Texture perm and Digital perm give you a voluminous, effortless curly hairstyle. However, there are differences between them.  Listed below is the comparison between the two perm treatments.

 Texture PermDigital perm
Type                Texture perm is a cold wave perm treatment that uses chemicals to recondition the hair.      Digital perm is a hot wave perm treatment that uses digitalized heated rods in addition to the chemicals to recondition the hair.
Shape and texture of wave  Texture perm gives you smaller curls that are more prominent in wet hair. The curls loosen slightly when dry.   With texture perming, the hair gets lifted from the roots.Digital perm gives you bigger curls prominent in dry hair, and the curls slightly loosen when wet.   With digital perming, lifting the hairs from their roots is difficult. It is so because using the heated rod close to the scalp/roots might burn the scalp. 
Treatment ProcessHair should not be washed with conditioner, as it will hamper the treatment process.   Plastic perm rods of varying shapes and sizes are used.  Hair is washed with a conditioner.   Digitalized heated rods are used.
Price ( price also depends upon the salon)It costs less.It costs more.
Time durationThe perming process takes a long time.   Texture perm lasts for almost 6-7 months.The perming process takes less time.   Digital perm lasts extra 1 to 2 months than texture perm.

Is Texture Wave Same as Perm?

Texture wave is not your traditional kind of perm. Perming a hair gives beautiful voluminous curls, but texture wave is everything about the soft beachy waves. One can say that a texture wave is a modified perm that gives soft waves.

Texture wave is easy to maintain than a regular perm. With minimum maintenance, one can get a flawless hairstyle every day. Texture wave serves best for the working women. It consumes less time daily at the same time: it gives flawless curls.

The treatment method of texture wave is similar to a traditional perm, but with a different kinds of perming tools. The chemicals used are gentler and the perming rods used are larger. One can expect to get ‘lazy S’ shaped waves.

Different types of Texture Perms

Multiple perm styles are achieved by texture perming. It ranges from extreme curls to beachy waves. Listed below are some perm style that is achieved by texture perming.

1. Twist/spiral perm

It produces small spiral curls (ringlet-like) in the hair. These are tight curls, corkscrew-like in shape.

2. Partial spiral/spot perm

While the spiral perm has tight curls, the partial spiral perm had loose spiral curls. Long perming rods help in producing this desired look.

3. Body wave perm

It produces loose larger curls. It is best suitable for thin and flat hair as it provides volume to the hair. Long perm rods and the less strong perming solution is used.

4. Volumizing Stacked Perm

The goal of a volumizing stacked perm is to give textured volume to straight-cut hair. For this perm style, the ends and the middle section of the hair are permed. It best suits long hair.

5. Partial perm

In partial perm, only the ends are permed. This nature of the perm makes it more manageable. It looks best on tied hair.

6. Plain curl perm

It gives uniform, voluminous curls. Because of the uniformity, it is great for styling.

7. Root Perm

For this perm style, the roots of the hair are permed. It gives volume to even very flat and limp hair.

8. Multi-textured perm

It gives curls a more natural touch. Perm rods of multiple diameters are used.

Wrap up

Altogether, texture perming is a good investment. On top of it, with a range of perming styles available in the market, you can choose the one best suited for you. But one can get overwhelmed by the amount of information available on the internet.

Hence, it is always the best decision to consult with a professional hairstylist. A professional hairstylist will get you the perm that best suits your face shape. And also, you can always opt for digital perming.