Corkscrew Curls [S Curls] | 11 Steps to Get Corkscrew Curls

Only like the name implies, corkscrew curls are capturing and seizing the attention of all hair enthusiasts. Spiral curls (S curls) are known to be a derivation of corkscrew curls. But, one thing that you must keep in mind regarding this particular type of curl is that it is much more fragile and prone to frizz.

So, to avoid your hair becoming too frizzy and delicate, you need to take care of the towel you use and choose the material accordingly.

The best option to manage these tight corkscrew curls is utilizing a microfiber towel. This particular option reduces the amount of friction in your hair and reduces damage and frizz.

What are S-shaped curls?

What are S-shaped curls?

S pattern curls or curly hair is tight and springy coils that you can achieve with several permanent and temporary hair treatments. The “S” pattern curls are fully packed up with lots of volumes, and it is dense with more strands than the average head.

Furthermore, they are soft, prone to high frizz, and damage quickly.  You can get this particular curl pattern on any hair length be it short, medium, or long.

However, the “S” shaped curl patterns also depend on your hair density, texture and pattern. Furthermore, read on to know more about how to make corkscrew curls.

How to get crochet corkscrew curls? [Explained in 11 Steps]

The corkscrew curls hairstyle is pretty with springy waves. If you don’t possess them directly, the unique way to make them is to roll your hair.

There is a specific method to doing this, though. While you can practice simply about any way to roll your hair, the breadth of the curler or corkscrew curls perm rod is quite necessary.

What you do with your locks after you get the curlers out is similarly essential. Using the incorrect breadth or teasing your tresses can follow in natural waves, or worse: frizz! Thus, take a look at the step-by-step guide on how to get corkscrew curls overnight.

Step 1:

Here is the first step in obtaining corkscrew curls. The first thing that you need to do is apply a heat protectant spray.

Spray the heat protectant from 6 inches away from your hair till your hair is fully misted throughout with the hair product.

Now, apply a comb or a hairbrush to evenly spread the product all over your hair. If you find your hair to be knotted or tangled, you need to brush it more properly.

Step 2:

Now you need to divide your hair into smaller sections. Take all your hair in one place and tie it up into a high ponytail. Tie it with the help of a scrunched rather than a rubber band.

If you tie your hair into a ponytail with a rubber band, you are more likely to witness dents in your hair.

Thus, loosely piling it up at the top of your head and securing it with the help of a claw clip will be beneficial from the point of view of hairstylists.

Step 3:

The next step is heating your curler or curling rod. You need to pick a curling rod with the thinnest diameter and it will be better if you purchase a curler labeled for corkscrew curls.

The diameter must be thinner than your finger. Picking the right curling rod is very critical to achieving nice corkscrew curls (or) S curls.

Step 4:

After completing the previous step, you need to grab a thin section of your hair. Grab a section that is closer to your face and it should not be thicker than the diameter of the curling rod you are using.

You can pick the section from either the left or right side. If you have thick hair, make sure to grab thicker sections. Thinner sections may end up creating frizzy curls.

Step 5:

Now is the wrapping part. Wrap a small section of your hair around the rod in a spiral fashion. Make sure to not overlap the hair as you roll it around the curling rod.

Make sure to wrap it like stripes on a candy cane. Also, keep in mind to not touch the rod with your bare fingers or directly with the scalp as the rod will be very hot at that temperature.

Step 6:

Now, you must focus on removing the rod after waiting for a few seconds. The waiting time will further depend on the rod temperature, thickness and hair texture. After the waiting time is over, you need to carefully unwind your hair from the curling rod.

Once the hair sections are loose enough, take the rod out and make sure to allow the curls to hang naturally. This step needs some patience from you to perform this activity slowly to get beautiful corkscrew curls.

Step 7:

In a similar pattern as in Step 6, move to the further section of your hair. Wrap the other section in the curling rod as explained in the previous points.

Unwrap it in the same fashion as you have done it before. Make sure to follow this process until you have finished curling the entire bottom layer of your hair.

Step 8:

After curling the bottom layer of your hair, open the high ponytail and let down the rest of your hair. Now pull the rest of your hair and tie it into a high ponytail just like before.

The thicker the hair you have, the more layers you will have to curl your hair. This step needs some patience from you to perform this activity

Step 9:

Now repeat the process of curling throughout your hair. You can wrap it in the same direction or otherwise, you can also alternate the directions if you want.

Alternating the directions will make your curls look more voluminous and natural. Make sure to keep the hair strands horizontal to the scalp and not vertical.

Step 10:

Release the waves including your fingers. This will help make them resemble more normal. Do not stroke or brush your hair, or the waves will turn too fuzzy and expand their corkscrew configuration.

Step 11:

Use some shine serum on your hair. This step particularly will not just make your curls lustrous but additionally help soften them down and reduce frizz. If you require to, provide your hair with a light drizzling of hairspray to fix the style.

That’s it; you have reached the last step of getting corkscrew curls in your hair, enjoy the beautiful S curls and make your friends feel jealous J

Corkscrew curls short hair

Corkscrew curls short hair

You can get short corkscrew spiral curls with the help of a styling kit and it is excellent for any woman with hair up to 8 inches (20cm) in length who wants to get perfect rolled spirals without creating heat destruction to their hair.

There are certainly patented hair curlers that are specifically intended to provide you with accurate corkscrew curls without the necessity of any heat.

So, get relieved of your curling appliances and say hello to your brand-new preferred hairstyling method!

Corkscrew curls on relaxed hair

Corkscrew curls on relaxed hair

The most conventional hair problem for medium-length haired women is how to do corkscrew curls on relaxed hair length.

Well, it is most handy and proper for various kinds of entities.

Additionally, it is in fashion due to its naturalness and inadequate oversight in packing.

A primary hairstyle may be varied with graduations, with indirect or direct separated, with bangs setting into the central mass of hair.

Corkscrew curls natural hair

This particular method for corkscrew curls on natural hair is nearly equal to the twist-out method, but here you’re doing conventional braids throughout the hair rather.

For the best outcomes of S curls, begin with freshly shampooed and deep-conditioned locks.

You must also start your braids on the reverse side of the head, so that you can readily view that part, while everything else is clasped away, providing you with a precise view.

The number of knots you do will depend on the quantity of time you possess and how big you want your locks to be. Again, if you’re watching for slender spirals, aim for smaller-sized braids.

Spiral curls vs Corkscrew curls

Spiral Curls Corkscrew Curls
They are not prone to frizz and they are naturally free-flowing.They are delicate and are more prone to frizz, unlike spiral curls.
These are natural, smooth curls with minimal heat damage.These curls are more prone to heat damage.
These are wider curl patterns.These are narrow curl patterns.
These can be created with any curling rod.Only the curling rod labeled with corkscrew curls can be used in this case.
This style is more suitable for long hair.More suitable for relaxed and natural hair.