American wave perm | Perm Rods | Cost | How to do American perm

Most people love permanent hair texture which does not change from time to time. Women have been continually searching for hair care solutions that make them stand out in the fashion world and American wave perm is one among their saviors.

This particular style is a brand-new trend of creating smooth and natural-looking waves in your locks. It is similar to the beach wave perm which encourages you to develop the amplification of your hair by building wave patterns for styles nowadays.

What is an American Wave Perm?

American Wave is a new trend of creating soft and natural-looking curls in your hair. It is much like a beach wave perm which helps you increase the volume of your hair by creating curl patterns for these days’ style.

You can get this particular style from any renowned hair salon or a professional hairstylist. It is a permanent creation of new hair texture.

This particular system utilizes editorial hair-setting techniques for creating chic and modern looks in your hair.

American wave is an ionic hair-waving lotion that reduces the stress in your hair and provides you with curl and wave patterns according to the hair quality of a specific person.

It smooths the cuticle and encourages volume in your hair. The technical name of this particular hairstyle is Arrojo American wave, as the name came from the hairstylist Nick Arrojo.

In this particular hairstyle, the ionic hair lotion penetrates the hair shaft without making the cuticle swell and also without roughing it. It is a reinvention of the American beach wave perm.

American wave perm rods

American wave perm rods are rods that you can apply to get the American wave hair perm. They are general hair tools that hairstylists use to curl or wave your hair.

They are available in various sizes, and each specifies different curl types. You can get this particular hair tool in any hair salon or a local beauty store.

All you need to know is the process of perming your hair with an American perm rod. Stores generally supply them in a pack of 12 for a varied choice of differing curl and wave effects. Therefore, you can purchase one too for curling your hair.

Chemicals used in American wave perm

Chemicals used in American wave perm

Exposing your hair to any hair styling treatment involves the use of various chemical products. It damages your hair to some extent if you do not take adequate care. The same is true for the American wave perm.

An American wave hair perm involves the use of several harsh chemicals which range from sodium hydroxide to ammonium thioglycolate.

It helps in breaking the natural bonds of your hair and reshaping them to get that wave or curl.

The American wave perm uses a combination of the before-mentioned chemicals that break and likewise make your hair into a new pattern. That’s what lies in the unique American Wave’s “ionic lotion”.

How to do an American wave perm?

You need approximately three hours to do an American wave hair perm. Here are steps that you require to consider for getting an American wave perm.

How to do an American wave perm
  • Step 1: Firstly, you need to cap up or suit up your hair. Put towels around your neck and wear a hair cap to make sure that none of the solutions drip down on you. This step involves getting ready for the hair perm.
  • Step 2: The second step involves the usage of perm rods. There are two rods- one purple color and another gray color. The purple rod is the larger one, and the gray one is the smaller one. Roll some of the hair backward. Also, you need to roll some of the hair forwards. It is to create a natural variation. In case, you have a sensitive scalp you need to be ready for that. You can experience some strain on your scalp.
  • Step 3: You need to cover all the edges of your hairline with thick cotton to get hold of the waving solution. So, in this particular step, you need to saturate each rod with the American wave ionic solution and place a plastic cover over your head. Then, you need to remain idle for almost 15 minutes. The next step is neutralizing and rinsing.
  • Step 4: Before rinsing your hair, you need to apply the Neutralizer. Then you require to rinse your hair for almost 10 After that, it is your turn to remove all the perm rods.
  • Step 5: This step involves drying your hair and setting your hair with a diffuser. Firstly, you need to towel dry your hair, and then you need to set your hair using a hair dryer and a diffuser. Then, the remaining process involves finger combing and air drying your hair. Your hair is finally ready to get a new look.

How often do you need American wave perm?

American wave hair perm or any other hair perm involves the usage of hair chemicals and other pieces of stuff. Therefore, using or applying it too much to your hair is not a good idea. There is a chance that you can end up damaging your hair to a great extent.

Therefore, applying or getting the ionic solution is not recommended frequently. It also depends on how your hair is and what is your hair type.

Ordinarily, it is suggested by experts to get this hair perm done 2 to 3 times in your hair. Perming your hair more than 3 times can cause permanent damage to your hair.

How long does an American wave perm last?

How long does an American wave perm last

The endurance of a hair perm depends on a variety of factors. It depends on your hair type, hair length, and the condition of your hair. Furthermore, it also depends on the after-care regimes. Ordinarily, an American wave hair perm lasts up to 3 to 4 months.

But, you can always make it last longer by properly caring for and maintaining your hair. You have to follow the general after-care regimes to make it last for months.

For example, shampooing and conditioning up to 48 hours of perming your hair are not recommended. Also, you need to be gentle with your hair. It can make those perms last for years.

Cost of American wave perm

On average, American Wave Perm costs around $50 to $250.

However, the cost of hair styling differs from place to place and hair to hair. The same is true for the American hair perm. Your price will depend chiefly on the hair salon and the hairstylist.

If you get your hair done by a professional stylist, you may require more money to spend. On the other hand, getting it from a local stylist who is not too professional may cost you less.

Likewise, it also depends on the brand value of the salon. It is always recommended to go for a quality perm process by paying a little higher price if required so that you do not have to regret it later.

Olaplex perm vs American wave perm

Olaplex perm vs American wave perm

Olaplex perm is a method of getting a softer curl that is mainly applicable to heavily lightened hair. The hair will remain the same after and before the hair perm.

That is the unique feature of the Olaplex perm. Olaplex is a real bond multiplier. Furthermore, it also provides protection from hair bleaching to a great extent.

Thus, getting an Olaplex perm done on your hair will not only provide you with beautiful hair but will also ensure damage protection.

On the other hand, an American wave hair perm is all about creating soft, natural-looking and bouncy curls that provide the hair with a beautiful texture and yield damage-free hair or damage to less extent.

As the ionic solution does not contain any ammonia, the damage is lesser compared to all the other kinds of perms.

It is way different than the Olaplex perm as it does not guarantee bleaching or color protection. Thus, both are different from each other in various aspects as mentioned above.

Digital perm vs American wave perm

Digital perm vs American wave perm

Digital perms require a temperature and synthetic therapy that alters the synthesized structure of your hair.

Your hair impressionist will handle your hair with chemical substances that reform each hair strand. Later, she will utilize heated bars to roll segments of your hair.

Eventually, your hairstylist will implement additional elements to secure the state into an application. The effect is twisted hair which you don’t need to bother about for at least a year or more.

On the other hand, an American wave hair perm is all about creating soft, natural-looking, and bouncy curls that provide the hair with a beautiful texture and yield damage-free hair or damage to less extent.

It is a way different from digital perm as it does not guarantee alteration of the structure of your hair. Thus, both are different from each other in various aspects as mentioned above.