Digital Perm – Process, Maintenance and Cost

Are you thinking of getting the modern digital perm? Digital perms provide you with the opportunity to convert your straight hair into impressive, twisted links or curls.

If you’ve been going to perceive some extra twists in your beautiful hair on a regular basis, then the digital perms are definitely the direction to go to achieve beautiful beachy waves.

There are a number of items to hold in memory before you catch the leap and engage up for this particular sort of hair perm.

Read on to perceive a survey of everything you require to understand about arranging a digital perm so that you can sway your luscious locks now!

What Is a Digital Perm?

The primary idea to hold in mind regarding digital perms is everything they truly entail. Perms, in common, are a kind of hair processing you can get to produce lasting waves or curls in your pretty hair links. They typically include heat therapy in order to form the hair into a lasting wave.

Digital perms require a temperature and synthetic therapy that alters the synthesized structure of your hair. Actually, your hair impressionist will handle your hair with chemical substances that reform each hair strand.

Later, heated bars will be used to roll segments of your hair. Eventually, your hairstylist will implement additional elements to secure the state into an application. The effect is twisted hair which you don’t need to bother about for at least a year or more.

The Digital perms are distinct from the different nature of continual therapy described as cold wave hair perms.  The Coldwave perm essentially doesn’t use temperature to obtain lasting locks and twists.

They do include the utilization of elements to secure hair construction in place embracing flexible curlers or bars. These aren’t approximately as time concentrated and can appear in fixed coils.

If the concept of temperature and hair locks restructuring impulses you out, don’t bother. It is likely to prefer a salon that utilizes high-quality elements and approved heat therapy to provide you with the best obtainable appearance.

You’ll additionally need to have a discussion beforehand before registering your digital perm to guarantee it’s best for you.

Digital Perm for Long Hair

Digital Perms for long and beautiful hair tend to resemble very attractive. Still, though, some teenagers are scared of hair damage, several are willing to ignore this slight difficulty in order to resemble pretty. The long-lasting impression of this hairstyle surpasses all expectations.

Some females are so bored of waving their curling wands and purchasing costly gels to keep their hair resembling great, they are enthusiastic about anything.

If you possess dense hair, you can get the help of the tight digital perm hairdo. Teenagers with especially long hair don’t have to bother about the perm shorting their hair. Whisking the perm to one surface produces a stylish image.

If you possess consistently black curved hair, you’ll relish the wavy digital perm. The prime portion of your hair can stay clear in order to bypass severe contrast within the normal and permed hair. Experience this hair perm for at smallest 6 months.

Digital Perm for Medium Hair

Are you upset because you have medium-length hair? Well, don’t be sad anymore as there are digital perm options for you too. The brand-new Korean perm is invented only for you medium-haired ladies.

This style looks perfect on medium-length hair and lasts almost a year.

The perm procedure takes almost three long hours to complete but the end result is really magnificent. Relish the fabulous style of this hairstyle by visiting your nearest hair salon.

Digital Perm for Short Hair

Perms are usually attempted as the ultimate solution to feeble and dull hair. Although a maximum of us link perms with long-drawn flown tresses, it doesn’t perpetually have to remain long all the time.

Short perms are growing more and more demanded as Korean stars like Song Hye Kyo and  Kim Ji Won triumphantly stretch off the fashionable smaller curls.

When we speak regarding short perms, the brand-new Korean Wave Perm is one of the leading few perceptions that arrive in our thoughts.

This is perfect for those seeking to achieve a delicate, doll-like appearance; the Korean Wave Perm provides your hair with lots of amplification as the waves are very fragile.

Digital perm process

Digital perm process

The brand-new digital perm would degrade your beautiful hair to some amount which also relies on the present situation of your lovely hair. Here are the steps by which you can get an idea of the digital perm process:

  • Digital Perm includes synthetic therapies and the heat application method, though it’s the soft thermal process that replenishes your beautiful hair; giving it a sleek and polished look.
  • It commonly takes around 3 hours, which in turn depends on the hair shape, length, and frequency.
  • You may require cutting your hair before so that the Digital Perm process would produce accurate and precise curls.
  • The process also, in turn, depends on the shape of your locks and the form you need to accomplish. If your hair health is great then it usually would endure approximately 3-6 months.
  • By applying a solvent for profoundly degraded hair, it is likely to create a Digital Perm on washed and bleached hair but the consequences will not stay as pleasant as the unbleached hair. You may obtain the form to be pretty harsh.
  • Digital Perm provides a small quantity to the origin of your hair. You cannot apply it too adjacent to your scalp for protection purposes, due to its use of hot curl rods.
  • The process of Digital Perm usually endures for 3-6 months. You require to remain idle for 48 hours to counterbalance your hair. In case, your hair gets wet, you must dry them immediately.

Partial digital perm

A partial digital perm is a process where all your hair is not entirely curled but only a portion of it is done so.

The process involves the same treatments as a normal digital perm but the only thing that differs is the outcome after the procedure.

The end portion of your hair looks wavy and curly but the upper portion of your forehead is straight.

This fashion is very common among all young ladies around the globe. You can get this hairstyle from any well-known hair salon too for an affordable price. Furthermore, the risk of damage is quite less in this kind of perming.

Maintenance of Digital perm

Tips for maintaining Digital Permed hair

Here is an overview of the tips that you should keep in mind while maintaining your digital permed hair:

  • After you shampoo and condition your hair, make certain to brush and apply anti-frizz therapy to your moist hair. Then spin your locks into two huge waves and leave them to air dry naturally.
  • Once your hair is dry, very smoothly depart your waves by brushing them thoroughly with your thumbs and spraying in an arbitrary curl spray, bypassing blow-drying your hair.
  • This process not only works on digitally permed hair but there’s further a light requirement to emphasize your previously chemically accented hair. Be sensitive to it.
  • Remember one thing – all hair type does not go well with the digital perm technique. Therefore, make sure to research before obtaining a digital perm for your hair. Make sure to apply products that do not harm your hair as a result of any side effects.

Digital perm cost

The price of getting a digital perm also depends on the hair salon from where you are deciding to get a perm, but the digital perm process is normally a bit more costly than other perm.

The average price of digital perms at normal standard hair salons is $150. Additionally, some hair salons have policies where they can utilize the apparatus once at a time, in which state the amount could be a lot higher.

The time required for getting a digital perm is somewhat more than that of a cold perm. Therefore, it can be said that the digital perm method requires more time so it likewise requires more labor from the hair stylist’s end. Therefore, digital perms cost more.

On an average, Digital Perm costs anywhere from $50 to $250.

How long does a Digital perm last

A digital perm process requires a lot of time to process and involves a lot of effort.

Likewise, the digital perm results are also great.

Thus, it can be said that the digital perm technique lasts for months until you need to visit the salon once more.

From studies, it is seen that normally, digital perms last almost 6 months to one year if properly maintained.

As digital perm requires almost 28 hours to relax, therefore if you properly maintain your perm process after you get your dream hairstyle, is can be said that your hair perm will last up to 6 months without any further maintenance.

Digital perm vs Normal perm

The primary variation between the digital perm and the normal perm is the texture and shape of your hair. It is the state and the construction of the twist produced by the digital method.

A traditional perm, or “intense perm”, makes the twist most noticeable when your hair is saturated, and relaxed when it is dry and straight.

In this case, the hair tends to appear moist and saturated as your locks. Consequently, you can formulate the straight and wavy appearance of the curling rod or the heated curler.

The digital or modern perm process thermally reconditions the hair, though the substances and the processing method are similar to a cold or normal perm. You tend to get smooth, soft and delicate hair after you get a digital perm.

Here is an overview of the points that strictly highlight the difference between the cold and the digital perm:

  • The waves from this variety of perm are longer and resemble a lot more tangible.
  • The method makes hair resemble soft and glistening.
  • This variety of perm is the fittest for Asian hair and is not supported for other hair classes. Nevertheless, always verify with your hairstylist.
  • Digital perms take more time to form than cold perms and are a little expensive.

Cold or Normal Perm

  • Normal or cold wave perms are normally contemptible as compared to digital perms.
  • Waves manage to be miniature and are fully observed when they are wet.

1. Korean digital perm

The Korean digital perm is not so different from the normal digital perm. There is only one single difference.

The Korean Digital Perm produces a more voluminous and bold look than the normal digital perm.

In this case, if you have thin hair, you can still perm your hair and turn it to look more heavy and bulky.

This perm hairstyle is ideal for formal events and occasions.

Plus, this kind of perm needs more maintenance as compared to a normal digital perm. This style is also feasible for those who desire tight curls instead of loose curls. Furthermore, the style looks really good and ravishing.

2. Japanese digital perm 

The Japanese remained the earliest to include the concept of taming the hair via a constant variety of hair forms to the world.

Whether we’re speaking about hair straightening or performing waves with a hair perm, they are the ones who produced the elements and discovered the methods that the rest of the realm are practicing now.

Various Japanese guys and women now go for perms constantly. You may not understand that’s the case because the perms really look so tangible.

Associated with the super fixed digital perms of history, the Japanese present perm techniques that produce a light swing.

As maximum Japanese women take the time to tong and form their hair before moving from the house, all they require from the hair perm is something that makes it effortless to form hair and makes the styled hair remain longer in place.

In extension, their dry weather makes the small wave more than enough to provide them with an effortlessly smart look.

3. Philippines digital perm

The perm process in the Philippines is quite different from the Korean and the Japanese perms. In this case, the hair is permed digitally as the normal digital perm, and then it is further twisted and rolled at the edges to make it look compact.

This kind of hairstyle stays in place for a longer time than the other types of digital perms. The hair experts in the Philippines make use of the Keratin treatment to provide shinier and longer hair. Also, if your hair is colored and damaged from heat, they can also repair that damage.