15 Most Popular Modern perm styles | Modern Perm Cost

Perm, short for Permanent Waves has made a comeback from the retro and it is for good. Women are fawning over this style and are head over heels in love with this style. If you think Perm and 80’s go hand in hand and are a thing of the past, then think again. The modern perm is the cooler and personalized version of its predecessor.

There are different perm treatments for over-processed hair, that has been dyed, bleached, and weak. A good perm can last for six to eight months and that is a good result for spending 2 to 3 hours at the salon.

What is a Modern Perm?

Modern Perm is a better version of the 80s perm hairstyle. With more women beginning to embrace curly and wavy hair, the demand for this style has been growing.

The technology, chemicals, and curling rods used have also changed. Chemical-free perm and digital perm are also used recently. Modern perm gives soft voluminous curls instead of brittle ones.

There are 3 types of modern perms

1. Beach Wave Perm

This creates soft waves from the mid-shaft to the tips of your hair. There is no volume at the top of your head, which helps in recreating the beach look. It uses large rods to create loose waves.

2. Body Wave Perm

This style infuses volume into your entire hair and makes it bouncy. This is best for people who have flat hair and want to try some cool waves.

3. Smoothing Perm

It helps to smooth the cuticle and control the frizz of your hair. If you have too tight or curly hair which can’t be controlled, then a smoothing perm is your to-go style.

According to the style you want, you can pick your perm style. The beach wave perm is for women who want Back From Beach 24/7, while the body wave perm is for those who want to add some volume and bounce to their hair.

Smoothing perm helps to soften your hair and keep it frizz-free. Unlike traditional perm, modern perm uses a variety of tools to create a customized look.

How to Get a Good Modern Perm?

Permanent Wave is what perm stands for. So if you are considering a perm, then you ought to make sure it is the best. With that being said, a good perm is not going to cost less. Cheap perms will not give you the desired results.

So, save up and then go for it. Virgin, untreated hair is most suitable for a modern perm. However, with the advancement of technology, even highly processed hair can get a perm, but it takes longer than the former.

The first step in getting a good modern perm is selecting your stylist. Pick a stylist who has experience and knowledge of perm, so that they can guide you.

You must share your hair history with them so that they can pick the best style for your hair. Also, show them your ideas and inspirations. Be clear about what you want and don’t hesitate to ask questions.

A perm may take from 2 to 4 hours. First, a chemical called Ammonium Thioglycolate is applied over your hair. It is also called Perm Salt. It breaks the di sulfide bonds in your hair.

Then rollers and curls are used. After that, a neutralizing solution is applied which recreates the bonds, thus giving you permanent waves or curls.

After getting your perm, you must be prepared to take extra care of your hair. Use lesser chemicals so that the perm lasts longer. Nourishing hair products must be used.

Stylists recommend not deep conditioning your hair 24 hours before your perm appointment as the solution will not set well. The results of the perm are visible in 28 hours.

Experts advise you to get a good perm or don’t get one at all.

To summarize, to get a good perm you need:

  • An expert stylist
  • Preferably untreated and healthy hair
  • Patience
  • Picking the right perm
  • Inspiration
  • Money

How Much Does Modern Perm Cost?

The cost of the perm depends upon the length and thickness of your hair. The longer and thicker your hair, the higher the cost of your perm. It also depends upon the stylist you choose. A reputed and highly experienced stylist is more likely to charge you more.

The cost of perm also depends on the region and popularity. It is also based on the type of perm you choose.

Some of the types are:

The average cost of Modern perm varies from $60 to $150. 

15 Most Popular and Stylish Modern Perms

The key to getting the best perm is to pick what compliments your hair and face shape and style. With so many options out there, women are spoilt with choices. Here are the top 15 perm styles which are currently in vogue for you to choose from.

1. Dynamic Irregular Perm

Dynamic Irregular Perm

Break the boring by choosing to get an irregular perm, so that every time you style them, you get a new hairstyle. Every day is an adventure with this irregular perm style. Irregular perm looks good on a lob and medium-length hair. An asymmetrical cut makes the look pop out.

2. Perm Bob

Perm Bob

What is better than perm? Perm and Bob! These are a killer combination and are easy to style and maintain. This hairstyle is currently trending and that is not without a reason. With a nice layered cut and proper highlights, you can be completely worry-free and rock the look.

3. Root Perm

Root Perm

This is The Style for those who are in desperate need of volume. Root perm adds volume and height to your hair at the roots which are the closest to your scalp, thus giving new life to your hair.

A nice dye job and a lob along with root perm is something you would never regret. This style also looks good on long hair as it makes it look more voluminous and thick.

4. Layered Perm Waves

Layered Perm Waves

If you are looking for a style to spice up your long, straight hair, then this is your solution. Layered perm adds texture and volume to your hair and also keeps it bouncy. This style looks healthy and nourishing as it has a nice wavy look.

This style lets you try various looks like a ponytail, or updo, or even let it down with a simple side part and let the waves work their magic.

5. Large Loose Perm Curls

Large Loose Perm Curls

For those who prefer the classic 80’s rock-star look, here are large loose perm curls. These give you large and bouncy curls which look more natural. This one is easy to maintain and style. Just pull it into a pony if you want to keep the hair out of your face yet want to flaunt those curls.

6. Ash Blonde Short Perm 

Ash Blonde Short Perm

Short perms are rocking the runways. They are the best choice to add volume to limp hair. Ash blonde and shoulder-length hair are a must-try with a tight perm.

This one looks great on women in their late 20s and early 30s and requires some regular maintenance. Make sure you have healthy hair as you are giving both coloring and perm a go in a single style.

7. Stacked Perm

Stacked Perm

Layered perm is what everyone is talking about. But if you want a layered style without chopping your locks, then go for a stacked perm. In this style, rods of different sizes are used to create a variety of curls which results in a stacked style.

This creates the illusion of a layered cut. It also grows out naturally thus giving volume to your hair.

8. Soft Digital Perm

Soft Digital Perm

This style is one of the most romantic hairstyles. It gives you soft curls which begin halfway through your strands. They look effortlessly chic and sweet.

This style suits medium or shoulder-length hair the best. Digital perm is gaining more popularity as it does not use any harmful chemicals and is comparatively better than the other perm techniques.

9. Long and Deep Curls

Long and Deep Curls

Flaunt your cascading mane by getting a deep perm. It stays in place for a long time and looks extremely alluring. It does not require extensive styling, but proper care and nourishment are a must.

Use protein shampoos that keep your hair healthy and glowing. The depth of the curl depends upon the type of rod used. Smaller the rod, the thicker the curl.

10. Beach Waves with Bangs

Beach Waves with Bangs

Who does not love beach waves? Upgrade this style with cute side-swept bangs and wavy perm. This one is a long-lasting style. Wavy Beach perm is the classic style of modern perm. It gives you a natural and carefree look. It also requires minimum styling.

Let your beach waves flow and your bangs sweep people off their feet. Instead of making a side partition, make a middle partition.

Then make similar waterfall braids on either side of your head. Bring them to the back center of your head and secure them using a fancy clip or bobby pins. Pull the rest of your hair into a low ponytail or curl them into ringlets.

11. Spiral Perm Springs

Spiral Perm Springs

If you are a fan of the Retro style, then spiral perm springs are the easiest way to incorporate retro vibes in this era.

This style is not for the faint-hearted and requires confidence to carry it. The hairstyle looks layered and kinda shaggy. The spirals add an element of fun to the style and are bouncy.

12. Loose Deep Waves

Loose Deep Waves

Having long but super straight hair can become bring. Style it in loose and deep waves, which are somewhere in between straight and tight curls.

This looks gorgeous and is perfect for daily wear. Half Updos will bring out the best of this style. Make a crown braid and let the rest of your waves loose and be prepared for the waves of compliments!

13. Brushed Out Spiral Perm

Brushed Out Spiral Perm

If you are looking for an out-of-the-box perm style, then slightly brush your spiral perm which will enhance the texture of your hair. You can get a controlled frizz look right from roots to tips.

Don’t aggressively brush them out, but use gentle strokes to achieve the perfect look, just like Vanessa Hudgens did.

14. Asymmetrical Perm Bob

Asymmetrical Perm Bob

Those who love to go with the flow and like to explore the unventured will love this hairstyle. While perm gives you the required curly texture, an asymmetrical bob will ensure a cool look.

Also, get some contrasting highlights to get the best style. Some bangs at the front will give you a mysterious aura.

15. Permed Pixie

Permed Pixie

If you thought that perms are just for long-haired women, then think again. Perm looks just awesome on a pixie cut. It gives you a sophisticated yet fun look.

It requires absolutely no maintenance. Just come out of your shower, tousle your hair a bit and you are ready to take over the world. No more nonsense. Perm your pixie cut and show them you mean business!

Perm Maintenance:

Follow these tips to ensure your perm lasts long and stays better:

  1. Don’t wash or brush your hair for 48 hours after the perm. The keratin in your hair needs time to naturally harden and washing your hair will prevent it from happening.
  2. Avoid using rubber bands.
  3. Try not to use too much heat styling.
  4. Use wider combs to brush your curls.
  5. Follow hair wash with hair gel or styling mousse.
  6. Avoid coloring permed hair as it causes even more damage.

Pregnant women are advised against perm as the chemical, if absorbed into the bloodstream may affect the child. Wait until the baby is born before getting a perm.


No, a perm is not a thing of the past. It has become so advanced that it can be easily customized to suit the desired perm hairstyle for modern women. Good care and maintenance are required to keep your hair healthy and strong. It is suggested to use shampoos made specifically for curls and use less to no heat styling.

If you don’t want to heat your perm, then don’t go higher than 300 degrees while heat styling. The perm will outgrow your roots, which will give you a more natural look.

Proper maintenance can ensure that your perm lasts as long as even a year. So, break those barriers which say Perms belong in the Retro and rock your look.