Best Bangs for Wavy Hair | Bangs for Difference Face Shapes

Bangs are something that is suitable for almost all hair lengths. It can indeed be a great source of beauty for women, adding up to their gorgeousness and sheen, especially for women with curly hair.

Curly bangs can also result in wavy strands and bouncy curls producing dimensions to one’s hair. Without requiring much of an individual’s efforts, curly bangs for wavy hair can produce various cool hairstyles.

The curly hair owners are usually tentative about flaunting bangs but gone are the days when bangs used to be possessed by straight and long-haired women only. Depending upon the face shape and hair texture, one can have bangs that suit one in the best way.

Types of bangs for wavy hair

There are various bangs for different types of hair and face shapes. These may be micro bangs, fringe bangs or curtain bangs and so more. One must carefully choose the right bang for one’s face.

1. Curtain bangs

Curtain bangs are bangs that are roughly parted in the middle and feathered. This is usually for long hair and does not require a lot of effort.

2. Blunt bangs

Blunt bangs have been reputed in the olden times. These have been bold bangs that go well with most of the face shapes. However, these can be quite difficult to make.

3. Shaggy bangs

The perfect one for wavy hair. Reflecting a cool girl appearance, accompanied by a fringe, shaggy bangs can be a great option for wavy hair.

4. Curly bangs

People with curly hair are usually quite tentative about bangs. Such hair must not undergo baby bangs.

5. Thick hair bangs

For people with thick wavy hair, blunt bangs with full fringe can be ideal.

6. Thin hair bangs

For thin hair, light fringe must be preferred. For this micro bangs can also be a good idea.

7. Face framing fringe

Face framing fringe is tricky enough to transition them from flaunting those to hiding while the fringes grow.

8. Long side bangs

Long side bangs fall just below the cheekbones. These bangs appear longer as well as soft layers.

9. Feathered bangs

Feathered bangs are kind of a longer part of curtain bangs. It can be followed by various hairstyles like parting down the middle.

10. Arched bangs

As the name indicates, arched bangs resemble the shape of an arch, the length growing till the eyebrows.

Bangs for wavy hair with different face shape

Face shape is one of the important factors to be considered before getting bangs. People with different face shapes may take the help of hairstylists for new fringes.

Bangs for wavy hair and oval face

For a person with an oval face, almost all the bangs are suitable. Pin straight and airy bangs are the
best for this face shape. The following hairstyles can be considered with oval-shaped faces.

1. Full bangs with choppy ends:

The presence of choppiness in this hairstyle contributes to a soft texture. It does not even appear too heavy for one with an oval face to carry.

2. Blunt and straight across bangs:

The length of the fringes is just perfect falling towards the eyebrows followed by the fringes on either side producing a soft appearance.

3. Curtain bangs:

Curtain bangs are one of the most considered bangs. It is because of their versatile texture and suitability to most face shapes. It gives an endearing look to one.

4. Short, layered bangs:

For oval-shaped faces, short haircuts can fit the best. Through short and layered bangs, one can easily make fun hairstyles and textures.

5. Textured baby bangs:

Oval-shaped faces can carry the baby bangs in one of the best ways. Without reflecting a lot of weight and bringing about more choppiness, this can be a great idea for people with oval-shaped faces and short hair.

Bangs for wavy hair and round face

In the case of a round face, arched bangs along with the blunt cut and a curved shape to flat the round-shaped face is an option.

1. Light jagged bangs:

One with fuller cheeks can opt for this one. This produces a slight edge from the right cut and can be made layered and shaggy Bob. It can be an instance of pointedly jagged fringes.

2. Light messy horizontal bangs:

This can be ideal for both casual as well as formal settings. The front bangs in the hairstyle produce an edge to the face.

3. Cute flow side bangs:

Side bangs are great for women with round-shaped face. It produces a cute appearance followed by wavy texture.

4. Wavy and thick bangs:

This is an example of messy bangs. Being perfect for women preferring short hairstyles, this one can be given a shot.

5. Short and sweet rounded bangs:

Short and sweet rounded bangs can be fun for women admiring short hair. This gives one a fun-loving and quirky appearance.

6. Smoky long bangs:

With smoky highlights and grayish blue tones, these bangs are comparatively longer adding glamour to one’s personality.

How to cut Bangs for Wavy Hair

Certain factors must be taken into consideration before cutting bangs. The hair must not be stretched and curly hair must not be attempted to cut wet. For the purpose of cutting, one will require a pair of scissors, a rat tail comb for sectioning and clips.

Firstly, one must begin by securing the entire hair back leaving the bangs and some other longer parts of the hair. Damp your hair in order to make it easy to cut.


Separate the hair into around five sections and twist each section. One can make use of a texturizing cream. Each twist has to be secured with the help of clips and blow-dried. Removing each clip, the twists have to be massaged at their roots.

Take the help of an anti-frizz cream which will help keep the waves smooth. Combing the hair once, the bangs may produce a wavy texture.

For cutting curly bangs

One must begin by parting off the hair that has to be used to make bangs. Clipping off the rest of the hair and combing in order to make it tangle-free, it must be cut upwards and downwards.

The part of the hair that has been cut must be used as an example for the rest part to be cut. Bangs require attention and care.

One must make sure to have enough of the necessary hair sprays and serums and anti-humectants to keep these bangs frizz-free and in place.

Hairstyles for Wavy Hair with Bangs

Wavy hair with bangs can add up to one’s elegance and glamour. Numerous hairstyles can be tried by people with waves combined with bangs.

Short hairstyles for wavy hair with bangs

1. Pixie with curly bangs:

This hairstyle can be ideal for short hair. Curly Pixie accompanied by bangs can be fun without much effort.

2. New shag:

The new shag is full of waves in the hair.

3. Asymmetrical Bob:

A blunt asymmetrical cut can be an option for bangs with wavy hair that are short. It can be fun.

4. Baby Bangs:

Baby Bangs are one of the classy bangs. These bangs, however, are in need of frequent cuts and trims but produce a worthy appearance.

5. Shaggy bangs:

The addition of lots of layers and waves to the hair is a part of shaggy bangs.

Hairstyles for medium length wavy hair with Bangs

1. Baby Bangs:

Baby Bangs are curly bangs that provide one with an endearing appearance.

2. Faux curly bangs:

One with curly hair can go for this. Followed by a fringe, this hairstyle can be ideal for those who do not prefer bangs a lot.

3. Arched bangs:

Arched bangs can be ideal for medium or long-length hair. The fringes resemble the shape of an arch reaching towards the eyebrows. It provides one’s face with a flattering and pretty look.

4. Side swept bangs:

Side swept bangs is the lighter version of blunt cut bangs. This can be ideal for people with medium-length hair with long layers.

Long hairstyles for wavy hair with Bangs

1. Half up high pony with statement accessories:

This is one of the most ideal hairstyles for people with long wavy hair with bangs. This is more like a half-up style followed by suitable hair accessories.

2. Big hair bangs:

Women with curly and wavy long hair can go for big hair with bangs.

3. Best Bounce:

This bouncy hairstyle provides one’s hair with volume and texture.

4. Long layers with side fringe:

The front layers can be made use of in various ways. They can be either flaunted or clipped off absolutely from the face.

5. Thick side fringe for long hair:

These cheek-skimming bangs give a flirty and bold appearance to one. In combination with tousled layers, these can be pretty enough to carry casually.

Hairstyles for thick wavy hair with Bangs

1. Bob hairstyle:

Bob has the ability to balance the bulk in the thick voluminous hair, Bobs can be the best to flaunt one’s volume in the best and tricky way. Followed by some bangs, it gives one a bouncy and airy appearance.

2. Shoulder length wavy blonde style with fringes:

This one can be tried for all hair lengths. It is characterized by a wavy texture.

3. Mid length layered hairstyle with tousled waves:

This is quite easy to style and carry due to its medium-length strands. It is because such hair can undergo most hairstyles. One can go for a bun, braid or just curls. It can be an all-day casual hairstyle.

4. Medium wavy shag with highlighted tips:

More length, the more wavy texture and vice versa. A medium length with highlighted ends can bring about a balance in the extreme volume.

5. Medium layered hairstyle:

This one can be a great idea for people with thick wavy hair. The combination of highlights and lowlights provides texture to the hair.

6. Shoulder length Brunette lob:

This can be for those who do not want to let go of their long length. Long length followed by short strands is what characterizes this hairstyle.

7. Choppy Shaggy Honey Bronde Bob:

This is more or less like a bob, a combination of chopped layers and a shaggy appearance. Without much effort, it can be a great one.

8. Wavy chocolate and caramel Bob shag:

It is named so because of its two-toned appearance that flaunts a wavy texture and provides dimension to one’s hair.

Hairstyles for Wavy Hair with side bangs

Side bangs are one of the most alluring hairstyles. Women with side bangs can make use of those with the following hairstyles.

1. Deep side part:

Along with a deep side bang, all the hair has to be lumped towards either side, flaunting volume.

2. Eye skimming side bangs and waves:

This is characterized by thick bangs that reach the cheekbones. The fringes can be troublesome for certain people because of the fact that they can not be pulled upwards or wound up into a braid or bun yet it provides one a cute appearance.

3. Pixie cut with side bangs:

A side fringe added to one’s pixie cut can be made in order to produce a feminist appearance.

4. Jet black wispy bangs:

Long and wavy hair having side bangs can be a great idea for beach days.

5. Long layers with side fringe:

The front layers are versatile. They can be either flaunted or clipped off absolutely from the face.

6. Thick side fringe for long hair:

These cheek-skimming bangs give a flirty appearance to one. In combination with tousled layers, these can be extremely pretty.

Bangs for naturally wavy hair

1. Side bangs:

Bangs that loosely drop to the sides are side bangs. People with round-shaped can go for this.

2. Curly bangs:

One with naturally wavy and curly hair can flaunt their curls by giving them more texture. Curly bangs will be ideal for those.

3. Front bangs with big curls:

With a full front multi-colored fringe, this hairstyle produces an edge to the face and can be ideal for women with broad foreheads.

4. Side swept wavy bangs:

These curly layers are believed to add dimension to one’s face and have the ability to look good on almost all face shapes.

Low maintenance bangs for wavy hair

Not everyone has time enough to keep styling and pampering their bangs all the time. Bangs that function beautifully even after being ignored are the following:

1. Blunt bangs:

Blunt bangs do not require much attention and effort to keep. These have been bold bangs that go well with most of the face shapes. However, these can be quite difficult to make.

2. Side swept bangs:

Side swept bangs is the lighter version of blunt cut bangs. These can also be tried by most women without experiencing many variations in hair texture. It can be ideal for people with medium-length hair with long layers.

3. Piece’y bangs:

Piece’y bangs are one with blunt bangs in the front as well as at the sides.


Bangs are a kind of common hairstyle to be followed by people with any face shape, hair texture, and length. Being a reputed trend since olden times, it is still preferred by innumerable women. When rightly chosen and textured, bangs can bring out a sweet as well as a glamorous and bold appearance in people.