Top 10 Korean Perm Hairstyle for Men | Korean men perm for different hair

Korean men are famous for their huge investment in their appearance. A hairstyle, undoubtedly, plays a significant role in the determination of the personality of oneself. When it comes to Koreans, the consciousness about hairstyle is extremely common.

Perms have been a common trend among them. The trends followed by famous Korean actors and pop singers are even being followed in many places.

Top 10 Korean Perm Hairstyle for Men

Top 10 Korean Perm Hairstyle for Men

Following hairstyles have been in trend among Korean men:

1. The K Pop style

K Pop or Korean pop style is ideal for medium-length hair. The benefit of medium-length hair is that there is adequate space for creativity in the hair. It can involve various perms for getting changes in texture and volume.

The K Pop style originated from Korean music bands. Famous music bands like BTS were seen sporting this hairstyle which has been a reason behind its popularity.

2. Straight Anime look

Long hair is high maintenance. Time and attention are what keep them in place. In this case, a straight anime look can be preferred. Straight anime look includes straight hair at one side and permed on the other.

This straight side can be attained through a hair straightener by twists and twirls while the permed side may require temporary perming techniques.

Being one of the most influential hairstyles, it is one of the most creative ones too. It represents a brave, bold, and durable look and is widely sported by Korean men. Originating in Japan, straight Anime look is mainly observed in three kinds.

  • The dazzlingly colorful one
  • The straight and long and
  • The uneven spikey.

3. The ‘pretty boy’ look

The pretty boy look got famous from the reputed Korean drama ‘Boys over Flowers’. The appearance got famous from the hairstyle of Kim Hyun Joong.

The hairstyle is obtained from perm creating a voluminous illusion in the hair. It got famous for the pretty boy look name because of the innocence that this hairstyle produced in people’s hair.

4. Dandy Medium Fringe Up

Dandy hairstyle is characterized by the good boy look. With short sides and back accompanied by thick hair on the crown, this hairstyle produces a dandy appearance.

It is responsible for a first-class look with the permed hair crown. A pony accompanying the hairstyle resulted in creating a more voluminous texture.

5. Gu Jyun Pyo perm hairstyle

This came into trend following the hairstyle of the famous Korean actor Lee min Ho. It can be characterized by a slight perm that makes its styling easier. This is ideal for men with pointed faces.

However, usually, it is suitable for men around thirty years of age and with long hair. Half of the hair is stroked back in the hairstyle.

Due to the perm, waves are produced in the hair which is directed in patterns. It is a low-maintenance style and can be easily managed with the help of a pomade or a hair spray.

6. The latest Korean Hairstyle With Front Bangs

This is famous for enhancing the endearing appearance of Korean men. It is more likely to be suitable for men with chubby faces.

The forehead is invisible in the hairstyle because of the front pattern and produces an angle to the face. It produces a young boyish look on one’s face and is known to be a cool hairstyle even among American youngsters.

7. The Messy Korean look

The messy Korean look is one of the most common trends followed by almost most Korean men. Medium-length hair can carry this style in the best way. Most of the hair is inclined towards the forehead, adjusted with the help of a hair spray.

Concealing most of the forehead, it is responsible for delivering an attractive and charming look to one who sports it. Even after being considered a shaggy look by many, it is one of the finest hairstyles carried by men even in the formals.

8. The Epochal Korean Men Haircut

Epochal haircuts have been in trend nowadays. This is a combination of pompadours and bowl haircuts. Medium-length hair is best suited for getting a hairstyle. Pompadour gives an active look that is more likely to be suitable for occasions like parties or academies.

9. The Frizzy Korean Men Haircut

This has been considered nowadays following the trend of the 90s. It is a kind of medium haircut with bottle-blonde which has been frizzed out. Along with slight curling, most of the hair has been deliberately made frizzy.

For some of the famous Korean haircuts, the forehead is concealed here too resulting in an innocent appearance.

10. The Korean Mohawk:

The Korean Mohawk has been a trend since the late 2010s. Unlike the traditional Mohawk, it does not resemble the fine spiked hairstyle. Followed by suitable accessories, this hairstyle is a high-maintenance one.

Usually, the rebellious and punk guys went for this hairstyle. The hairstyle witnessed an enhancement in the trend when various celebrities, soccer players, and fashion models sported this. Short Mohawk has been categorized into many kinds.

Some of them were carried on casual occasions while others include Mohawk fade and so more. This was set with the help of a strong pomade or hair gel.

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There are a bunch of hairstyles for one to experiment with. Being a flagrant part of the body, hairstyle has a lot to do with the appearance of both men and women. While a good one gives a definition to one’s personality, the dire one is obligatory to ruin it.

The vigilance observed in Korean men about their hairstyles is rare to come across in other places. It has been a reason why Korean men have now gained popularity and the trends of the place are now being followed worldwide.