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Before we start with Asian Perm, let’s first see what a perm means. Perms are hairstyles that are produced by setting the hair in waves and curls and treating it with chemicals so that the style lasts for a few months.

So, they are basically temporary modifications done on our hair so that the style stays as our look for quite a few months. Also, there are permanent beach waves as well that will last for a very long time.

There are many types of perms such as Natural-looking curls, corkscrew curls, Finger waves, Pin curls, Spiral curls, Spot perms and Modern style loose waves.

What is an Asian Perm?

What is an Asian Perm

Let’s understand what Asian Perm is. This is the hairstyle that is often followed by the people of Asia depending on the conditions, food habits, regional ethics, seasonal attires and health and hygiene,

There are many types of Asian Perm Hairstyles such as Japanese Perms, Singapore Perms and Korean Perms. The specific types of perms used in this habitat are identified as Ceramic and Digital Perms.

Perms are not only used by just females, nowadays even males are getting attracted to perms and there are so many exclusive salons offering male perms.

Popular Asian Perms:

Some of the popular Asian Perm Hairstyles include Asian Afro perm, Asian Digital Perm, Asian Curly perm, Asian Straight perm, and Asian Success perm etc., Now, let’s explore the details of each perm mentioned above.

Asian Afro Perms:

Asian Afro perm

Asian Afro Perms are temporary modifications done on our hair to a style similar to that of the Africans. In simple words, it is the hairstyle that an Asian person trying to get a look of an African person’s hairstyle.

A change in hairstyle from the Asian Hairstyle to the African Hairstyle is possible due to Asian Afro Perms.

So, if a person having naturally straight hair wants the hairstyle to look curly or bushy types, then the preferred choice is Asian Afro Perms. As Asian hair grows naturally straight, the Asian Afro perm gives the hair a textured look.

A specific type of perm rods will be used to obtain Asian Afro Perms. There is a standard perming process is to get Afro Asian perm.

Asian Digital Perms:

Asian Digital Perms

Asian Digital Perms are perms that makes use of hot rods with the temperature regulated by a machine with a digital display.

The difference between a Normal Perm and a Digital Perm is that a Normal Perm usually requires a chemical solution for creating a hairstyle whereas a Digital Perm requires a chemical solution as well as heat, which is the reason hot rods are used.

Hence the Digital Perm is also called the “Hot Perm”. If people with straight hair or natural hair obtain curly hair by means of digital technology then it is called Asian Digital Hair.

Asian Curly Perms:

Asian Curly Perms

These Asian Perm Hairstyles are hairstyles that create soft and smoother hair with slight in-curls / out-curl at the ends. This type of perm creates a polished and youthful new look.

After trimming the hair for the perfect shape for the perm, Volume Rebounding is done to create soft, smooth hair that looks less dry and frizzy.

There are different types of Asian Hair Perms in these curly perms such as C-Curls, S-Curls, and L-Curls etc. These curls are shaped according to the letter of the alphabet present.

These Asian Perm Hairstyles are also called as Korean Perms because these perms resemble the hairstyles which are often seen on Korean People.

Asian Straight Perms:

Asian Straight Perms

Asian Straight Perms are the Asian Perm Hairstyles that resemble the straight hairstyles which are popular.

These Asian Hair Perms promise to turn wavy, coarse, or curly hair into pin-straight locks by treating the hair with chemicals that break the protein bonds in the hair that give it its shape.

These perms are also called Japanese Perms as these perms were founded by the Japanese and the method used is called as Japanese Straightening Method.

Another important thing – mostly, these perms are permanent. So make up your mind before you go for them, as some things can never be changed and your hairstyle may become one.

Asian Success Perms

Asian Success Perms

Asian success perms are our last segment Asian Perm types.

These Asian Perm Hairstyles are a mixture of Curly Perms and Straight Perms.

Asian Success Perms name was derived as this particular perm has grown in popularity and is also known as a successful perm for many people who tried it.

Many people love this perm because of its unique feature to provide the combination look of curly and straight perms.

How long do Asian Perms last?

How long does Asian Perms last

Asian hair perms typically last up to 6 months, but it also depends on your hair type, hairstylist and the kind of hair products used to obtain the perms.

Hence, it’s advisable to plan for regular checks and maintenance as suggested by your hairstylist to enjoy the perm for a longer period.

Cost of Asian Perm:

The costs of Asian Hair Perms are mainly dependent on three factors – Your hair type. Hairstylist and also the perm type and procedure you opted for.

On average the cost of an Asian perm varies from USD 35 to USD 160.

However, the price may vary further depending on the factors mentioned above; also the region where you are trying to obtain the perm will also have an impact on the cost of obtaining a perm.