Modern and Loose Stacked Perm | Stacked Spiral Perm on Short Hair

Perms have been reputed since the era of the ’80s. Unlike olden period perms, new perms have been introduced with lots of positive amendments attracting more people to experience the new zone of permanent waves.

The alterations have witnessed a focus towards a more natural and soft appearance of these permed hairstyles unlike the unnatural and poofy, one of the traditional times focusing solely on the volume and ignoring the texture.

Stack perm is one such modern form of hair perming technique that involves perming the lower and middle parts of the hair.

It may not be suitable for all face shapes and hair lengths yet it is one of the most manageable and low-maintenance forms of perm because of the curls in the lower part of the hair.

What is stacked perm?

A stacked perm is a kind of hairstyle in which the middle and bottom sections of hair undergo various curls.

It is a type of permanent wave that is designed for women with medium or long hair cut to a single length. The process is like a general perm that commences with the application of the perm lotion.

Sectioning of the hair is done by separating it into three equal sections initially followed by dividing each segment again and ending up securing each segment in the perm rods post-perming. The process ends like a traditional perm with the application of the neutralizer.

The goal of a stack perm is to create a textured and layered curly look. If well performed, the appearance reflects smooth and natural-looking curls.

What is Stacked Spiral Perm

Stacked spiral perm refers to perm with more curls at the lowers tips. In the case of a spiral perm, it requires a lot of specialized rollers positioned vertically to produce usually tight curls at the bottom and middle section of the hair.

Stacked spiral perm includes producing corkscrew pattern curls in the lower sections of the hair. It is suitable for people whose hair has the same length all across. Leaving the top portion of the hair for producing a soft appearance.

Stacked perm for different hair types

The hair quality and length differ from person to person. The determination of both is crucial to the choice of the kind of perm. Stack perm is usually ideal for hair with medium or long length.

The main process of stacked perm on any hair length begins with the even application of perm solution to hair after rinsing.

This step is followed by winding up the locks of hair around rollers. The choice of the size of the rollers depends upon the intensity of the curls. In the case of loose curls, wider rods have to be used.

1. Stacked spiral Perm for short hair

Stacked spiral Perm for short hair

Stacked spiral perm on short hair can be a little difficult as in the case of stack perm, more emphasis is laid on the inclusion of curls on the middle and bottom level of hair.

In the case of short hair too, the same process has to be followed. Beginning from sectioning the hair from the middle, each segment is supposed to be wound up and wrapped against the rods.

In the case of short hair, the hair may not take a lot of time to absorb the solution and curls. The total time required for perm may be competitively less as small segments are not to be rolled a lot. However, in the case of voluminous hair, it may take considerable time.

2. Stacked perm long hair

Stacked perm long hair

Stack perm is usually suitable for all face types. It is ideal for hair without layers, all cut in a single length. In the case of long hair, it adds up to the volume of hair.

This is the perm where the stylist focuses on the ends of the hair, making the ends enough curly and forming a voluminous illusion to the hair. The top section of the hair is not acquainted with any curl.

If done in a proper way, these perms can last up to six months providing a soft and textured look to women for a number of occasions.

Different stacked perms

Stacked perms can be performed on one’s hair in various kinds. Stack perm mainly aims at texturizing the lower ends of the hair, leaving the top section in its initial state.

Like other perms, stacked perms can be performed using the digital perm machine as well. However, this may require enough time.

1. Loose stacked perm

 Loose stacked perm

Loose stacked perms add texture, waves, and volume to hair. It depends upon the size of the roller, the curls can be kept large or loose or tight and short. Wider the perm rod, the looser the curls. Loose perms can be low maintenance too and provide a relaxed appearance.

There are numerous hairstyles to be tried by people with loose curls. Super loose stacked perms can add subtle texture to one’s long hair.

2. Stacked digital perm

Digital perm is a kind of hair perming technique in which hot rods are employed, the temperature of which is controlled and regulated by a machine displaying the temperature.

Stacked digital perm follows the same process as other traditional perms. The only difference in the process is the inclusion of heat rods, the temperature being monitored by a moderator.

Hair segments are acquainted with heat after the application of perm lotion. The perm lotion may be different from that of the normal perm.

However, the use of digital perm displays is comparatively more common in South Korea and Japan. The quality of the perm solution differs from salon to salon.

This stacked digital perm functions as reconditioning one’s hair following a thermal process. In this case, the waves and curls are more prominent in dry hair as well as smooth and shiny.

Stacked digital perm can be more expensive than other perm and requires adequate time and effort as a consequence of which the curls appear more natural and is easy to style even if the waves loosen.

Stacked Spiral Perm

A stacked spiral perm is a process of adding curl patterns to the lower ends of hair dividing the middle part of hair into various vertical sections, securing each segment of hair with the perm rods.

This requires a lot many rods to be fixed in the hair. The hair shape may appear like thin coiled curls. However, it appears less natural. Long and thin curling rods are set vertically in the hair.

Popular stacked perm products

In the case of a stacked perm, the hair products required do not vary from the products involved in a normal perm. The perming kit ( in case one is planning to get it done by oneself), rods specialized for stack perm, and clips to form hair sections.

Perm sheets

Digital hair perm machines

Hair perm solution

Perming rods

After perm conditioner


A stacked perm is ideal for people who prefer a soft appearance along with natural-looking curls. This leads to the application of perm in partial segments of hair only. It can be an ideal hairstyle for various occasions costing more or less the same as other perms.