Keratin Treatment – Process, Products, Side effects and Cost

For several ladies including, the celebrities, the code to glossy, glistening hair remains at the edge of keratin therapy. Keratin is actually a protein that is already there in your hair. Keratin hair treatment is famous in various hair salons and you can get the best Keratin treatment too.

The de-frizzing method is more prevalent than ever, but can you support it? What does it truly do, and how long-drawn will it remain? There are plenty of riddles encircling keratin remedies, so here is a handy guide for you to explain all of it.

What is a Keratin Treatment?

A keratin hair treatment is a synthetic method that softens and brightens crimped hair. Effects can remain up to six long months.

There are various distinct variants of the therapy, and your hair impressionist can customize a mixture of the method to satisfy your requirements.

Some variants of the method deliver formaldehyde when melted, but various distinct variants, like “Rio” keratin therapy, are formaldehyde-free.

No matter the formaldehyde level, on a fundamental level, keratin therapies sink into the hair follicle and inoculate porous regions with keratin, an inherent hair protein. Your hair will look better because it truly is.

Keratin hair treatments (also known as Keratin smoothing treatments) flatten out and arrange coarse or curly hair.

They’re extremely common, but these practices depend on formaldehyde (a recognized carcinogen when smelled), which is also very questionable. People who apply keratin on their locks say that their hair is softer and simpler to maintain.

The outcomes vary considerably depending on whether your hair is fine, to start with, what the actual diameter of your hair is, and what brand of keratin treatment you apply. Keratin works by softening down the receptacles that overlay to make your hair locks.

The tiers of receptacles, described as the hair cuticle, apparently assimilate the keratin, following in hair that resembles flowing and shining. Keratin further demands to make wavy hair less curly, natural to fashion, and upright in appearance.

Keratin Hair Treatment Process

A hairstylist employs a keratin hair-straightening element to your hair and then utilizes the temperature of a plane iron to seal it in. The method takes roughly 90 minutes or higher, depending on the length of your hair.

Salon keratin elements introduce  Global Keratin Complex, Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy by Coppola, Brazilian Keratin Treatment, the La-Brasiliana treatment, the Brazilian Blowout, and Brazilian Hair Straightening.

“The period of time it needs to prepare a keratin therapy depends on the direction the stylist is practicing, as well as your hair surface, and how much hair you possess,” explains Gurgov, the famous hairstylist. You can expect a total time of two to four hours in the salon.

When you visit for keratin therapy, your hair impressionist will initially cleanse your hair as the first step.

And then, the hair impressionist will either implement the keratin therapy to your dripping hair to allow the method to saturate each strand for around half an hour, or the hair impressionist will blow-dry your hair primarily and later implement the therapy. It all depends on your hair impressionist and your hair requirements.

Unlike some hair straightening treatments, keratin therapies can be performed on color-treated hair.

They go well on women (guys get them, too) with rough to stingy curled hair. If you are exhausted from striving frizz, you’ll prefer the effects of the keratin methods—they even get free of frizz in muggy or rainy climates.

You should not receive formaldehyde-containing therapy if you’re expecting or even simply attempting to hold a baby. The CDC declares that sniffing the gas can create fertility difficulties, including failure.

Furthermore, it is not suggested to receive these therapies more than two or three times a year. If you go more frequently, you will endanger the strength of your hair as it may grow fragile and tear quickly.

Keratin hair treatments do hold some advantages. By utilizing keratin in your hair epidermis and sealing it in with temperature, your hair gets on a lustrous presentation. But before receiving a method like this, it’s crucial to understand the elements required.

Some women may discover that after they receive keratin therapy once, they should keep receiving the therapy so that the heat shrinkage from treating their hair this way doesn’t show.

Keratin treatments also open hair salon workers to high levels of compounds that are poisonous over time. Before receiving a keratin method, consider seeking out a hair product that bears keratin to understand if you can obtain the lustrous locks you’re looking for.

Keratin Treatment Products

Keratin is a protein and principal ingredient in the hair, epidermis, and nails. Over time, our hair spends keratin due to thermal, synthesized, or environmental stressors.

To fight this loss and to preserve hair in the extended term, here are the soundest Keratin Treatment Products that will keep your hair plain, glistening, and wholesome.

1. Kerastase

Kérastase is one of the best keratin treatment products that is utilized in parlors and at home. Its Discipline line consists of frizz-fighting outcomes that do not alter the synthetic structure of hair, but, alternatively, make hair soft and glistening.

Building styling and manageability, stimulating hair construction, and rebuilding hydration stability, these results give you flowing hair for a greatly minor cost than any salon therapy.

Spray Fluidissime makes it simple to form, Masque feeds your hair, Fondant Fluidealiste provides it with a shine, and Kérastase Discipline Bain Fluidealiste preserves the original keratin in hair.

If applied daily, these products make straight forms mirror-smooth and shining, give waves silky, frizz-free sense, and make all kinds of hair more flexible and adaptable with every use.

Furthermore, hair gets strength for at least 72 hours from the configuration of the spiral and from the result of dampness, as well as alters the composition of the hair due to serine, glutamic acid, arginine, ceramides, and wheat protein derivative. It is a combination of evenness, agility, and compliance.

2. Hask

Produced on source of imported oils and individual constituents from around the globe, Hask Keratin Protein products present customers with high-quality salon hair care at home and at pretty affordable costs.

Hask conditioner helps to relax hair and helps to brush right after the real initial use, giving all hair types a soft, bright and frizz-free look.

Keratin protein has therapeutic qualities and shapes any hair, decreasing brittleness and promoting hair styling.

This product is excellent for over-processed and color-handled hair, as it maintains your color to last longer and preserve its form.

Unlike silicon-based conditioners, it does not provide that oily feel, entering long into the hair wave, repairing dull and broken hair from the center out with hair’s common essential nutrient – Keratin.

To increase effectiveness and produce a professional-quality blowout, implement Sleek Blow-Out Balm and The Flash Blow-Dry Spray after each wash.

3. It’s a 10

It is an exceptional nourishing method that goes on all hair kinds. Improving natural excellence, blocking hair loss and damage, preserving hair coloring, detangling it, managing frizz – It’s a 10 makes it all.

After each practice hair becomes softer and smoother, blocking split points and defending hair against heat when styling.

These products supplement bulk and reconstruct hair’s fresh look, flexibility, and surface.

Keratin repairs hair from the middle giving hair a more tangible and flexible feeling with every utilization. The soft keratin mixture will persist in your hair while it works through a flat-ironing and blow-dry system.

4. Inoar

Moisturizing and reconstructing the hair, both G-Hair and Inoar Moroccan systems include active factors that replace the keratin and seal the hair ends.

Due to specific substances (allowable limits of formaldehyde), the result of the therapy lingers much greater than any other product. Hair becomes lustrous and silky right away, and there is no requirement for additional hair styling goods.

The Moroccan Keratin Smoothing System is enhanced with White Clay and Cocoa Oil, moisturizing and nourishing hair. G-Hair Keratin Smoothing System is an important remedy that diminishes 95% of waves and frizz.

Rich in crystals, the Inoar method repairs the split hair, replaces its intensity and flexibility, and helps lower the amount of damage and broken ends. So if you are seeking a long-lasting outcome, and desire to get smooth and sensual hair, these goods are clearly appropriate for you.

5. GKhair

It repairs hair construction and fixes cut ends, blocking breakage to the hair cover. Carrying Juvexin – a keratin anti-aging protein mixture – GKhair satisfies all hair kinds and covers hair care as well as styling products.

Its unusual specifications with proteins and amino acids help to preserve the original keratin in hair and replace flexibility.

Global Keratin outputs also de-frizz, detangle, and add luster to hair due to its keratin formulation.

What is truly exceptional about this label is that it is all-natural and reasonable, and does not include any substances like formaldehyde that can break your hair from a long-term prospect.

It is suggested to use GKhair for overall improvement as well – not just for straightening your hair. It shields it from loss and aging generated by environmental agents. You can notice real changes after the initial treatment. This method definitely works.

How long does a keratin treatment last?

The Keratin hair treatment normally remains for about two to three months, or a little higher. Plus you must not assume the pin-straight hair which you can get by applying the Japanese straightening therapy.

You will essentially have to flat-iron or blow-dry your hair to make it precisely straight, or you can allow it to air dry into soft curls. Nonetheless, your blow-drying period will be carved down by approximately 40 to 60 percent. This is all because of the treatment.

No wonder, the keratin complex treatment lasts for three long months but the success of your achievement also depends on how you maintain your hair during that time.

Here are some tips to make it last for months:

How long does keratin treatment last
  • Change your pillow cover from cotton to satin. It will help in less damage to your hair and will make it last longer than three months. Plus, you need less care in this case.
  • Use the Ion Keratin Smoothing Mask to protect your hair. It will result in smooth and fine hair.
  • Wash your hair less in order to protect your hair treatment and it will, in turn, result in more mileage than usual.
  • It is suggested to use dry shampoos after the treatment. It will result in less damage and will also protect your hair from breakage and damage. In order to get bouncy and soft curls, you need to protect your hair by using this dry shampoo.
  • It is also recommended to use sulfate-free shampoos. The sulfate-free organic shampoos protect your hair from damage and will give you envious and beautiful hair which will last for months.
  • It is also suggested to apply a boar bristle brush. This spreads oils from the sources to the edges of your beautiful hair.

Keratin treatment cost

Keratin treatment cost

On average, the Keratin hair treatment costs anywhere from $200 to $800, however, this may go higher depending on the salon and city due to branding and reputation.

The Keratin hair treatment cost depends entirely on your hairstylist and the hair salon. But, generally, the hair treatment cost varies from $200 to $800. Also, the hair treatment price varies from town to town.

Keratin therapies are performed by a beauty expert range of cost according to your city, the kind of product being applied, and how costly your hair salon is. Keratin methods truncate out at $800 but can be observed for as cheap as $200.

You can further find at-home keratin therapy satchels in some drugstores and beauty stock stores. These keratin methods may be messy or hard to apply perfectly, particularly if you’ve never attended the treatment done by a trained professional.

But if you’re happy with examining it, at-home keratin methods or DIY keratin treatments are customarily cheaper than $50.

Furthermore, the price depends on your hair type and hair volume. Sometimes, the professionals also decide the price of the treatment as per your hair length.

Keratin hair treatment side effects

Keratin hair treatment side effects

The primary side-effect is that it is a synthetic regimen. Though there might not be an additional side effect like hair damage or hair loss, there have existed cases where women have grieved blemishes and related intricacies.

So this cannot be directed out and one must take this uncertainty. Though those are 1% problems and do not occur with everyone.

The exclusive matter here is that keratin treatment requires the application of formaldehyde which is a hazardous substance and might be extraordinarily dangerous to hair.

While some salons might protect it from being claimed but if we remain cautious about the goods being applied, this intricacy can be taken charge of.

Another difficulty you may encounter is the cost. They are pretty costly procedures as a lot of skill is needed which directs you to salons that then accredit you quite broadly.

Furthermore, after this therapy, one has to apply sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners which is an added area of investment and is a necessity.

So you could attach it to the cost of getting a keratin therapy performed. But in common, these sulfate-free conditioners and shampoos are totally reliable and are truly the ones that must be applied.

Keratin treatments, smoothening etc., are all synthetic based, so unmistakably their risks shall stay. We can only counter them with a healthful living style and support.

Keratin treatment at home

Keratin treatment at home

You can do the keratin treatment at home but don’t anticipate salon results. You’ll initially require to purchase the appropriate products.

Various treatments include the term “keratin,” but that doesn’t generally address them as “keratin treatments.” Your hair is shaped up of “keratin proteins,” so keratin-named goods and stocks aren’t limited. To notice the soundest results at home, take a look at the product’s element list.

A number of smoothing therapies are truly strong silicone and conditioning methods. After that, glance at the directions.

Do they provide extended directions on how to rinse, drain, and order your hair? If not, you apparently have a regular conditioning product and not a keratin product.

And even if you purchase an original keratin product, your results won’t endure as long as the hair salon variant.

Where a salon procedure can last for numerous months, at-home variants manage to deteriorate out after several weeks.

Here are the steps to keratin treatments at home:

keratin treatment process steps at home - Infographic

Step 1: Wash With a Clarifying Shampoo

Wash your hair by applying the clarifying shampoo. Recognize, this is continuing to be the ultimate time you will clean your hair for 3 days, so make it add! You need to lather, rinse, then repeat to make sure your hair is clean.

Clarifying shampoos generally extract every piece of product and debris from your hair, so after washing, your hair will really look glistening when you clean it, and will seemingly be a disorganized mess.

Do not put any conditioner after you shampoo. You need the hair to be permeable to receive the keratin treatment.

Step 2: Completely Dry your Hair

You need to dry your hair thoroughly using a blow-dryer placed on a high flame. Make certain hair is completely dry before going on to the following step. Make sure that there is no moisture left in your hair.

Step 3: Comb and separate your hair

Brush your hair using a wide tooth comb, for eliminating all twists and knots. Your hair will apparently be blown and straw-like, but do not bother – that’s all concerning to improve.

Utilizing big butterfly clips, divide your hair into 3 segments (fasten up both surfaces & maximum of the back), leaving the below section of hair dangling down.

Step 4: Apply the Keratin product

Use the keratin product to the uppermost central portion of each segment, then spread it downwards & upwards, till the intact segment of hair is covered. Strafe within the strands with your fingers to secure that all hair in the region is completely coated.

Step 5: Dry your hair on medium heat

Applying a hairdryer fixed to high velocity, but medium heat, blow dry utilizing either your hands or a released brush to comb through and raise hair as you wipe.

Step 6: Apply a flat iron to smooth your hair

Firstly, you need to apply a hair mask before you start smoothing your hair. Divide your hair into sections by using the big butterfly clips, the very process you prepared in Step 3.

To begin, you need simply the very base layers to be dangling-free. Make certain your iron is hot, and that the heat setting is no more profound than 400 degrees.

Now we will discuss the popular keratin hair treatments. Take a look at the rest of the section to know about the different types of keratin treatments that you can apply to your hair.

1. Brazilian keratin treatment

It might appear counterintuitive to apply a Brazilian Keratin therapy when our hair is previously formed up of up to 95% Keratin, but these proteins are quickly destroyed and wasted day by day.

This depravity is mostly generated by environmental pollution including applying warm styling agents and chemically processing treatments like hair perms and hair coloring. In fact, the arrangement can even be unfavorably affected by tension.

Maximum Brazilian Keratin therapies incorporate hydrolyzed Keratin proteins, which combine with our hair’s original Keratin when ignited. Recognized as the ‘sealing method’, this occurs when the hair is saturated with a Keratin therapy, drained and flat-ironed.

Reduced Keratin can cause hair to look lifeless and curly in shape, and can be greatly fragile and apt to split points. Substituting the Keratin will help restore the cortex of the hair, providing it power and a polished surface.

The modern Brazilian Keratin treatments also incorporate moderate pH amino acids, arrange the hair as well as repair it to a superior intensity which is, of course, excellent for anyone seeking to grow their hair.

2. Coppola keratin treatment

Have you ever craved that your locks were softer?  Softer?  Flowing?  Had more luster?  Coppola Keratin Treatments are your solution.

The recently reformulated, innovative Peter Coppola Alpha Keratin Repair System gives the harmless and most excellent hair healing structure possible for dehydrated, weakened, over-processed, color-treated, or curly hair.

Excellent scientific investigation into the formaldehyde & aldehyde-free and exclusive low-pH mechanism practices, blended with amino acids, all-natural keratin proteins, and other pure elements, allows hair specialists and customers alike to unleash expert-grade outcomes for good and glistening hair.

This advanced smoothing method reduces up to 95% percent of frizz, giving your hair a soft, bright and sensual look. Effects typically remain for 3 to 5 months depending on the hair type.

Coppola Keratin treatments strengthen and restore your hair, giving it a cream-like, silkier feel that everyone rhapsodizes about.

If performed at the very time, they also serve to lock in your color so it remains longer. Coppola Keratin treatments on natural hair are sensitive enough to apply to all hair kinds: pigment treated, chemically prepared, decolorized, or highlighted.

3. Organic keratin treatment

The organic keratin treatment is an innovative method that relaxes, brightens, smoothes, and makes the hair strong. It enters the hair improving internal loss and covering the hair inhibiting further loss.

The results are soft, silky and straighter hair that looks wonderful and wholesome. It is not a substance that restructures the hair.

It is a replenishing therapy that reconditions and preserves the hair from liquid and radiation damage while improving its natural luster. It is best for getting relief from frizzy, curly, broken, harmful, colorless, abused hair.

This organic keratin treatment is not changeless. It spontaneously disappears out of the hair. The twist or curl will slowly come back in approximately 3 – 6 months.

The hair will remain smooth, glistening, and good-looking. The more you get the therapy the better state the hair grows. The method also makes your hair extremely flexible. It will demand less blow drying time and the effects will be really great with a smooth or a plain iron.