Best Hair Colors for Blue Eyes & Different Skin Tones | Recommended Hair Dyes

Those blue eyes are a true killer! We bet you already have a huge list of admirers knowing at your door with bouquets of roses. If you still feel something is missing, perhaps it’s the perfect shade on your hair. If you have been looking for the right shade for your blue eyes, then you have landed on the right page.

In this article, we will cover the basic hair colors that go well with those magical blues. We shall also check detailed hair shades based on different skin tones.

Put your arms under the sun, if your veins turn blue or purple in the sunlight, it means you have a cool skin tone. Those that get to see green veins have a warm skin tone and the ones that find it difficult to guess perhaps have neutral or olive skin.

So let’s follow this same skin tone chart here also;

  • Blue or purple veins refer to cool skin tone
  • Green veins refer to warm skin tone
  • Green or Blue mixed refers to a neutral/olive skin tone

Best Hair Color for Blue Eyes

Blue eyes are most popular among Scandinavian beauties. Those blonde hair shades and blue eyes on them can take anyone’s breath away!

As per your skin tone, some of the most common shades for blue eyes are; pink, red, blue shines, ash blonde, platinum, silver shades, strawberry blonde, etc.,

All the above colors can be tried provided you know your skin tone better. We have already given you one of the easiest methods to figure out whether you fall into a cool, warm, or neutral skin tone.

We shall check the exact shades as per different skin tones ahead. But, before we proceed here is a list of common hair dyes for blue eyes!

The hair colors mentioned are some of the most preferred by blue-eyed women. As you read further, you would understand the different shades in these that go with different skin tones. Time to begin with the hair shades on blue eyes.  

Top 5 Best Hair Color Dyes for Blue Eyes

1. Platinum Hair Color

  • It is one of the recommended brands in platinum silver hair color shades
  • The unique color kit offers you pre-treatment, color cream, and post-treatment
  • The color contains moisturizing oils to keep your hair texture nourished
  • It has an advanced hair formula

2. Blue Shiny Hair Color

  • Contains no ammonia or peroxide
  • The main manufacturing is in Italy
  • You get brilliant results in no time
  • The entire process takes about 40 minutes
  • The product has earned amazing reviews from previous users

3. Ash Blonde Hair Color

  • The superior color combination nourishes your hair deeply
  • Prevents aging looks
  • Gives full gray coverage
  • Choose from a range of 50 hair shades from the same brand
  • Gives you a new style to flaunt with those blonde locks and deep blue eyes

4. Strawberry Blonde

  • Deepens your hair texture enhancing your skin tone and blue eyes
  • Gives you a healthy shine and a great color boost
  • The product contains no ammonia
  • The brand also confirms no traces of parabens, gluten, sulfates or phthalates
  • Also covers gray hair giving you a different look altogether

5. Pink Hair Color

  • A beautiful trendy shade to give you flawless tones to flaunt those blue eyes
  • It is gentle on the hair with no harsh chemicals and thus doesn’t contain ammonia, peroxide, or any by-product.
  • Gives you a total makeover with those gorgeous set of blue eyes

Best Hair Color Dyes for Blue Eyes and Light Skin

Golden blonde is one of the most preferred by women with blue eyes and why not? Those add up to the beauty of your blues and lights.

Icy hue is another shade to die for! Cool Ash-blonde and warm tones of strawberry blonde are a perfect choice too. Check out some of our best recommendations for hair colors.  

Top 3 Hair Color Dyes for blue Eyes and Light Skin

Best Hair Color Dyes for Blue Eyes and Tan Skin

Honey or caramel shades in blonde suit the best on people with tanned skin and blue eyes. You may even try tints of strawberry blonde if you have deep blue eyes.

Blue eyes and tanned skin are a perfect exotic combination with which you can also try pastel purple or peachy pink.

Top 3 Hair Color Dyes for blue Eyes and Tan skin

Best Hair Color Dyes for Blue Eyes and Warm Skin

Warm skin and blue skin don’t have to think of anything but copper! It gives a flawless look to your skin and those blue eyes just look like being hired from a fairy tale character.

You can also try warm brown tones, golden blonde, ginger, red, and burgundy. All of them fit well with the awesome combination of blue eyes and warm skin tone.

Top 3 Hair Color Dyes for blue Eyes and warm skin

Best Hair Color Dyes for Blue Eyes and Fair Skin

Red hair is a big YES for blue-eyed and fair skin beauties! Blonde is a versatile color and so you may stick to that for this combination as well.

Those with white pale skin can also try cinnamon brown to enhance the beauty of their blue eyes. Let’s get to the recommended hair shades for this combination.

Top 3 Hair Color Dyes for Blue Eyes and Fair Skin

Best Hair Color Dyes for Blue Eyes and Olive Skin

Olive is a rare neutral balance that not everyone is fortunate to have with those dazzling blues eyes. Avoid going for yellow shades as that will take away your uniqueness.

You can stick to caramel brown, mocha, auburn, rich dark brown, and other similar choices of hair shades.

Top 3 Hair Color Dyes for blue Eyes and olive skin

Best Hair Color Dyes for Blue Eyes and Cool Skin Tone

Neutral Ashy brown hair colors give a perfect look to blue/violet and gray eyes. The dark brown color gives a beautiful contrast to those stunning blue eyes.

You can also try Ash-blonde, Platinum, Blue, Lavender, and similar shades in hair colors for a perfect hairdo.

Top 3 Hair Color Dyes for blue Eyes and cool skin tone

Best Hair Color Dyes for Blue Eyes and Red Skin

A perfect combination of blue eyes and red skin for hair colors mocha brown, violet reds, and cool icy blondes are the right choice!

Avoid too dark blondes and deep shades with red skin undertones. If your skin looks reddish under the sun, it means you have cool skin with a cool face!

Top 3 Hair Color Dyes for blue Eyes and red skin

Best Hair Color Dyes for Blue Eyes and Yellow Undertone Skin

Yellow undertone skin tone means you have warm-toned skin. To make those yellow undertones sing with blue eyes, go for hair shades like honey gold, reds, oranges, and amber.

Some shades of red purples, green moss, olive, and fern will go well too.

Top 3 Hair Color Dyes for blue Eyes and yellow undertone skin

Final Words:

We have recommended the best hair colors for you for different skin tones and those frozen blue eyes. With the above recommendations, there is no way that you won’t go unnoticed by admirers. If you don’t have these hair shades with you, it is time to click on the recommended product links in the article and gather some for a complete makeover. Go flaunt your looks confidently now!

If you found the article informative, care to share it with others too. There are many like you who would be striving to find the right shades to flaunt those blue eyes and gorgeous bodies.