Best Hair Colors for Green Eyes & Different Skin Tones | Suitable Hair Dyes

Green eyes are a blessing to those who have them naturally. Since that eye color is rare it holds great importance in looks and personality. We bet those compliments from your admirers will never fall short. However, if you add the right colors to your hair in sync with your green eyes, it will be an add-on to perfection!

Hair color makes a huge difference to your personality. Green eyes are gifted to people with different skin tones. Thus, our guide will help you further on the hair colors, dyes, and shades that go well on green eyes as per the skin tones.

We bet after reading this detailed guide, you will be more confident in picking the right color for your hair that will balance those gorgeous scenic green eyes and skin tone.

Let’s get started with the discussion of hair color dyes for green eyes based on different skin tones. We have chosen some of the most common skin tones with green eyes such as Light skin, Tan skin, Warm skin, Neutral, Red, White, Medium, Undertone skin, and Yellow undertone.

Best Hair Color for Green Eyes

As we saw that the selection of your hair color or dye doesn’t just depend on your green eyes; one must also check the skin tone to match the eyes and hair color.

However, you must always avoid silver or grey shades with green eyes as they won’t complement well to your personality.

Colors that are warm, golden, or bronze hues are highly recommended for people with green eyes. To give you an easy chart, below are some of the most preferred hair colors for green eyes;

Top 5 Best Hair Color Dyes for Green Eyes

1. Ash Brown/Blonde

  • The hair dye is cruelty-free and doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals
  • The brand has the option of 32 mixable shades to choose from
  • The dye is ammonia free and does not contain any artificial fragrance, parabens, heavy metals, sodium sulfate, etc…
  • People with gray hair can also apply it as it covers 100% gray hair

2. Rich Chocolate Brown

  • The product enjoys 4-star ratings on top E-commerce sites
  • Some of the main ingredients that the dye consists of include, water, propylene carbonate, sodium hydroxide, malic acid, EXT. violet 2, orange 4, yellow 10, etc…
  • People who have already colored their hair can also use this product safely on colored hair
  • Deepens the brunette tones in 2 to 3 minutes
  • Nourishes the hair deeply causing no damage to the surface

3. Light Brown

  • Contains natural ingredients
  • Comes in multiple formulations
  • Gray coverage
  • Gives superior highlights
  • Can be used on bright-colored hair and ombre hair color too

4. Wild Cherry

  • Gives hair a perfect and sensual look with those magical green eyes
  • Contains no alcohol
  • Contains no ammonia and peroxide
  • The color is a wild cherry to give a perfect red color hair
  • Semi-permanent in nature so that you can try different tones next time easily

5. Dark Auburn

  • Helps strengthen the hair and gives a brilliant lustrous shine
  • Stays with you for up to 8 weeks
  • Covers 100% gray hair
  • Does not lead to hair breakage
  • Helps repair any damages and balances the loss of texture every time you color
  • Gives a natural look with those rare green eyes!

Best Hair Color Dyes for Green Eyes and Light Skin

Not many understand the difference between fair skin and light skin. To share a tip to distinguish between the two, people with fair skin tones have a porcelain type of complexion whereas people with light skin have slightly darker skin tones.

Light browns go very well on people with green eyes and light skin tones. Blondes are add-on highlights to go with. Both, light browns and blondes match perfectly well with those majestic green eyes!

Top 3 Hair Color Dyes for Green Eyes and Light Skin

Best Hair Colors for Green Eyes and Tan Skin

Most hair experts will recommend deep-toned chocolate in brown shades to add to the beauty of hair overall with green eyes. Some even go for champagne and beige which have proven to be excellent in looks as well.

Ask your hair expert if you can also try warmer blonde hues as it suits some the best! Those warm blonde shades bring a golden fleck to those green eyes.

In short, all the types of brown shades that begin from light to dark would suit people with tanned skin and green eyes.

Top 3 Hair Color Dyes for Green Eyes and Tan skin

Best Hair Colors for Green Eyes and Warm Skin

If you have a warm skin tone with green eyes, deep brown hair shade looks just perfect. Choosing rich shades as based colors would be a wise thing to do for these skin tones.

Rich shades such as golden blonde, copper ombre, pure jet black, mahogany, chestnut, darker hues of brown, and auburn. All the mentioned shades complement well with people with warm skin tones and green eyes.

You may even try caramel shades or bronze that are a little darker than your skin color. Some people even experiment with classic red shades with golden highlights that balance well on them.

If you have a warm skin tone and green eyes, just avoid ash brown, cool red, and anything with a violet undertone. Those would make your skin and face look pale and ill.

Top 3 Hair Color Dyes for Green Eyes and Warm Skin

Best Hair Colors for Green Eyes and Neutral Skin

People with green eyes and neutral skin are fortunate as any vibrant and rich hair color like auburn red or chestnut brown suits them. These shades add some warmth adding a perfect balance to the glow around those pretty eyes color.

It is easy to know if you have a neutral skin tone. People who tan easily and do not burn have a neutral or warm skin tone.

Skin tone is the most versatile in the world. Hair shades such as olive green, red, yellow, orange, off white and cream, blend well with neutral skin and green eyes.  Some even go for shades of red.

Top 3 Hair Color Dyes for Green Eyes and Neutral Skin

Best Hair Colors for Green Eyes and Red skin:

People with red undertones go for cooler shades such as cool icy blondes, violet reds, and mocha browns.

It is only for people with darker skin tones, we recommend staying away from medium and dark blondes. It is because blondes wash away the contrast that goes with your personality and green eyes.

People who have red undertones must go for deep or bright reds or browns. Some good hair experts also recommend shades of maroon with warm red undertones.

Top 3 Hair Color Dyes for Green Eyes and Red Skin

Best Hair Colors for Green Eyes and White Skin

White and fair skin complexions go hand in hand. If you have green eyes and a white complexion, neutral light blondes or pale shades of red look just fine. You may even try light, medium, or dark ashy brown.

One more way of flaunting your skin with green eyes is if you avoid colors that do not make you look like a corpse.

Avoid darker hair colors that will make you super fairer like a ghost. Hair colors that are a no-no for white skin are very dark shades of black, intense jewel tones, and dark brown.

Top 3 Hair Color Dyes for Green Eyes and White Skin

Best Hair Colors for Green Eyes and Medium Skin

People with medium warm skin tones must try to choose red, orange, or yellow colors to suit those magical green eyes. Your skin adds on to look flawless, bronzed, and attractive.

However, avoid a shade that is too yellow. They may also choose a neutral or ashy blonde shade for a deeper base color.

Medium skin tones with green eyes also look amazing with hair color combinations like coppery blonde and dark-blonde balayage. However, they must avoid ash blonde. You may also try sand, wheat, or beige colors that blend well with your skin and make it look natural.

Top 3 Hair Color Dyes for Green Eyes and Medium Skin


Best Hair Color Dyes for Green Eyes and Yellow Undertone Skin

For making that yellow undertone and those green eyes look natural, you must try for hues that are cool in looks. Examples are honey, strawberry blondes, cool beige-brown, rich browns, and golden copper.

As you have skin with yellow undertones, warm colors like red, orange, and yellow would look flawless too along with those green eyes.

Black would be too vague to apple on hair with this skin tone. Similarly, you must also avoid ash blondes or any random shade of brown. These hair colors will make your personality look washed out.

Top 3 Hair Color Dyes for Green Eyes and Yellow Undertone Skin

Final words:

Now that you are aware of all the color shades that go on green eyes as per different skin tones, it would be easier for you to find the most suitable for you. We suggest you still take a second opinion from a hair expert.

They deal with colors and clients daily and thus, they are aware of every skin tone and the matching hair colors. You may select your favorite shades and take those to your trusted hair expert for his opinion.

No matter what hair color you choose as per your skin tone, you also need to remember that different people react differently to hair colors. It may be because some may be allergic to the chemical substances present in the dyes. Thus, a second opinion from an expert is a wise thing to do.