Chocolate Brown Hair Dye – A Complete Guide | How To Dye Hair Chocolate Brown?

Brown hair color has finally moved past the misconception of being that basic hair shade. It has beauty and attractiveness that makes it a hair color that will last a long time. Chocolate brown is what you can call the cream of the crop. 

It is in high demand because it has an almost universal fit for women all over the world. You can rock chocolate hair color with nearly all skin complexions and look beautiful. Chocolate hair dyes are also easier to use on a wide range of hair colors.

So, if you’re thinking about changing your hair color, wondering whether chocolate brown hair would suit you, or interested in knowing how to use chocolate hair dye, you’re in the right place. 

This post answers all the questions you might have about chocolate hair dye, and even those you probably never thought of, but need to know. 

Is Chocolate Brown Hair Warm or Cool?

Haven’t we all asked this question at one point? You’re probably unable to make up your mind about whether chocolate brown hair is cool or warm, and that’s because it is both, or at least it can be.

One certain thing is chocolate brown is not as warm as mahogany and chestnut, or as cool as caramel brown or blonde. It is basically a mixture of both. When it has red and warm golden tones, chocolate brown hair is warmer than when it doesn’t.

So, the fact is that you’ll find a list of warm and cool chocolate brown tones, which makes it a great match whether you have a cool or warm skin tone.

What Skin Tone Does Chocolate Brown Hair Suit? 

It is only right to follow up with this question because you need to find the perfect chocolate hair color for you.

Your tone is the major deciding factor when it comes to how well chocolate brown hair will suit you, and what chocolate hair color dye to choose.

If you have an olive complexion, your skin does well with chocolate hair color that has highlights. Ombre, for instance, is a great hair effect you can add to your chocolate hair to add a shimmering tone.

If you are fair-skinned or have very pale skin, you definitely look great with dark colors, so you can add some auburn undertones to your chocolate hair for a stylish fit.

Dark-skinned people often have zero issues blending with chocolate hair color dye, no matter the shade. However, you can add warm red tones to create an accent against your skin tone.

Beyond your skin tone, we have discovered that age and eye color are also worthwhile considerations when choosing chocolate hair dye. 

Hair experts say warm colors look best on older people because they aren’t harsh, and they don’t showcase skin tome imperfections as much as cool ones. 

As for eye colors, people with golden brown, green, hazel, or flecked eyes will often look better with warmer chocolate brown tones. Meanwhile, cool chocolate brown hair tones are great for people with extremely light eyes such as blue and grey, or dark eyes like black and dark brown.

So, whether you are fair-skinned, dark, or olive-skinned, chocolate brown hair suits you. It’s all about the tones and shades.

What Color Does Your Hair Have to Be to Dye It Chocolate Brown?

Yes, the all-important question. Will your hair take the chocolate brown dye well? Will you have to bleach your hair before application? Will your hair become a mess if you try it on your natural hair color?

Well, mostly not!

Chocolate brown, which is a level 4 to Level 5 brown hair is one of the easiest colors to get on your hair. The dye also works on nearly all hair colors without needing to first bleach your hair, except for people who have very light blonde hair and very dark black hair.

Chocolate brown hair dye works seamlessly on blue hair, pink hair, silver hair, and other hair shades. 

However, if you have very light blonde manes, you’ll need to first dye your hair light golden brown before adding the chocolate brown dye.

If you use the chocolate brown dye directly on your light blonde hair, you might get a flat and dull color without red tones, or very red hair without any brown appearance.

If you have naturally black hair, the chocolate brown color might not have any effect on your hair, which means you might either have to bleach your hair before applying the chocolate brown color or apply an auburn or light reddish-brown hair dye to get a chocolate brown color.

Will Chocolate Brown Hair Dye Cover Red?

So, what if you have red hair, but you’ll really love to rock the chocolate brown color for a few weeks?

We know that red isn’t the easiest color to remove, just as it isn’t easy to maintain when it’s an artificial color. 

However, changing your red hair color into chocolate brown depends on the intensity of your current red hair.

If you’re opting for a light brown color, you would need bleach to lift the red color before applying the dye. But since chocolate brown is mid-range, your red color will determine whether you can apply the dye directly or you would need to lift the color. You can seek advice at a hair salon to be sure.

Depending on how light or dark your red hair is, you can also skip the bleaching process and apply the chocolate hair dye.

Bear in mind that the red tones will most likely be visible even after you apply the dye, due to all the pigments in your hair. But if it comes out right, the result would be a warm chocolate brown color with red tones- no harm there!

Just as the green color works as a corrector to neutralize redness, the brown color also delivers a strong brown tone to red hair, depending on how much of it you apply.

If you choose a brown dye with ashy tones because they will deliver better coverage, and the result won’t be darker or warmer than you want.

You must remember that because red pigments are tinnier than brown pigments, brown color will always wash out before red. Also, not all brown shades can cover red hair.

So, what if you have to fade your red hair color before applying the chocolate brown dye?

If you have to fade off your red hair color before applying the chocolate brown hair dye, then you can either use regular bleach or a bleach wash.

A bleach wash is great if you only want to fade your color by one or two levels. (A bleach wash is a combination of a bleach mixture and shampoo that can be applied to your wet hair) However, If your red hair needs a lot of lifting, you’ll have to undergo a full bleaching process.

Top 5 Chocolate Brown Hair Color Dyes

  1. L’Oreal Paris Excellence Creme Permanent Hair Color
  2. Naturtint Permanent Hair Color 6GM Chocolate Brown
  3. Bigen Powder Hair Color #45 Chocolate
  4. Schwarzkopf Simply Color Permanent Hair Color, 3.65 Dark Chocolate
  5. John Frieda Precision Foam Color, Dark Chocolate Brown

How Do I Dye My Hair Chocolate Brown?

To dye your hair chocolate brown, you can either choose to blend two or more shades to achieve it or buy a dye that already comes in chocolate brown. It is always best to buy the exact color if you don’t have experience in mixing dyes.

Step by Step Process to Dye Hair Chocolate Brown

How do I dye my hair chocolate brown - step by step
  • Put on your gloves before you begin handling the hair dye.
  • Start by pouring your chocolate brown hair dye into a plastic bowl.
  • Add a developing cream (peroxide) between 20 and 30 volumes and mix them. Developers above 30 volumes could damage your hair.
  • When you buy a complete dye kit online or from a hair salon, you’ll find everything you need in the box, including directions on how to mix them.
  • To apply the dye, divide your hair into separate sections and apply the mixture to your hair using a dye. Ensure to cover the entire surface, beginning at the roots and applying to the end.
  • The dye should sit in your hair for between 30 and 50 minutes, depending on the instructions on the dye box.
  • When the time is up, wash off the dye with enough water and a shampoo or rinse cream.

How Long Does Chocolate Brown Dye Last?

Several factors will affect how long your chocolate brown dye will last, including the type of dye, the nature of your hair, and your management habits.

First, permanent dye lasts more than semi-permanent dye, and it can last for 6 to 8 weeks before you’ll need to re-dye or top up the color.

Also, your natural hair color can affect how long the dye will last. If your natural hair color is bright like red or blonde, the hair color is expected to last between 3 and 4 weeks before it starts beginning to fade.

If your hair is on the darker side, like black or dark brown, you can expect it to last for 6 weeks before it begins to fade.

The texture of your hair also contributes to the dye’s lifespan. More porous hair absorbs dye better, and will therefore last longer.

Some other factors at affect how long your chocolate brown is how often you wash the hair, what hair products you use, and whether or not they are tailored for colored hair.

Exposure to sunlight and seawater can also cause your hair color to fade faster.

Does Chocolate Brown Hair Fade?

Yes. Chocolate brown hair color fades, even if you use a permanent hair dye because no hair dye is truly permanent. It will fade with time and look less shiny and bright than the original shade.

As we stated earlier, the nature of your hair and other habits can make chocolate brown hair fade

However, it isn’t a hopeless situation, because you can refresh the color when it fades, either by adding more dye to your scalp or using a toner to improve your hair color.

You can only use hair products that help to nurture the brown color. Color-safe shampoos and conditioners will reduce the pace at which the fading happens.

What Color Does Chocolate Brown Fade To?

What color can you expect to see when your chocolate brown hair color fades? 

You will most likely see orange as your hair dye fade. This is because chocolate color hair dye has an underlying orange pigment that will begin to show through after exposing your hair to the elements or intense washing. 

For a darker brown dye, you can expect to see a red color when the dye fades

What Is the Best Chocolate Brown Hair Dye?

If you’re ready to get chocolate brown hair color on your manes, here are the 5 best chocolate brown color hair dyes from top brands you can use to deliver the beautiful color to your hair.

#BrandChocolate Brown Dye
1L’OrealL’Oreal Paris Excellence Creme Permanent Hair Color
2NaturtintNaturtint Permanent Hair Color 6GM Chocolate Brown
3BigenBigen Powder Hair Color #45 Chocolate
4SchwarzkopfSchwarzkopf Simply Color Permanent Hair Color, 3.65 Dark Chocolate  
5John FriedaJohn Frieda Precision Foam Color, Dark Chocolate Brown  

Final Words:

You have now been equipped with all you need to know about chocolate hair dye and how to get it. Remember to exercise a lot of care if you’re doing your hair dye by yourself, to avoid damage, especially if it is your first time.

After getting your beautiful chocolate hair color, maintain it with the right products, and avoid washing your hair too frequently so you don’t lose the color too quickly.