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Hair Dyeing probably sounds like a recent fashion fad that emerged a few decades ago. But history tells an altogether different fable. There are shreds of evidence that in 1500 BC, the Egyptians used Henna on their hair to cover their grays.

In the latter years, the Greeks and Romans who were pre-occupied created permanent Black hair dyes. After a few hundred years, the hair color choices of our ancestors shifted from Black.

In 300 BC, prostitutes in The Roman Empire had to color their hair yellow to indicate their profession. This was achieved either by wigs or by mixtures made from ashes of nuts or plants.

It is during Anno Domini 500 to 1500, that redheads emerged as a result of genetic mutation. The hair color was not accepted at first and the women were suspected of being witches. It was during the later decades that red hair became trending and many women started going crazy over this style.

Mahogany; Not just another shade of Brown. It is a name that sounds exotic, classic and so elegant. The color is derived from the wood of the Mahogany tree, which is used for expensive pieces of furniture. This wonderful shade looks royal on hair just as it does on furniture.

The color Mahogany is a rich blend of simple brown and rebellious red and some vibrant violet colors. This color suits a variety of skin tones and undertones because of the fact that Mahogany has both warm and cool undertones, unlike its sister hair colors Auburn, Orange and Deep Red.

Coloring your hair Mahogany is suitable for all seasons but gives you the best experience in Fall when the temperature is much cooler and you would be able to flaunt your hair in a better way.

Mahogany Hair Revolution

There is no proper evidence to let u know about the exact period of the evolution of the hair color Mahogany.

But after an analysis of the hair color trends, we can say that crimson was a popular shade in the 50s which slowly in the later decades was experimented with blending colors such as brown, purple and even black. This evolved into the hair color we today call Mahogany.

This color is not a sign of rebellion, unlike its predecessor crimson red. Mahogany is a subtle color. Because of its subtlety, elegance and classic nature, many women began dyeing their hair in various shades of Mahogany which was the beginning of the Mahogany Revolution.

Today, this has become a wide-loved and popular hair color among women of all ages and skin types, all thanks to its characteristic of bringing out the best in every lady.

What color is Mahogany Hair?

Mahogany Hair Color

This delicious blend of Red and Brown is a great change if you feel you have plain and boring hair color.

So, what exactly is this shade? To get a proper reference, you can check out Mahogany wood.

In layman’s terms, Mahogany is a deep, reddish-brown shade. It combines the pros of brown hair and red hair color. It helps you step out of the simple Brown hair yet not scream for attention, as the bright red shade sometimes seems.

In other words, Mahogany is a color customized for those who want to experiment with something new without seeming too outrageous. Mahogany is a classic hair color.

How to Get Mahogany Hair Color

After you have decided that Mahogany is the color that will accentuate the beauty of your luscious locks, the question pops out, HOW? There are many ways to get the mahogany hair color of your choice, depending on your natural hair color.

Then again you find yourself at another crossroads:

  1. Dyeing at home
  2. Dyeing at a Salon

1. Dyeing Mahogany Hair Color at Home [Step-by-Step Process]

With the increasing popularity of Do It Yourself (DIY) techniques, many prefer to color their hair at home. This has become simpler with the emergence of one-step hair color dyes and hair color shampoos which are marketed by popular brands.

These are cheaper than the salon versions but have the cons such as too much work and sometimes the advertised effect seems like a work of fiction and the outcome is entirely different from that on the box of the hair product.

However, being aware, using proper techniques, and knowing the knacks such as :

Dyeing at Home
  1. Buy a shade lighter than the color you wish to achieve as the shade tends to become darker.
  2. Neutralize your natural hair color by knowing your underlying Hair Tone, which may be the cause for the difference in your resultant shade.
  3. Blond Hair needs to be colored Golden or Copper before using a Mahogany dye.
  4. Brown Haired women just have to apply the right shade of Mahogany.
  5. Brunette and Dark Brown Hair needs to be pre-lighted if you want to get lighter shades of Mahogany as shades lighter than your hair color will not be absorbed properly.
  6. Mahogany Shades darker than your hair will give you a more vibrant tone with better red and violet hues.

The Process Of Dyeing:

  1. Detangle your hair and divide it vertically and horizontally, i.e., into four parts.
  2. Make sure you have proper gloves and shoulder and neck covers. Also, apply Vaseline to your neck and hairline to prevent the color from getting absorbed into your skin.
  3. Start by dying a single section after clipping the other 3 parts.
  4. Just follow the steps on the box to color your hair, section by section.
  5. Use a sulfate-free shampoo to rinse your hair after an hour or two after the color gets completely absorbed.

2. Dyeing Mahogany Hair Color at a Salon

Well, if you chose this option, you picked the simpler one which is a bit heavy on your wallet.

But the pro is that you get to relax and the process is hassle-free and you have the liberty of leaving the worry to your stylist after specifying the color you desire.

The choice of Salon and Color is probably the only decision you will have to make if you plan to dye your hair Mahogany in a salon.

Popular Mahogany Hair Colors

There is a wide range of hues in the shade of Mahogany which is obtained by altering the amounts of red, brown and purple. They vary from light to deep Mahogany with many shades in between. Some of them are:

Popular Mahogany Hair Color

1. Chocolate Mahogany Hair Color

This is an excellent choice for brunettes who want to enhance their prevailing brown shade with a hint of Mahogany. Chocolate Mahogany is a warm and rich shade.

You can also add golden highlights to this shade. This hue is perfect for colder seasons. The blend of chocolate and mahogany can be amplified if you show it off in luxurious loose waves.

2. Red Mahogany Hair Color

Red, in general, is associated with love and sensuality. When combined with Mahogany, the shade becomes simply an irresistibly sexy look overflowing with a sense of allure and luxury.

3. Mahogany Chestnut Hair Color

This is a very easy shade to achieve and looks very natural. This is a great choice for women with dark red or brown. The pro is that touchups are not required for a long period of time.

3. Light Mahogany Hair Color

This shade is best suited to women with naturally dark hair colors. It can transform your raven-like locks to soft brown beauty without any hassle.

4. Dark Brown Mahogany Hair Color

Blondes and Brunettes can try this color, for this gives an amazing, luscious and rich color to your hair. Style this with layered hair and be prepared for a wave of compliments you will get flooded with!

5. Copper Mahogany Hair Color

You can achieve this blend by keeping the roots in Mahogany while dyeing the tips with a copper color. This gives you a fiery look. Also, this look can create the impression of a redhead minus the maintenance expenses.

6. Cherry Mahogany Hair Color

If you are naturally blond or if your hair was dyed blond previously, this is the best shade of Mahogany for you. The mix of cherry color with mahogany gives you a soft shade and a cute look.

7. Purple Mahogany Hair Color

As Mahogany is a color formed with a blend of purple with red and brown, an increased amount of purple in the composition truly gives you a look that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Unlike blond and brunette hair colors which make the purple shade look outrageous, Mahogany blends well with Purple and looks just amazing.

8. Auburn Mahogany Hair Color

Giving some auburn highlights to mahogany hair is the simplest way to get a coppery look. The combination of these two sister hues results in a great look.

9. Honey Mahogany Hair Color

Blond shades like honey help you to create a statement when mixed with mahogany. Thin honey highlights are a lovely way to get a magnificent mane.

10. Burgundy Mahogany Hair Color

To create an amazing style, use the balayage technique to mix shades of burgundy and mahogany. Mixing the subtle mahogany with the trendy burgundy will give you a cool look.

Natural Mahogany Hair

Natural Mahogany Hair

Our lifestyles and the consequences have forced us to rethink and choose healthier and better options. The shift has been from instant results to natural results. This craze for Natural Products has seeped into the Hair Color Industry too.

Before talking about Natural Mahogany Hair color, one needs to understand what the term Natural means in the world of hair coloring. It is not all herbs and plants. It is usually a word used to lure customers into buying and is just another marketing ploy.

To change the color of your hair, some chemicals like peroxide. They help to bleach out the original color of your hair and help the hair dye you apply to get absorbed and last longer.

It is because changing natural hair color is difficult, just like changing the color of your skin, as the former, just like the latter is colored with melanin which is a chemical produced by the body itself.

The word natural may mean that the manufacturer had added some essential oils into the original formula, though they may have less or even no effect on the coloring part, to secure the term Natural Color for their hair dye. Or the basic product could be plant-based and some irritating chemicals have been swapped with small amounts of natural ingredients.

This can question the actual working of the dyes which do require chemicals to remove the natural color of your hair and allow another color to penetrate.

However, if you want to have a go at these natural products, there are few genuine products available that have small amounts of chemicals that will not compromise either the process of coloring or your health.  Here are some of the options you can try:

Is Henna one of the options?

It is definitely a big NO! Henna suffocates your hair and acts as a varnish and prevents any other color from being absorbed into your hair because the alkali present in hair colors cannot penetrate through Henna, and you end up with unexpected shades.

If you want to stay Brown and do not care about dimensions and hair tones, then you can try Henna, but that probably will be your last experiment.

So what are the other Natural options to dye your hair Mahogany:

1. Changing Hues:

If you have brown hair or auburn hair and want to go to Mahogany, it is called the shift in hue. To do this, you can use gloss or temporary colors which are made from natural pigments and do not contain ammonia.

2. Permanent Coloring:

If you want to change your hair color permanently, select hair dyes that have minimal amounts of ammonia, parabens, resorcinol, PPD, phthalates or gluten, as these are chemicals that can cause maximum harm to your hair.

Mahogany Vs Auburn

Mahogany Vs Auburn

To differentiate between these two shades which are both a blend of red and brown. The difference in the colors is due to the amount of brown and red in them.

As evident from the above pie-charts, Auburn has domination of Brown over Red, whereas Mahogany is a mixture of Red, Brown, and Purple where the amounts decrease from red to purple.

Best Mahogany Hair Dyes from Popular Brands

Mahogany is one of the best colors to dye your hair. So what are the best products which provide this shade? Here is a list of some of the best Mahogany Hair Dye Products:

Brand Mahogany Hair Dye Name
GarnierGarnier Herbashine Ice Mahogany Brown 415
L’OrealL’Oreal Feria – 41 Crushed Garnet (Rich Mahogany)
Light Mountain NaturalColor the Gray! Hair Color & Conditioner Kit, Mahogany hair color
LogonaHerbal Hair Color, Mahogany
NaturtintPermanent Hair Colorant, 5M Light Mahogany Chestnut
RevlonColorSilk Hair Color 32 Dark Mahogany Brown
ShwarzkopfSchwarzkopf Color Mask Warm Mahogany 586