6 Rare Natural Hair Colors & Recommended Hair Dyes with Nearest Match

Rare natural hair colors may not be as weird as you think. To some, these are cool and trendy hair shades that they have longed to try.

Some unique natural hair colors are eye-catching whereas some are taken as an inspiration to try by others as a hair color.

We do not offend anyone for having a crazy natural hair color. Many people are desperate to try these on them in the form of temporary or permanent hair dyes.

In this article, we shall discuss the various rare hair colors that some people have naturally. These have proved to be trendsetters for many, in the world of hair dyes.

Many companies considered manufacturing these shades as hair dyes to meet the demands of people who wanted to color their hair matching these natural and rare shades.

6 Rare and Unique Natural Hair Colors

1. Red Natural Hair Color

red natural hair color

Red is treated as the rarest natural hair color in the world.

It doesn’t matter what ethnicity you belong to, red is not easily found as a natural hair color for people.

However, some are indeed gifted with the same. Ask yourself, how often have you seen people bragging about their natural red hair shades?

Do you know where is it seen as a natural hair color by some people? It is mainly found in the people of Ireland and Scotland.

Small numbers in Eastern and Southern Europe have also experienced people having natural red.

The natural shades of red may be visible in Red-Orange, Strawberry Blonde, Deep Burgundy, Bright Copper, Auburn, and a few more.

Anyone with this natural hair shared is considered amongst the rarest red in the world. If you consider the global population, these are found only in 1 to 2 percent of the total population. Red hair is mainly from the genes of both parents.

Red has been the new normal for many people to try as hair dyes and so we have a few recommended best shades in Red hair dyes for you to try.

Recommended Hair Dyes with Nearest Match to Red Natural Hair Color

2. Dark Black / Dark Brown Black Hair

Dark Black / Dark Brown Black Natural Hair Color

Although 75 to 80 percent of the global population consists of dark black hair or dark black-brown hair, these are still considered to be rare.

It is because black is not too common in UK, and European countries including the USA.

The major part of Europe where you would experience people with natural black is Southern Europe, Eastern Europe, Latin America, Asia, and some states of America.

The shades of black and brown that are rare to find naturally are the deepest brunette, raven black, jet black, and soft black.

In many parts of the world, people think it is impossible to shift to black hair color from blonde or light brown. Black hair is rare beauty which is very commonly seen in African countries and most of Asia.

Black has been a major favorite for many people who have natural golden shades. We have some recommended hair dyes that can help your hair go black and make it look natural.

Recommended Hair Dyes with Nearest Match to Dark Black / Dark Brown Black Natural Hair Color

3. Strawberry Blonde Natural Hair Color

Strawberry Blonde Natural Hair Color

Strawberry Blonde is one shade to look at in the world of red-haired people.

It is difficult for people to differentiate between red and strawberry blonde hair shades.

You may be jealous of the fact that people with natural strawberry blonde do exist!

One of the reasons why we did not include this red in the red section is that we wanted you to understand the difference between these two.

Natural red hair in people has a thicker texture compared to blonde.

Thus, the care of the hair when you plan for a hair color change may slightly differ between the two.

Rest details such as ethnicity, population average, and other factors remain the same for strawberry blonde too.

You can count the number of redheads that you see daily and you can guess the average by yourself.

Not everyone is born with similar red hair tones naturally, but who cares when you have so many brands that can offer you the best red dyes for your hair? Check these out by some of the top brands.

Recommended Hair Dyes with the Nearest Match to Strawberry Blonde Natural Hair Color

4. Dark Brown Natural Hair Color

Dark Brown Natural Hair Color

Brown or brunette covers almost 11 percent of the total world’s population.

Brunette hair was once known as the enemy of blondes.

It is because people born with these shades looked smarter, more sophisticated, and more reliable.

Brunette women were known to break stereotypes of all kinds in the USA.

However, we know that it is difficult to be judgmental of someone’s personality based on just hair color.

The brunette is naturally found in different shades like walnut brown, chestnut brown, milk chocolate brown, deepest brunette, lightest brown, maple brown, and more.

It is easy to guess a brunette if they say they belong to a country with European descendants.

If you desire to have the same shade on your hair, you can get one with the recommended products hereunder.

Recommended Hair Dyes with the Nearest Match to Dark Brown Natural Hair Color

5. Gray Natural Hair Color

Gray Natural Hair Color

Gray is very common amongst elder citizens.

As we tend to age, our hair stops producing eumelanin which turns black hair into gray hair.

However, did you know that in some parts of the world, people are born with gray hair or tend to have gray hair color from a younger age?

To share a fact, people tend to observe gray hair on them by their 20s.

Gray hair broke all misconceptions of old age in recent years.

Many people in their teens and mid-30s wanted to try it as a hair color.

They considered it cool and trendy. Shades such as platinum, silver, gray, and snow-white, became popular amongst people.

If that raised your eyebrows try one on you, below are some good brands to refer to.

Recommended Hair Dyes with Nearest Match to Gray Natural Hair Color

6. Blonde Natural Hair Color

Blonde Natural Hair Color

Northern European and some Asian countries will make you see Blonde hair as a natural.

About 3 percent of the global population displays natural blonde hair.

Some popular shades that picked great demand in blonde include golden blonde, honey blonde, platinum blonde, strawberry blonde, ash-blonde, dirty blonde, etc.,

Most women are often jealous to see blonde on other women as blonde makes you look fairer and also adds vibrancy to the personality.

Looking at the number of women going for blonde hair dye, we don’t disagree!

Blonde is one of the most popular and attractive natural hair colors on the planet.

If you would love to try it on you too, take a look at some of the best brands in these shades.

Recommended Hair Dyes with the Nearest Match to Blonde Natural Hair Color

Final Words:

unique natural hair colors

With globalization, everything has changed for good. All types of hair colors regardless of weird, natural, unnatural, and rare are accepted by people from different parts of the world.

Many even love to try these crazy natural hair colors on them in the form of temporary or permanent hair colors.

We hope you have decided which unique natural shade would you prefer to try. Before we leave you with your choice, remember natural is gifted by nature and so one cannot expect a 100% match in hair dyes. You may get shades closer to these natural ones.