Difference Between Blonde & Brunette [Benefits of Brunette & Blonde]

Before we begin this topic, let’s remember that every color is equally gorgeous. People choose colors as per their looks and personality. Blonde is as smart as a brunette. Other than few differences, there are many similarities in these colors as well.

One of the common amazing facts about blonde and brunette is that both colors enhance the beauty of those with blue, green, and gray eyes. Few common hair shades in blonde and brunette are light, medium-dark, or a combination of both.

Let’s understand the simple meanings of these colors.

Blonde Hair

Blonde is a combination of golden and yellowish shades. People with these natural colors mean that the hair has low brown eumelanin, high pheomelanin, and high black eumelanin.

One interesting fact about blonde is that the alphabet ‘e’ is specifically used for the feminine gender whereas blond is used for the male gender.

Few common hair shades in blonde that help you understand the differences include:

  • Yellow blonde
  • Bleached blonde
  • Ash-blonde
  • Strawberry blonde
  • Golden blonde
  • Sandy blonde
  • Platinum blonde

Let us recommend some top shades in blonde for you:

Brunette Hair

Brunette hair is a shade anywhere between brown or black hair colors. The reason for brunette hair means high levels of eumelanin and low levels of pheomelanin.

Few common hair shades in brunette that help you understand the differences include:

  • Milk chocolate brown
  • Light golden brown
  • Light golden reddish brown
  • Deepest brunette
  • Dark brown
  • Walnut brown
  • Light ash brown
  • Medium golden brown

Recommendation of few top shades in brunette for you:

Few other factors also determine the difference between brunette and blonde hair. Your natural hair texture also decides the hair shade. Let’s get to the difference between these two hair colors.

Difference between Blonde and Brunette

Before we get to the detailed study of blonde and brunette, let us clear this misconception that hair colors do not decide the IQ level or characteristic traits of a person. You cannot say that blondes are more stable in life and brunettes are party goers.

Major differences between these two shades:

  • People with natural blondes have more hair volume compared to those with natural brunettes.
  • Darker hair (brunette) acts as a protection shield due to more levels of melanin compared to lighter hair (blonde).
  • Women with blonde tend to grow grey hair sooner than brunette women.
  • One of the challenges with brunette hair is that you need to repeat the coloring process several times to get the desired color. In short, it is tough to color brunette hair in one go.
  • You would be happy to know that compared to blonde hair, brunettes have a better shine.
  • Another thing to notice in blondes is that they are good at hiding the scalp even if you have thin hair.

Should you go for Blonde or Brunette?

It is not the color but the skin undertones that decide the hair shade and its beauty on you. For instance, some people have warm undertones and some have cool tones. Many people also have mixed of these.

Here is the explanation of how the skin undertones decide your hair colors:

  • Warm tones go best with golden blonde, chestnut blonde, deep auburn, honey brown, and any other warm shades.
  • Cool tones go well with ash brown, platinum, strawberry blond, and ash blond. Just remember to stay away from orange and yellow tones.
  • Having a combination of cool and warm undertones can have any between blond and brunette hair colors. You can also try the bright, red, and black shades.
  • If you are still indecisive between blonde and brunette, learn more about the Balayage technique and ask your hair expert if he can try it on you.

Based on people’s myths and beliefs, people with brunette hair color are known to be more independent and intellectual.

If you wish for a smart look, then brunette is the choice. If you consider it from a career perspective, blondes earn more than brunettes.

Also, those prone to water activities like swimming and rafting must avoid blonde. Blondes have a risk of hair turning green underwater.

One of the best things about both the shades is that you can anytime switch between the two.

Tips every brunette must know

  1. Choose a low-maintenance dye color for your brunette hair. As we mentioned earlier, one session is not enough to change the brunette color, and thus, it may add to your cost.
  2. Go for deep conditioning to nourish and hydrate your hair. Choosing a deep conditioner would be worth it!
  3. Choose a cold shower post brunette coloring over hot water baths. Coldwater helps to lock the hair color.
  4. Protect your freshly colored brunette hair from UV rays. Wearing a scarf or hat would be a wise option.
  5. Follow the practice of tint rinse i.e., to enhance treatment.

Benefits of Brunette hair that Blondes would miss

  • People with brunette hair have better shine and luster.
  • Brunette doesn’t let anyone guess their bad hair days.
  • One of the best things about brunette hair is that you can go with the same awesome looks on unwashed hair for several days.
  • All sorts of colored outfits look amazing brunette hair!
  • Going for a heavy eye-makeup gives perfection to the personality.

Tips every blonde must know

  1. Choose a lightning product to enhance your blonde hair shade.
  2. Blondes must shampoo every 2 or 3 days using a product that is meant for blonde hair color.
  3. As a beauty secret, let us reveal that people with pale skin tones must choose cool shades and those with deeper or olive skin tones must go for warmer shades in blonde.
  4. If possible, use purple shampoo on blonde hair. It helps to keep the cool undertones in balance. Applying this shampoo once a week and allowing it to sit for 5 to 10 minutes can do the trick.
  5. Using a protein mask would also be the best thing! Having blonde hair means inviting risks of fragile hair. You would need extra protein.

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Benefits of Blonde hair that Brunettes would miss

  • Blondes always look younger no matter how much they age!
  • Blondes always look glamorous and perfect even after waking up and without makeup.
  • One of the best advantages of blonde hair is that you don’t have to face dandruff.
  • Black looks super cool on the blonde!
  • Women with blonde hair always taken more attention

Final Words:

Blonde or brunette, people work to look good always and there is no denying that both colors are awesome! All you need to do is check what suits your personality and looks.

Book an appointment with your hair expert for any confusion on your hair color. Know what choice of color he/she suggests for you. The other option is to go with your instinct and move ahead with confidence!