How Long Does Indigo Hair Dye Last? How to Make Indigo Dye Last Longer?

Asia has been known for various natural and resistant hair dyes. Indigo is one of the globally acclaimed dyes that originate from Asia. To give you a deeper insight, Indigo is completely organic and is formed by the dried leaves of the Indigofera Tinctoria plant.

It is used with other varieties of Henna to get different shades such as black, brown, red, red-brown, dark brown, etc., The color variations may happen from person to person as we all have different hair textures, shades, and quality.

Also which part of the hair are you planning to dye matters too! For instance, hair dyed at the temples may not pick the Indigo dye color strongly as the other areas.

Thus, people perform a strand test to ensure if indigo will work on their hair as expected. Let’s understand few more critical topics related to Indigo dye.

Is Indigo hair dye permanent?

No color is permanent on hair. Now even the one nature has gifted to you at the time of your birth. Even the natural hair color greys out with time.

Thus, you need re-touches at intervals depending on your hair dye sustaining ability. It is the same scenario for Indigo hair dye too. You need re-applications to look fresh and natural always.

One of the major benefits of using Indigo is that it is a natural dye that is also known to improve hair health. Hence, check after the first application for how long does your hair dye lasts. You can plan the second session respectively.

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How long does indigo hair dye last?

Your indigo hair dye can stay up to 4 weeks! It is likely to fade sooner or stay longer depending on how careful you are in taking the precautions. However, as per most hair experts, you need to color twice a month if you are choosing indigo.

In some cases, a little percentage of indigo dye stays for life. Many have claimed that they have been with the dye for more than a year too!

You just need to follow the aftercare instructions properly. You must also remember that indigo is to be mixed with henna if you want naturally black hair and cover all the greys.

To get accurate results, hair experts have also suggested that you give a gap of 5 to 6 weeks between chemical treatment and hair coloring.

How can I make Indigo Hair Dye last longer?

Many people have claimed that indigo hair dye is permanent. However, those are traces that stay for a very long time.

But, to enjoy the whole effect you will need to recolor your hair at timely intervals. As we stated the color of your hair before indigo dye, texture, and quality will also decide the life of the dye.

For instance, dark hair becomes deep black instantly on applying indigo and may stay longer than the indigo applied n blonde or grey. Thus, you will need more applications on blonde to have the desired results.

Certain tricks can make your indigo hair dye last longer. Let’s check these out in detail.

Required Items:

  • Indigo dye
  • Salt
  • Henna
  • Water
  • Shampoo

Step by Step Process:

  • The first step is to give your hair a shampoo wash.
  • Following the instructions on the henna manual, apply the first layer of henna to your hair. Let it sit for at least 4 to 6 hours.
  • Wash away henna completely with regular water (do not use warm water).
  • Following the instructions on your indigo kit and prepare the mixture. Add a tbsp. of salt. This will help the effects of indigo to stay longer. Allow the mixture to settle for about 10 minutes. You will notice purple-bluish glaze forming in the mixture.
  • Start applying the mixture to your hair immediately before the power weakens. Leave the mixture on your hair for one hour.
  • Wash it off completely with water.
  • Avoid washing your hair for the next 3 to 4 days. You will soon notice your hair growing darker in color.

Repeat this process (if needed as per your hair) by giving the gap as we explained above. Following the above trick will make your indigo last for a lifetime. Don’t miss checking our recommendations on henna and indigo dye at the end of the article.

There are few more tips that you need to consider if you may want the indigo effects to last longer:

  • Store your dye in a cool place but avoid the freezer. Storing it in at a proper temperature helps it to sustain its effects.
  • Always mix your indigo in warm or lukewarm water but, not hot.
  • Do not mix indigo with any type of oil and conditioner. Oils diminish the color effects of indigo.
  • Never keep the ready indigo mixture for too long. It will only deteriorate the dying ability and may even fade quickly on application. In short, apply freshly mixed indigo always.
  • Avoid applying indigo on too much-wet hair. Dry or damp hair is a perfect state to apply indigo dye for the best result to stay longer.
  • Leave the application for a little longer if you want the dye to last longer.
  • Apply a second coat on the hair the next time either on whole hair or in patches if you want a darker coat to stay longer.

FAQs related to the indigo dye process

Here are a few most commonly asked questions related to Indigo dye. Hope these answers clear your doubts further on indigo dye application.

Q. Is it possible to use indigo hair dye without using henna to get black hair?

Henna is a mandate to use with indigo hair dye for black hair. Indigo alone cannot dye hair without the application of henna.

Q. Is it safe to use henna and indigo on chemically treated hair?

Henna and indigo are natural/organic products. Thus, these are safe to use on chemically treated hair. The only thing you need to note is to have a waiting period of 5 to 6 weeks between the treatment and the coloring process.

Q. Do I need a hair expert to apply indigo to my hair?

The process of henna and indigo application is simple. Anyone can do it at home too. You may just need a helping hand to reach every corner of the hair properly. Also, all the instructions are clearly explained in the manual of quality products.

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Final Words:

Aging is a part of life and you must accept it happily. However, one can sustain the looks with a good diet, lifestyle, and perfect hair colors to prevent graying.

Fortunately, the market is full of color options that you can try and flaunt all the time. We did our bit of letting you know about something natural, organic, and safe. We hope you get what you are looking for in indigo dyes.