Best Hair Color for Hazel Eyes and Warm, Tan, Light, Fair, Olive, Cool & Medium Skin

Most women are often confused in choosing the right hair color with hazel or green eyes. Believe it or not, but they are the luckiest to have those pretty and rare eye color.

People switch to lenses to get those eye colors. If you match the right hair color with those natural hazel eyes, no one can stop you from reaching perfection.

Hazel eyes are a combination of brown and green eyes and so you may need to choose hair colors or dyes that go well in balance of these shades.

Hazel eyes can either be in a combination of semi-brown or semi-green. Some even have more gold bursts with a green combination. Other than the hazel eyes, it is your skin complexion also that will be the deciding factor while choosing a hair color.

Skin Complexion for Hazel Eyes

Skin complexion is mainly of three basic tones; light, medium, and dark. If we consider people with hazel eyes, they mostly have a skin complexion between ivory to medium.

Choosing hair colors for people with hazel eyes gets easier once you know your skin complexion well.

One cannot blindly pick any random color that makes the entire complexion look darker or dull. Find out the undertones of your eyes and the undertones of your skin.

You will solve your confusion to 50% there. Coming back to the two main categories from where we began; let’s understand the basic colors for hazel eyes.

Best Hair Color for Hazel Eyes

As we stated earlier, hazel eyes are broadly divided into two types;

  • Hazel- Green and
  • Hazel-Brown

Basic hair colors that go with hazel-green eyes:

Women with hazel-green eyes must opt for cooler shades like ash brown and platinum blonde.

Basic Hair Colors based on Hazel-Brown Eyes:

Those women with hazel-brown eyes can go for warmer shades of brown-based colors. The shades of rich yellow and red look flawless too!

Despite the above recommendations, don’t forget that we mentioned skin tone. Your complexion plays a vital role along with your eye color in the selection of hair dyes.  

One of the simplest tricks is to look at your veins under the sun. If your veins look purple or blue, it means you have a cool undertone.

Similarly, if your veins look visibly green under the sun, it means you are warm-toned. If the skin is unable to show a proper undertone in either of these categories, it means you have a neutral skin tone (also known as olive skin).

Let us make it easy for you with the help of the following break-up:

  • Purple or Blue tone of veins = cool skin tone = medium golden brown and highlights (hair color)
  • Green under tone of veins = warm skin tone = dark mahogany brown or golden blonde (hair color)
  • Unable to tell whether blue or green = neutral/olive skin tone = ashy or reddish (hair shade)

Based on the above details, we can recommend the following hair shades for you;

  • Chestnut: The hair shade brings out flawless hints of blue and green to match those haze beauties.
  • Cream blonde: Women with hazel eyes cannot resist the cream blonde hair tones. The light butter-like shade will make many men butter them for a date.
  • Hazelnut: If you are a follower of brown shades, hazelnut may be the perfect match for those hazel eyes. They offer you a deep brown shade with light tones of red.
  • Copper: Copper is a versatile shade that offers the hottest results on those pretty hazel eyes. It contrasts well with that combination of blue and green eyeshades.

Let’s get into a detailed discussion of each skin tone with hazel eyes so that you can pick the right shade as per your complexion.  

Top 5 Hair Color Dyes for Hazel Eyes

1. Chestnut Brown Hair Color

  • The color provides intense repair deeply
  • It comes with a strong combination with pre-color serum
  • Saves from up to 80% hair breakage
  • Can cover 100% gray hair
  • Go for two units if you have hair longer than your shoulder length

2. Ash Brown Hair Color

  • Superior eye color to go flawlessly with those hazel eyes
  • It comes with a perfect combination of gel and conditioner
  • Long-lasting hair color
  • You have over 50 shades to choose from the same brand

3. Dark Mahogany

  • The color formula easily blends with your skin tone and hazel-brown eyes
  • In one application, you will notice the color results
  • The vibrancy and luster of the color last for up to 10 weeks if taken care
  • Go for two units if your hair is longer than your shoulder

4. Chocolate Copper Hair Color

  • The advanced and special formula shows very well in the final results
  • It offers amazing shine and vibrancy
  • Go for two units for longer hair
  • Gives you an amazing breakthrough adding up to your personality

5. Golden Blonde Hair Color

  • Ideal for gray coverage, golden shine, and flawless vibrancy
  • They combine gel formula with conditioner shine serum to main the smoothness and shine
  • Choose between the ranges of 50 shades
  • It is total beauty care for your hair that adds up to those beautiful hazel eyes

Hair Color Dyes for hazel Eyes and Light Skin

Light skin is also referred to as white, ivory, fair, or pale skin tones. Blonde is the perfect match for people with light skin and hazel eyes. People with pale skin can also try medium champagne hair.

Yellow blonde or golden blonde are also good choices for light warm skin tones. Those with Ivory skin tones and hazel eyes can also switch anywhere from medium blonde to light brown.

Top 3 Hair Color Dyes for hazel Eyes and Light Skin

Hair Color Dyes for Hazel Eyes and Tan Skin

Let’s get into the details of hazel eyes and tanned skin (also referred to as moderate brown skin).

When both of these come in combination, you must opt for rich brown colors such as rich chocolate, chestnut brown, and blonde hair.

Top 3 Hair Color Dyes for hazel Eyes and Tan skin

Hair Color Dyes for hazel Eyes and Warm Skin

Do you have hazel brown eyes and warm skin? Gosh, we so envy you for this perfect combination!

If your sun shines on your skin giving you a peachy, tawny, or yellow undertone, the best hair shades to add to the beauty are ginger, copper, light golden, and medium brown.

Top 3 Hair Color Dyes for Hazel Eyes and Warm Skin

Hair Color Dyes for Hazel Eyes and Fair Skin

Fair skin can be warm or cool. We will let you know about hair shades based on both the tones of fair skin.

Fair warm skin toned people with hazel eyes must always choose rich golden blondes. These give you perfection in your overall personality.

Avoid colors like platinum blonde, blue or green-based shades, and black. These won’t go too well on warm skin tones.

Fair cool-toned skin gives a light pink shade to your skin. Black is just perfect for this cool fair tone and those gorgeous hazel eyes.

You may also try blondes, hazelnut browns, ash browns, and browns darker than chocolate shade.

Light buttery blondes, platinum blonde, cool silver tones, and white blondes also go amazing on cool-toned light skin. They help to enhance the green shade of your hazel eyes.

Avoid strawberry blonde, shades of orange, rich golden blondes, and red-based shades are best avoided on cool skin tones with hazel eyes.

Top 3 Hair Color Dyes for Hazel Eyes and Fair Skin

Hair Color Dyes for Hazel Eyes and Olive Skin

Olive skin is also considered in the medium or neutral category. People with olive skin tone and hazel eyes are irresistible with hair shades of light platinum blonde or golden blonde.

They can even choose any shade of cool or warm shade of blonde. For those with warm olive skin tone, shades of brown, dark mahogany, or burgundy look amazing too!

To share in short, all the shades of red give enhancement to those rich hazel brown eyes and olive skin.

Avoid orange-based colors and ashy browns that can make your skin look fade out.

Top 3 Hair Color Dyes for Hazel Eyes and Olive Skin

Hair Color Dyes for Hazel Eyes and Cool Skin Tone

As we have already covered the combination of hazel eyes and fair skin tones under warm and cool skin tones, we won’t get much into the detailed description for the same.

However, to help you with a quick search remember to always pick golden blonde, cool blonde hair, and light platinum blonde shade for cool skin and hazel eyes.

Top 3 Hair Color Dyes for Hazel Eyes and Cool Skin Tone

Hair Color Dyes for Hazel Eyes and Medium Skin

Women with medium skin and hazel eyes receive the maximum compliments if they color their hair with the right shade of blonde.  

We suggest choosing a light blonde color to look flawless! You may pick any skin shades for your hair (ivory to medium, remember?)

Top 3 Hair Color Dyes for Hazel Eyes and Medium skin

Hair Color Dyes for Hazel Eyes and Yellow Undertone Skin

Yellow undertone skins are also referred to as warm-toned tanned skins. As mentioned in the earlier discussions, people with hazel eyes and yellow undertone make the best match with warm-toned hair colors/dyes.

You must go for red and berry tones, golden and caramel blondes, or orange-based shades as well. A rich-warn brown looks just fine as well.

Avoid buttery blondes or platinum blondes. Do not even think of a blue and purple base as these shades will overshadow your hazel beauty and yellow undertone.

Top 3 Hair Color Dyes for Hazel Eyes and Yellow Undertone Skin


Here we take your leave, leaving you with varied options to try and shine up with those impeccable hazel brown beauties! If you find any confusion in selecting the hair color, you may always come back and get back reading the information we gathered here for you. Enjoy your new hair looks!