What is Spot Perm | How to do Spot Perm | Cost and Kits

Even after being aware of the fact that the chemical solution used in the process of the perming technique is responsible for making the hair brittle and dry, the popularity of the technique has not witnessed any decrease just because the it’s style. Many people are in love with the Perm hairstyle.

Men and women go for various perms suitable to their hair and face. In order to undergo an absolute transformation in one’s hair texture, from the boring and non-voluminous one to the luscious and overdramatic one, men and women invest their money on perms.

Spot Perm is yet one of these techniques that, as the name indicates, undergoes perming only in a particular area of the hair. Being not too much against one’s pocket, spot perm does not even take too much of an individual’s time.

What is Spot Perm ?

A spot perm is a perming technique in which rods are placed in only certain areas of hair to encourage curls in those areas.

This is usually ideal for those people whose hair is uneven. To gain uniformity in all the strands, people go for spot perm. Spot perm involves a series of steps to be followed like other perms.

The process is almost similar to that of other perm techniques. However, spot perm is comparatively safer and better. It is because in this only a part of the hair ( that is non-uniform) has to undergo perming.

Therefore, the side effects of the chemical solution are faced by only a part of the hair. Spot Perm is lesser expensive and lesser time-consuming unlike other perms too. Therefore, it is one of the best options of all the other perms.

How to do a spot Perm ?

Performing spot perm on one’s hair is almost the same as perms. There are certain things required for the completion of the process. Through perming kit, it can be followed at home as well.

The things required for performing a spot perm are the perming solution, the neutralizer, the sectioning pins and other hair styling sprays. The following steps have to be followed for getting a spot perm.

1. Shampoo

Rinse the hair with shampoo in order to eliminate the presence of any oil or dirt in the hair. A shampoo not consisting of too many chemicals must be preferred.

Thereafter, the hair must be rinsed and dried. Drying it naturally would be better than using a hairdryer. Slight brushing of the hair with a wide-toothed comb can be done

2. Partition of the hair

Hair has to be sectioned into 3 or 4 equal sections depending upon the hair volume and length. Each segment is supposed to be wrapped against a rod. The size of the rod depends upon the individual’s discretion.

3. Winding in rods

The sectioned strand must be wrapped in a curling rod. The end of each strand must be wrapped around a rod. The choice of the size of the curling rod depends upon what kind of curls one wants.

The larger the size of the rod, the looser will be the curl. The rod must be rolled downwards. The process must be repeated with each section. The hair is wrapped for a fixed period of time before the application of a relaxant.

4. Applying the perm solution

The perm solution has to be applied near the rods. Before applying the solution to the hair, a cotton towel can be used for the purpose of wrapping around the hairline, thus avoiding any harmful effects on the skin. The solution must be applied in a circular motion.

Spot Perm on short hair

Spot Perm adds bounce and body to one’s hair. It increases the softness of the hair and adds body to the curls. In case of short hair, a spot perm can be ideal to chose.

The areas of the hair where half of the strands are curly whereas others are flat and thin can be made appear voluminous creating an illusion of increased volume through this perming technique.

Spot Perm for long hair

People with long hair and uneven look can go for a spot perm. Long hair with uneven layers that do not possess uniform curls require such perm. In case of a layered hairstyle, it usually happens that not all the layers are compatible with each other.

For individuals with such hair issues, spot perm can be an ideal one. In case of long hair, the process may, however, take quite a long time. The sectioning requires effort and the even application of the perm lotion in the fixed areas requires consciousness.

If not done evenly, the permed area will not be able to integrate with the non-permed area hence causing an absolute mess. Therefore, for people with long and voluminous hair, spot perm has to be performed taking into consideration each layer and strand.

Spot Perm cost

The cost of all the perms varies depending upon the length of the hair, the hairstylist, salon, hair texture of the individual and of course the total amount of time spent in the process.

However, people are required to spend on average around 30 USD to 150 USD to get Spot Perm done.

Spot perm costs lesser than other perms. It is because it takes lesser time as well as effort to perm only a fixed area of the hair.

Spot Perm Vs Spiral Perm

Spiral perm is a hair perming technique that is believed to be ideal for people with long hair. In case of spiral perm, the rods are set vertically into the hair.

Lots of rods have to be taken help of for positioning the curls against the rods. Spot perms are, on the contrary, not for the entire hair but for a particular section of the hair.

While spiral perm results in extreme corkscrew kind of curls, spot perms just enhance and produce waves, giving uniformity to the hair.

Spiral perms are for those people who want extreme curly hair texture while spot perms are for those people who merely want uniformity in their curls and hair texture.

Time: While spiral perm requires considerable time and effort, spot perms are lesser time taking.

Cost: Spiral perm can cost more than spot perms. It is because the entire hair has to be textured in case of spiral perm. Besides this, it is mostly preferred by people with long hair. On the contrary, spot perms do not occupy the entire hair which is a reason why it costs less.

Popular spot perm products

Like other perming techniques, spot perms can also be performed at home. For this, one requires a perming kit and other things required to attain a balanced texture in their hair.

The following products are required for a spot perm. Products recommended by one’s hairstylist must be used while caring for a perm.


To sum up, spot perms can be termed as a worthy medium of perming. It is the right way to balance the uniformity and fulfill people’s desire for structured curls. In case of spot perm, any section of the hair can be chosen to perm.

For people who are looking for uniformity in their hair structure and want to make their natural curls more pronounced, spot perms can be a great idea, not even demanding too much out of one’s pocket.