How to do a Volumizing Perm on Fine Hair & Long Hair | Step by Step

Perms are usually undergone by people in order to gain volume in one’s hair. It is a common problem for most of the men and women of the present time to carry thin and limp hair due to extreme hair fall.

Volume is one of the most pertinent things to be considered while examining hair. Volumizing perm is the remedy to this issue of people making one’s hair full of life.

Voluminous hair is what very few would deny. For people who want to experience the benefits of voluminous and healthy-looking hair, a volumizing perm is an excellent idea. This will help people avoid the embarrassment faced due to flat and thin hair.

What is a Volumizing Perm

A volumizing perm, as the name indicates, is a perming technique undergone to create volume in one’s hair.

This hairstyle is ideal for various haircuts and textures. Volumizing perm is comparatively lesser expensive than traditional perms. It lasts for around six weeks, unlike traditional perms that last for around six months.

The main motive behind the invention of volumizing perm was to help people get over the issue of thin hair and enjoy the pros of this technique.

However, it does not stay in the hair for a long time unlike other perms and cannot be relied upon too. This is because it may not be good for the health of the hair.

Volumizing Perm for fine hair

Managing and styling fine hair can be a challenging task yet there are various perming techniques to give life and bounce to such hair texture.

Most of the time fine hair can be indeed gloomy and therefore it is essential to substitute it with the gorgeous, luscious and healthy one.

Most of the people in the present time are compelled to experience the problem of thin hair lacking adequate volume due to climatic conditions.

Volumizing perm is no less than a boon for people facing issues of flat and limp hair. In the case of fine hair, volumizing perm adds up to the volume of the curls allowing the curls to relax in order to avoid the tightly curled appearance.

Volumizing perm on long hair

Volumizing perm is a technique of permanent waves that is suitable for various hair lengths. In the case of long hair, the process may take quite a long time.

The most important reason why this perming technique is preferred is because of its addition of volume and texture to limp hair. For long hair that is full of layers yet not possessing bounce and body, volumizing perms can be the best.

How to do a Volumizing perm

Volumizing perm can be performed by oneself as well as one can get it done in a salon. All one is required to do is get a perm kit and follow the prescribed instructions carefully.

Important things required to obtain volumizing perm include perm solution, neutralizer, sectioning pins and other necessary products for styling.

The steps to be followed for performing a volumizing perm are as follows:

How to do a Volumizing perm

1. Shampoo

The hair has to be washed with shampoo in order to get rid of the presence of any impurities. For the active effect of the perm solution, the hair is required to be clean and non-greasy.

For this purpose, sulfate-free or other mild shampoos can be considered. Let the hair dry naturally and detangle it using a wide-toothed comb.

2. Sectioning of the hair:

The hair is to be sectioned in equal segments depending upon the volume of the hair. The strands are then rolled against the perm rods. Loose curls require large-sized perm rods and vice versa.

3. Wrapping around the rods

Each segment of hair is wrapped against perm rods available in multiple sizes. For the even application of the solution, wrapping of hair is performed.

4. Application of perming solution:

This step involves the application of the chemical solution all over the hair in order to relax the strands. The chemicals employed in the process are more or less the same as those used in conventional perms.

Therefore the chemicals are equally harsh for the hair making it brittle and fragile.

5. Rest:

The solution is supposed to be left in the hair for about 5 to 8 minutes. During this time, each strand must be checked by removing the rods. In case the curls have not been achieved, the rods must be reinstated. The head can be covered using a shower cap.

6. Rinse:

Without taking off the rods from the hair, it should be rinsed with cold water for about 3 minutes. Thereafter, it must be dried.

7. Neutralizer:

The rods have to be taken out for the curls to relax and neutralizing lotion is applied. This results in wavy and voluminous hair. After allowing the neutralizer to spend some time in the hair, it must be washed thoroughly to let go of all the chemical applications.

It is significant to consult a hairstylist before getting the required perm to make sure about its suitability on one’s hair texture and length.

Necessary products including after perm safe shampoos and conditioners must be obtained from the hairstylist. Apart from this, regular brushing and caring of the permed hair must be ensured.

How much does a Volumizing perm cost

On average, the cost of a Volumizing perm ranges between USD 50 to USD 150.

Volumizing perm does not cost a lot as other perms. It is comparatively less expensive than the regular perm. It is because it does not even last as long as conventional perms.

This perm is quite affordable for most people and is ideal for people facing the trouble of flat hair stick to the scalp.

Volumizing perm products

The products required in a volumizing perm are the same as those required for a regular perm. A perm lotion, the neutralizer and the rods for sectioning.


To sum up, volumizing perms may undoubtedly seem a remedy to many people’s hair yet it is one of the chemical remedies that is known to create a voluminous illusion in the hair.

The effect of the perm lotion is equally harmful as of the other perms. In order to get temporary voluminous hair, people may end up having even thin and delicate hair considering the effects of the solution.

This may also happen in case one has failed to choose the right stylist and salon. Therefore, precautions are to be necessarily taken before choosing a perm for oneself.