Mixing Hair Color Shades | Best Combinations to Mix Hair Colors Together

Have you ever thought of mixing two hair colors? It sounds exciting, isn’t it? If you thinking about the same right now then you have reached the right page! Swapping between colors and experimenting with new shaded has been the trend recently.

People do not wish to stick to the old school shades anymore. We have something that will make you excited about your hair-do thought.

We assume that you know the basics of how to apply hair color. If you are completely new to trying a hair color or hair dye, it would be wise to do some homework online.

Before we begin, here are some basics to quickly go through

  • Wear an old t-shirt before you begin mixing the shades.
  • Always wear your pair of hand gloves as the hair color leaves stains behind on the skin.
  • Once you have applied the combined mixture on your hair, drape your hair properly so that you don’t spill the liquid anywhere leaving stains behind.
  • Go for a temporary shade at first before you are confident and satisfied to make it perfect.
  • Always choose a trusted brand to try new experiments.

Why do people mix hair colors?

People mix two hair colors with the help of a developer to get new hair color or shade. You enjoy the freedom of trying new colors on your hair and trying new looks on your personality.

In simple terms, it is like customizing your hair colors and recreating your looks.

Before you begin experimenting with your shades, there are certain pointers to remember. You need to know the difference between primary shades and secondary shades.

Once you understand the balance, volume, color chart, and other basics, you are free to explore the world of colors in the hair.

Can you mix two shades of hair color?

The answer is a big YES! You can certainly mix two shades and try a new color that will be generated with the combination. Just ensure that you mix shades of the same brand.

It is because different brands follow their chart for shades and thus, it would be confusing to understand the proper balance while mixing. Unless you are a professional hairstylist, avoid doing so.

To share a secret with you, if you win to get the desired shade, you are going to save tons of money in your wallet. You never know if your new shade would become a trendsetter for others.

Before you begin, there are few things that you need to consider:

  • What’s your favorite shade number? Unless you know the numbers of shades well, it would be confusing from where to begin. Learn to begin with a small part like highlights. You don’t wish to see a failure on your hair and so the best part would be to begin part by part.
  • Browse through reviews of people who share your current hair color and check their color mixtures. You never know if you would find exactly what you were looking for.
  • If you are planning to choose a darker shade, always avoid orange. It will make the new combination look brassy with any combination you make. Unless you have yourself decided to make it orange, avoid it.
  • To get perfect results, your primary (dominant) color must always be in the proportion of ¾ and the secondary color must be ¼. You may change the combination in equal ratio too i.e ½ for primary and secondary if you wish for an even color shade.
  • Always avoid mixing cool and warm shades. They will not mingle well with each other. You may mix either of these with a natural color to have a cool or warm effect depending on the combination. In simple terms, your primary color must usually consist of a natural shade. 
  • Use a tint mixing brush to mix the colors properly. Whisk them until you get a smooth consistency. Avoid adding developer until both the shades are mixed properly. Once you are done with the mixture, you may add the developer and mix it until you get a creamier and thicker batter.

What hair color can you mix together?

We always mix primary and secondary hair shades. It would be advisable to continue with the same rule. However, you may choose the primary and secondary shades of your choice.

Your primary color must always be your base color. Remember the rule above, cool go with cool, and warm goes with warm. Avoid mixing cool and warm shades as explained above.

Now, let’s come to the most awaited color combinations! We have some of the most loved color combinations that you may also try. These are widely accepted and loved by most who tried.

1. Hair Color Mix Combination 1: Light Brown and Ash Blonde

  • Primary Color: 5 Light Brown
  • Secondary Color: 7.1 Ash Blonde
  • Mixing: The above needs to be in the ratio of ½ and ½)
  • Result: An awesome light brown and dark blonde shade with some Ashy effects.

2. Hair Color Mix Combination 2: Golden Blonde and Intense Copper Blonde

  • Primary Color: 7.3 Golden Blonde
  • Secondary Color: 8.44 Intense Copper Blonde
  • Mixing: The above needs to be in the ratio of ¾ and ¼
  • Result: A golden blonde touch with Auburn shades to give you a brighter look.

3. Hair Color Mix Combination 3: Light Blonde and Light Ash Blonde

  • Primary Color: 9 light blonde (preferably very light)
  • Secondary Color: 9.1 Light Ash Blonde
  • Mixing: The above needs to be in the ratio of ¾ and ¼
  • Result: This combination will keep your hair brass free and give you a fresh blonde look.

4. Hair Color Mix Combination 4: Chocolate Brown and Light Brown

  • Primary Color: 5.53 Chocolate Brown
  • Secondary Color: 5 Light Brown
  • Mixing: The above needs to be in the ratio of ½ and ½
  • Result: Chocolate lovers will fall for this! Expect a chocolate brown shade that gives you balanced warmth.

Below are few other color mix combinations that you can try:

  • Combination of Red and Yellow gives you Orange color
  • Combination of Blue and Yellow gives you Green color
  • Combination of Red and Blue gives you Purple color

There is one more secret combination that not every hairstylist will share with you. These combinations of primary and secondary hair shades are known as Tertiary colors. One such secret combination is;

  • Yellow and Green which gives you Lime green color

The ratio and proportion of the above combinations can be decided on the darkness or lightness you expect in the final result. You may need to add primary and secondary combinations based on the tone you want in the final color.


We hope you are all set to give yourself a new look that you have never tried before. Find your custom hair combination and flaunt it to your friends.

If you have any confusion about where to begin, you may always come back to this article and get some guidance. We hope you found it useful. 

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