Emo Hair | 102 Fascinating Emo Hairstyles for Guys and Girls

Emo hairstyles have been categorized as one of the most unique forms of hairstyles for girls and boys belonging to young age group. In the late 2000s, it has been one of the most trendy style among the youngsters. Being carried in vivid shades and highlights of multiple colors, funky styles, emo hairstyles are believed to reflect the emotions of the people.

Emo hairstyles are associated with punk music culture. Being one of the most ideal form of hairstyles for guys and girls with naturally straight hair, emo hairstyles are believed to promote individualism and is used to express oneself.

What is Emo Hair

Emo Hair is named after the word emotional or emotional hardcore. It is named after a genre of the hardrock music that came in trend in the mid 2000s. The artists and singers of the band, in order to gain attention by possessing an absolutely unique look, chose to sport Emo hairstyles. This trend later on gained popularity among the youngsters worldwide.

For complying with the Emo appearance, one was supposed to focus on dark color shirts and hoodies with the logos of music bands or printed with stars and skulls.

Why is Emo Hairstyle Popular

The Emo hairstyle got reputed in 2008 yet the trend is still followed by many. These haircuts merely involve styling with straight hair with long bangs usually swept to either of the sides. Usually, emo haircut is straight however, it can be wavy as well.

Guys and girls with straight hair are not supposed to worry if they are planning to get an emo. All one is required to do is choose the one that fits the best.

51 Fascinating Emo Hairstyles for Guys

Some of the famous emo hairstyles followed by guys commonly are as follows.

  1. Emo Hairstyle for thick hair guys
1 Emo Hair styles for Boyswith Thick Hair

In case of guys with thick hair having naturally thick locks, emo hairstyle can be made following various layers.

  1. Sleek Hairstyles
2 Sleek Hairstyles

Sleek hairstyle is best for super straight hair. In such hair texture, sleek can be obtained at ease.

  1. Emo Haircut for Thin Hair
3 Emo Haircut for Thin Hair

Emo Hairstyles suit thin hair also. This haircut features short layers towards the eyes and longer layers towards down.

  1. Hairstyles with Emo Bangs
4 Hairstyles with Emo Bangs

It is not necessary to have long hair to get Emo Bangs. Just get emo edge followed by long bangs and it can be styled across the forehead.

  1. Emo Hairstyles for Short Hair
5 Emo hairstyle for short hair

Emo Hairstyles for short hair was best sported by Gerard Way after which it became a buzz among many.

  1. Emo Hairstyles for Curly Hair

Emo hairstyle for curly hair must focus on the bangs. It features shaved sides and back and long bangs in the front.

  1. Swept up Bangs
7 Swept up Bangs

The top part of the hair is combed to the front side and then upwards. This is ideal for layered guys with layered hair.

  1. Anime Emo Hairstyle
8 Anime Emo Hairstyle

Anime emo haircut produces a brave appearance which can be set in various hair colors. It can either be straight and long or uneven and spikey.

  1. Emo hairstyles with choppy bangs
9 Emo hairstyles with choppy bangs

This hairstyle features upgrade of emo bangs with choppy texture. The length of the bangs can vary for a jagged look.

  1. Mohawks
10 Mohawks

This is one of the punk hairstyles more idle for thick hair. It can be styled through a lot many hair products.

  1. Emo hairstyles for wavy hair
11 Emo hairstyles for wavy hair

In case of wavy hair emo hairstyle can be styled with an angular fringe. This can be done with longer hair on top along with bangs that cross the forehead.

  1. Professional Emo Hairstyle
12 Professional Emo Hairstyle

Though emo hairstyle can barely appear a professional one yet this one is likely to be suitable to men with want an emo without an obstacle to their professionalism.

  1. Colorful Hairstyle
13 Colorful Hairstyle

This emo is obtained by the involvement of vivid colors in the Emo haircut. It can be a color suitable to the hair texture and type.

  1. Emo Hairstyles with Asymmetrical Bangs
14 Emo Hairstyles with Asymmetrical Bangs

This emo is associated with edgy and asymmetrical bangs beginning with short progressing to the longer side.

  1. Messy Emo Hairstyles
15 Messy Emo Hairstyles

This one is slicked downwards hence producing a rebellious appearance. This is going to be perfect for medium length hair.

  1. Undercut Hairstyles
16 Undercut Hairstyles

Undercut emo hairstyles are one of the low maintenance ones. When a short emo haircut is followed by undercut, it is the emo style with an undercut.

  1. Emo Hairstyles with Natural Highlights
17 Emo Hairstyles with Natural Highlights

This hairstyle is characterized by the addition of various bright colors in the emo that produce a natural appearance.

  1. Colored Tip Hairstyle
18 Colored Tip Hairstyle

Addition of contrasting colors to the edge and tips of the emo hairstyle constitutes this hairstyle.

  1. Two Tone Emo Hairstyle
19 Two Tone Emo Hairstyle

As the name indicates, the two tone emo hairstyle includes the combination of contrasting colors in the emo haircut. For this black and white color is recommended to attain a better contrast.

  1. Frontal Bangs
20 Frontal Bangs

Frontal Bangs include long bangs towards the forehead unlike the traditional emo hairstyle, side-swept bangs are not an option here. It can be preferred by guys whose look do not comply with the long side swept bangs.

  1. Textured Hairstyle
21 Textured Hairstyle

Textured hairstyle requires adequate layering in order to be styled. One can try variations in their layered bangs.

  1. Spiked Emo
22 Spiked Emo

Spiked Emo requires featuring spikes in  hair. The looks can be grown to attain the hairstyle.

  1. Back Spiked Emo
23 Back Spiked Emo

Back Spiked emo is a form of classic emo with full spread spikes at the back.

  1. Voluminous Emo
24 Voluminous Emo

Voluminous Emo can be attained by increasing the layers at the top must be short.

  1. Multiple color blend Emo
25 Multiple color blend Emo

A combination of vivid colors in the emo features this hairstyle. The blend of various colors that produce unique colors must be chosen.

  1. Casual Emo
26 Casual Emo

Casual Emo is more likely to be suitable for guys who do not want to be old schooled.

  1. Shoulder length Emo
27 Shoulder length Emo

This is one of the kinds of longer emo hairstyles. It produces a cool appearance with moderate length and is idle for guys with naturally long hair.

  1. Short and Messy layers
28 Short and Messy layers

This is one of the most common kinds of emo that can be followed at most of the places. It is easy to style and care and does not attain a lot of attention due to being over unique like other emo.

  1. Wispy Bangs Emo
29 Wispy Bangs Emo

Wispy bangs followed by a jagged appearance produces edge in the emo hairstyle.

  1. Short Black and Blue
30 Short Black and Blue

Emo haircuts combined with a blend of various color including black and blue more towards the tip can be a unique addition to the classic emo hairstyle.

  1. Flashy Emo
31 Flashy Emo

With a blend of extreme spiked back and traditional emo bangs, flashy emo is produced. Flashy emo reflects a rebellious appearance.

  1. Effortless Emo
32 Effortless Emo

Effortless Emo is the emo without any alteration in the hair texture. The emo bangs are styled in the original hair texture and therefore does not require much efforts.

  1. Pastel Emo
33 Pastel Emo

Various shades of pastel can be chosen to be combined with one’s emo in order to produce a different look. The pastel shade requires an understanding of the suitable color as per the skin tone.

  1. Side Tossed Emo
34 Side Tossed Emo

The bangs of the emo hairstyle can be tossed towards either of the sides across the forehead to result in a cool appearance.

  1. Faux Hawk Emo
35 Faux Hawk Emo

Faux Hawk is a kind of emo that tends to be one of the careless forms. While half of the hair is left to be layered and messy, the sides are to be trimmed and shaved.

  1. Front Brushed
36 Front Brushed

The layered strands in the hair are styled or brushed towards the front resulting in an innocent appearance.

  1. Copper Emo
37 Copper Emo

Copper emo is an excellent example for guys with natural copper hair texture. After getting the required emo, copper colors can be used to add up to the hairstyle.

  1. Taper fade Emo
38 Taper Fade Emo Guys

One of the short forms of emo with a fade is the taper fade Emo. It is ideal for men with short hair and features slight side fades.

  1. Surfer Emo
39 Surfer Emo

Surfer emo is characterized by short sides in comparison with classic emo. The layered bangs of the emo are brushed to either of the sides.

  1. Low maintenance Emo
40 Low maintenance Emo

This is idle for naturally straight hair as emo hairstyles are best for straight hair. It is low maintenance because does not require many efforts in styling and can be easily cut.

  1. Skater Emo
41 skater emo

Skater Emo is quiet different from the classic emo. It came into trend due to the hairstyle of the professional skater Curren Caples. This is idle for wavy hair.

  1. Dreadlocks Emo
42 Dreadlocks Emo

Dreadlocks is an example of one of the most artistic forms of emo hairstyles. It is usually obtained by few dreads towards the forehead.

  1. Colorful Lowlights
43 Colorful Lowlights

Vivid colors can be used in producing low lights to be general emo. Various colors can be chosen including the bright ones.

  1. Rainbow Emo
44 Rainbow Emo

Bright rainbow colors can be used to style one’s emo. Vivid shades of indigo, blue, orange, and many other colors can be chosen for partial highlights in the strands.

  1. High fashion Emo
45 high fashion emo

Sleek and edgy hairstyles constitute high fashion Emo. Emo haircuts with edgy tip are the examples of high fashion emo.

  1. Latest Emo
46 Latest Emo

In the present era, emo hairstyles are more likely to appear mature than the funky and none elegant ones.

  1. Rock and Roll Emo
47 Rock and Roll Emo

Rock and roll emo features choppy strands towards the front followed by an undercut for the remaining hair.

  1. Emo Hairstyles for Guys with Beanies
48 Emo Hairstyles for Guys with Beanies

Beanies have been among one of the most preferred accessories among emo guys. Beanies can be chosen accordingly as per one’s hair texture and color.

  1. K Pop Emo
49 K Pop Emo

For men preferring long hair, K pop can be an option. One is not even required to side sweep or bifurcate their bangs in this hairstyle and can also be tried in short hair.

  1. Grunge Emo
50 Grunge Emo

Grunge Emo does not carry a lot of layers in comparison to original emo haircuts.

  1. Emo Bob
51 Emo Bob

Without bifurcation of the hair, emo performed on a medium length hair is an example of Emo Bob cut. Some front bangs are swept across the forehead. Emo Bob is suitable for men in late 20s having round face.

51 Fascinating Emo Hairstyles for Girls

One of the coolest forms of hairstyles, emo haircuts usually preferred by girls are the following.

  1. Emo Hairstyle with long layers on both sides
1 Emo Hairstyle with long layers on both sides

This emo hairstyle is characterized by long layers on both the sides. The flicks are not kept very long so as to avoid any disturbances through it. This is one of the most ideal emo hairstyle for teenagers.

  1. Short Emo Hairstyle Blonde
2 short emo hairstyle blonde

A blonde emo haircut features blonde hair color which brighten one’s appearance. This hair color is more likely to be suitable if accompanied with a darker tip.

  1. Side Parted Emo Haircut
3 Side Parted Emo Haircut

The side parted emo haircut produces an innocent appearance on the one who sports it. It can be tried in various colors including shades of brown being highlighted with lighter tones.

  1. Curly Emo Hair
4 curly emo hair

Curly Emo haircut produces a soft appearance on the classic emo hairstyle. The curls add texture to the hair. This hairstyle is more likely to be suitable to the girls with curly hair of medium length.

  1. Wavy Emo Hairstyle for Girls
5 Wavy Emo Hairstyle for Girls

Emo hairstyle in case of wavy hair adds up to the style. Accompanied with blonde highlights, it is even better. The highlights can constitute neon and other colors too.

  1. Emo Haircut in a Ponytail
6 Emo Haircut in a Ponytail

When it comes about the management of emo haircut, it can either be braided into a fish tail that produces a traditional style or the one with naturally black hair must prefer side sweeping the long bangs and securing them into a medium height ponytail.

  1. Emo Haircut Medium Choppy Layers
7 Emo Haircut Medium Choppy Layers

Emo Haircut with medium choppy layers is suitable to thin hair. The layers have been chopped along the shoulders with slightly curved edges.

  1. Colored and Black Emo Haircut
8 Colored and Black Emo Haircut

Usually, the tip of the hair is colored in black and the remaining in pale red color. To add more color and vibrancy, one can wear ribbons of various colors in the strands.

  1. Teased Crown Emo Hairstyle
9 Teased Crown Emo Hairstyle

More amount of hair is teased on the crown. Fine hair cannot undergo this hairstyle as it does not promote teasing.

  1. Blonde Bangs Emo Hairstyle
10 Blonde Bangs Emo Hairstyle

In this hairstyle, the bangs at the front are styled in an angle and the other part of the hair is styled back securing with a pin making it half up the rest down emo haircut.

  1. Hot Pink Emo Hair
11 Hot Pink Emo Hair

Hot Pink Emo is the simple emo haircut combined with a hot pink dye along with baby pink highlights. This can be given more attention by adding some suitable hair accessory to the hairstyle.

  1. Fantasy Emo Hairstyle
12 Fantasy Emo Hairstyle

Fantasy Emo Haircut is suitable in mermaid hair color which is likely to resemble a light blue and green shade. The side part of the hair can be secured with some feathery hair accessory that would make it more visible.

  1. Formal Emo Haircut
13 Formal Emo Haircut

In case of hairstyles suitable at workplaces, this one can be ideal. It is suitable to be sported at schools and workplaces. To make emo look professional, the front bangs can be side-parted and the side flicks can be set back through a spray.

  1. Party Emo Hair
14 Party Emo Hair

Party Emo hair is characterized by ombre highlights to the dark hair with an emo haircut. In the case of layers, one can side sweep the parted layers to a side.

  1. Funky Jet Black Emo Hair
15 Funky Jet Black Emo Hair

The funky Jet Black Emo hair has not much to do except for adding up some suitable accessories to the general emo haircut.

  1. Spiraling Blue Tresses
16 Spiraling Blue Tresses

The emo look can be sported by adding dark tresses of any shade that is suitable for the hair texture and skin tone.

  1. Short swoop with Purple Stripe
17 Short swoop with Purple Stripe

For all those girls who prefer short hair not reaching the shoulders, this emo hairstyle can be a suitable one. It can be made even adorable if combined with a purple highlight.

  1. Half And Half Emo
18 Half And Half Emo

The combination of blonde and brunette defines half and half emo. The messy layers can be styled with the help of some mousse.

  1. Uniquely Short Half Bangs
19 Uniquely Short Half Bangs

Short half bangs will is a good idea for those who do not want to be disturbed from those long messy bangs across their foreheads. The bangs in messy are short on one side and long on the other.

  1. Black and Blonde Bangs
20 Black and Blonde Bangs

Black and Blonde Bangs can be obtained from the resulting faded appearance due to the platinum blonde and black dyes.

  1. Big Eyed Show Off
21 big eyed show off

For those who tend to flaunt their big eyes can go for this hairstyle that has largely swept bangs. The hair has to be operated towards one side.

  1. Orange Push Pop
22 Orange Push Pop

Through the inclusion of orange pop in the emo hairstyle having the sweeping bangs and tapered bump with layered tresses towards the front.

  1. Platinum Blonde
23 Platinum Blonde

It features black dyed long tresses in combination to naturally dark tips. Platinum blonde can either be a part of the hairstyle or can cover the complete hair.

  1. Short bangs and highlights
24 short bangs and highlights

It is one of the most simple forms of an emo hairstyle that produces a punk edge. It features short bangs swept towards either of the sides.

  1. Anime Emo
25 anime emo

The big, messy form of Emo hairstyles features anime. The big messy anime hairstyle features bangs towards one side. Some hair spray and the bangs are all set.

  1. Orange and Blonde shag
26 orange and blonde shag

This one is simple and fun hairstyle with various layers. It can be accompanied with orange highlights producing a natural fade to the natural color.

  1. Short tapered A-line
27 Short tapered A-line

A-line is a good idea for those who like to keep sweeping bangs. A-line is a very short cut at the back and longer hair in the front.

  1. Simple shaggy Emo
28 Simple shaggy Emo

The tresses are tapered and bangs are cut of medium length. This is idle for those for having natural highlights. The hair has to be straightened for a better look.

  1. The fluffy crimped
29 The fluffy crimped

This is characterized by crimped hair . This is more or less like a classic emo.

  1. Straight and Sweet Emo
30 Straight and Sweet Emo

Sweet Emo can be obtained by parting the bangs to either of the sides and then set it with the help of a mousse or styling gel.

  1. Avril’s Beach look
31 Avril's Beach look

This includes messy emo tresses side swept towards either of the sides. Paired with dark highlighted tips, it produces a lovely appearance to one.

  1. Long Purple Bangs
32 Long Purple Bangs

The simple emo hairstyle is combined with the shades of purple to obtain this hairstyle. Other shades can also be given a try as per the natural color of the hair.

  1. Color framing
33 Color framing

Addition of a few streaks of a color to the bangs and styling the natural locks that frame the face produces a unique look.

  1. Mysterious Punk
34 Mysterious Punk

This emo carries more of the dark shades of black along with the addition of some highlights to create depth. Styling the long layers with a hairspray can result in a messy appearance.

  1. Blueberry Popsicle
35 Blueberry Popsicle

This hairstyle is characterized by dying the hair blonde and then blue. This is ideal for girls with naturally dark hair.

  1. Powdery Pink Prowess
36 Powdery Pink Prowess

In case of natural blonde, shades of pastel colors can be used to dye hair. The highlights can be powdery pink or any other color that suits the hair skin tone.

  1. Red Gypsy
37 Red Gypsy

One of the forms of longer emo hairstyles, red Gypsy is one that produces an elegant, not appearance when styled the right way. It can be both worn casually as well as formally.

  1. Shaggy and Edgy
38 Shaggy and Edgy

The layers are cut straight in order to go with the face shape. It features choppy bangs and the layers are apparent.

  1. Short and Feathered
39 Short and Feathered

This one is a simple black hair producing a light and feathery appearance. It will go with thin hair.

  1. Color Splashed Emo
40 Color Splashed Emo

A combination of various colors to the hair will produce a more fun and flippy appearance. This may include a blend of vivid shades of orange, yellows or purple and blue. This can be attained through a dye by color splash.

  1. Printed Indigo Green
41 Printed Indigo Green

Through dyeing the hair with unique patterns of various shades of indigo, this emo hairstyle can be attained.

  1. The Bump and Go
42 The Bump and Go

One of the examples of the classic bow, this can be perfect for formal occasions tied up into a form of bun.

  1. Teased and Crowned
43 Teased and Crowned

Through headbands one can swipe up the messy bangs and long tresses.

  1. Streams of Fiery Orange
44 Streams of Fiery Orange

Slightly lifted side swept bangs dyed with shades of orange and blonde constitutes this hairstyle.

  1. Black and Blonde Siren
45 Black and Blonde Siren

With a combination of black and blonde dyed strands, this emo hairstyle includes more than just highlights.

  1. Myriad of Colors
46 Myriad of Colors

This emo hairstyle is a blend of multiple colors that is likely to be suitable to almost all the outfits. Shades like blues and pink go with this hairstyle.

  1. Gorgeous Pink Emo
47 Gorgeous Pink Emo

The combination of deep pink and black is one of the most classic forms of emo.

  1. Blonde with Black Highlights
48 Blonde with Black Highlights

Blonde dyed hair accompanied with black highlights mostly towards the bottom of the hair is blonde with black highlights.

  1. Crazy Short Top
49 Crazy Short Top

Short top is one of the fun emo hairstyles which can be experimented with multiple shades of purple. With a purple splash on the top and black dyes tip, this hairstyle reflects a unique emo look.

  1. All Natural Emo
50 All Natural Emo

Natural emo is one with naturally black and straight hair that does not require any extra straightening or coloring efforts.

  1. Pastel purple Emo
51 Pastel purple Emo

Dyed with pastel colors, this emo is one of the most amazing forms of producing a slightly faded appearance.


To sum up, emo hairstyles are one of the most unique and funky forms of hairstyles which is one of the reasons why not so many people are into possessing such an appearance. However, it has been a reputed form and widely possessed by many. Though some of the emo hairstyles are easy to get, yet maintenance is required to a great extent in case of certain forms of emo.

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