What Unnatural Hair Dye Lasts the Longest | 15 Unnatural Dyes that Last Long

Switching to hair colors has not been as simple as people think. Thankfully, some companies have considered this and created options that made it possible for you to try different hair colors easily.

Some are easy to do themselves so you don’t have to rely on a professional or a salon for the same. Moreover, the retouches and color-shifting could be killing in terms of cost at salons.

Don’t worry, we have some hair dyes that stay longer than you would expect. For them, you have to work a little on the re-touches as they will accompany your hair for a longer period.

When you go for hair colors, you will be handed over a list of instructions and precautions to follow to ensure that the dye stays longer.

With every shampoo wash, you are risking the dye that can lead to fading soon. Moreover, the heating tools will break the life of the dye furthermore.

One has to choose specific unnatural hair dyes that last the longest! Unnatural hair colors need extra care than natural hair shades.

In this article, we shall discuss everything related to unnatural hair colors, dye brands for unnatural colors, precautions, aftercare, etc.,

15 Unnatural hair dyes that last long

hair colors that last the longest

Choosing an unnatural hair dye is easier when you are aware of your hair texture, quality, and brand that you can trust.

Most of the below-mentioned unnatural hair colors can last longer if you take proper aftercare of the hair.

We shall discuss the same in the latter part of the article.

For now, let’s check out some exciting rare unnatural hair dyes that can last longer with good care.

You may also share your favorite with your hair expert and seek his/her opinion on whether it will stay on your hair for long as they know your hair texture better.

1. Red

Red is considered one of the brightest and strongest hair colors by various hair experts. You may choose from a wide range of red shades from various trusted brands.

Red shades last for at least 6 weeks. Some trendy and unnatural hair shades in red to check out are dark red, bloody red, dark cherry, cool red, auburn, etc.,

2. Brown

Those natural brunettes cannot be envied any longer as you can have the level of brown you desire. From natural to unnatural, brown speaks volumes in its shades.

Many brands offer brilliant shades of brown that can be safely applied to bleached or non-bleached hair.

Few good unnatural ones to try are toffee brown, caramel, bronze, chestnut brown, dark chocolate, etc… The hair color can look fresh before it leaves its tone for up to 4 to 6 weeks normally.

3. Blonde

Blonde is the shade for those sick of natural brown hair. Dying the brown hair blonde can be done under the guidance of a professional as due to the melanin content the process could be lengthy and tricky.

You may have to go for more bleaching sessions than the others if you wish for a long-lasting blonde on black or brown hair.

4. Pastel Pink

Pastel Pink is the shade for Barbie lovers! Almost similar to the rose gold hair shade, this color adds up to your personality and transforms your looks totally into a new doll-like face.

You may choose the shade lighter or darker as per your skin tone.

5. Orange

If you are ok to bear with those brassy looks later, go ahead with this rarest orange.

As people are getting more experimental, Orange has been widely appreciated and accepted. It looks great on almost all skin tones.

6. Lilac

A blank and faint shade of purple is the most popular amongst young adults. Women have fallen for this amazing unnatural dye for its sensational looks and versatile nature.

We bet you won’t regret this change either. If taken proper care of, these can last up to 4 to 5 weeks.

7. Lime Green

Lime is one of the most lovable members of the family of greens.  Lime Green gives you a closer look at neon as it’s much brighter than the pastel green shade.

For those desperate for a new and trendy vibrant shade, this is one of the most unnatural shades that are naturally accepted today by many women.

8. Violet

Violets or plums, these shades can bring back the flirty old days in your life. Violet is rocking and hot on most women.

Many women with dusky skin tones love the deep lavender so much that some stick to it for most of their lives.  

9. Blackberry

Blackberry goes perfectly on darker hair shades such as dark brown and black. These can be playful at times as they give you the perfect blend of purple with blue hints at times.

Many women have tried it and most of them have given a positive nod to the same.

10. Gold

Gold has always been considered a classy and sassy hair shade. The best thing about this tone is that the hair dye has been widely accepted by men too!

The subtle warm gold can make anyone look fresh and warm. You will find numerous brands that assure you long-lasting effects of Golden brown on the hair.

11. Coral

Coral is a hit on the list of experimental unnatural hair dyes. The color has been quite promising to give you a brighter look and skin tone.

The color may give results differently based on the natural or bleached tone. Thus, you may check with your hair expert if you wish to try it out on yourself.

12. Teal

Teal eyes and teal hair color can make any damn person on earth fall for you. Teal comes in the richest unnatural color textures and goes well on almost all skin tones.

13. Rose Gold

Rose Gold is one of the most desired unnatural hair colors. It complements any skin tone and thus it is worthy of a try!

The traditional rose petals’ shade makes you look fresh and tender. It is versatile and perfect for all occasions.

14. Opal

Opal has put down most of the unnatural hair dyes under the inferiority complex.

If you check out the social feeds, most women will have these unnatural shades. Opal gives you a poised, graceful, and sophisticated look.

15. Silver

Silver has been our personal favorite for many reasons! Regardless of your age, you look timeless with this amazingly unique and unnatural shade of gray.

It goes perfectly with cool skin tones. Silver also falls on the list of classy and sassy!

Note: Any unnatural hair dye lasts up to three to six months if you follow the instructions well and take complete care of your hair as instructed by your hair expert. The same is applicable for all the unnatural shades explained above.

How to find the best hair dye brands for unnatural colors?

If you are hunting for hair dyes with good longevity the options are endless, however; you need to select the best from the various brands.

We have a list of some of the best hair dye brands that you can consider in unnatural colors. You may re-check these with your hair expert and we are sure they will have an almost similar list for product recommendations in hair dyes.

These brands are not only the most preferred but also the most highly reviewed by customers.

Thus, the numbers may be more for you to explore the various options in the best dye brands for unnatural hair shades.

To give you a fair deal, we have listed the good and the bad side of these brands based on customer reviews and experience.

Best hair dye brands for unnatural hair colors

1. Pravana Chromasilk Vivids (Vibrant Pink)

Pravana is a salon-friendly brand. You will find it in most salons. Many hair experts use this due to various positive reasons.

The hair color gives long-lasting effects of up to 8 weeks. One reason why salons prefer to use it is due to its high pigment color and non-messy results. The dye is available in vibrant pink

Top Features:

  • The color doesn’t bleed to make it messy like other hair dyes.
  • You can color your hair with or without bleach. The results will be desirable either way.
  • You don’t need a developer to mix in the hair color.
  • The package contains dyes in XL which is three times more than other dye tubes.

2. Arctic Fox Vegan Semi-Permanent Hair Color (Purple Rain)

The Arctic is also another brand to look for in the list of trusted brands. They have 17 amazing colors to choose from amongst pastel shades.

Moreover, you can also mix these with other colors to get more unique unnatural shades.

Top Features:

  • The manufacturer produces vegan and cruelty-free colors
  • The dye lasts 4 to 8 weeks
  • You can safely apply it on bleached, black, or gray hair
  • The dye is odor-free and has a pleasant smell

3. Revlon Colorsilk Dyes based with Keratin (Bright Burgundy)

Revlon is a trusted brand for years. They have continued to deliver the best results in hair products including dyes.

The Revlon Colorsilk Hair Dye with Keratin is highly trusted for long unnatural hair colors. Your hair is guaranteed to have smooth, healthy, and shinier results.

Top Features:

  • The dye covers gray hair giving long-lasting effects
  • Their hair shades are ammonia-free
  • Choose from a wide range of up to 41 hues
  • The colors are gentle and non-messy on the hair

4. L’Oreal Paris Feria Shimmering Hair Color (Tropical Teal)

We know L’Oreal is popular at a global level. The brand has come a long way in enjoying its importance and existence in the world of hair colors.

They have done a similar job in the selection of unnatural shades as well. We are not sure if you have tried the Multi-Faceted Shimmering Hair Colors by L’Oreal. You have about 50 shimmering shades to try and look unique with a complete transformation.

The Shimmering hair color contains three times more power for eye-catching looks.

Top Features:

  • Huge selection of colors to choose from the fashion point of view
  • The healthy hair dye also deeply conditions the hair making it healthy and vibrant
  • It’s one of the most trusted brands that one can rely on
  • Their hair color seals the hair strands leaving long-lasting effects on the hair

5. Punky Semi-Permanent Hair Colors (Plum Shade)

Punky is not only known for its beautiful long-lasting unnatural shades, but also for its deep conditioning quality too.

The brand deals with vegan colors and it is also considered amongst the best for being the gentlest on the hair.

Their hair colors are free from peroxide and sulfate. You can expect shiny, healthy, and smooth hair even after the dye.

Top Features:

  • Choose between 23 unnatural and trendy shades
  • You can safely mix the shades to form new hair colors
  • It is safe to use on bleached and black hair too

How do you keep unnatural hair color from fading?

Sticking to your new unnatural hair dye for a long would be difficult if you neglect the aftercare. To prevent unnatural hair color from fading, we have some expert advice for you.

Before you read these, you have to promise yourself to follow these sincerely or it would be a waste of time, money, and energy.

Experts’ tips on keeping unnatural hair color from fading:

1. Use only color-treated products

Change all your hair products from oil, and masks to shampoos and conditioners and switch to products that are color-protectant.

You need to find out shampoos and conditioners that do not contain any sulfate or other chemicals that may damage the new tones on your hair. Restrict the washes to just two shampoos per week.

2. Keep your hair cool

We agree that hot water could be relaxing but, not for your new unnatural hair shade anymore. The cooler you keep your hair, the better for your hair dye to stay longer.

You can benefit from the trendy shade that you have just tried for a long time. While swimming, wear a cap so that the chlorine doesn’t damage the hair dye and make it fade out soon.

3. Protect it from the sun

You need to protect your hair from the sun at all times. Keep the heating tools away too if you want your unnatural shade to stay for long on your hair.

Preferably, wear a hood or a cap if you step outside under the sun.

4. Daily color protector

A daily color protector such as a leave-in conditioner protects your hair strands and sustains the color of the roots.

A good leave-in conditioner will also prevent the unnatural hair dye from fading out sooner.

5. Introduce dry shampoo

Don’t get scared by the word DRY; too much washing can strip off the bright and trendy hair shade from your hair.

Dry wash can protect you from frequent hair wetting. Choose a dry shampoo that is free from chemicals.