Natural Japanese Hair Colors & Hair Dyes to Get Natural Japanese Hair Color

The people of Japan like to keep things simple in all arenas of their life. So, when it comes to hair care and hair colors, you will not see many options.

Japanese people like to wear and flaunt their natural hair colors. Unlike other countries, they are not very fond of dyeing their natural hair with artificial dyes. They also avoid dyeing their hair to prevent damage to their hair and scalp.

For the people of Japan, their hair represents their heritage and belief in uniformity. Thus, natural Japanese hair colors are always in trend!

Are you planning a trip to Japan? Then you should probably know these hair trends. In this article, we have discussed everything you need to know about the natural Japanese hair colors, their popularity and significance.

Popular Japanese Natural Hair Colors

1. Black Hair Color

The most common natural hair color of the Japanese people is natural black hair. Natural black hair is considered as a sign of beauty for Japanese women. Natural Black hair remains relevant in Japan since the Heian period (794-1192).

This mark of natural Japanese beauty is still considered the ideal trademark of aesthetics. The majority of Japan’s population has dark black hair and they take pride in wearing their hair in its natural black color.

For the Japanese, black hair is representative of both strength and elegance. It represents and praises the natural beauty and classic aura of Japanese men and women. The color stands out to be bold and adds a touch of mystery to one’s appearance.

The obsession of Japanese people with natural black hair is such that many Japanese schools have made it mandatory for their students to have black hair only. The reason for this rule is to implement uniformity and discipline.

However, black hair is not the only natural hair color in Japan. This forces the non-natural black hair color students to dye their hair black. While many institutions are dropping this rule to promote individuality, it is still pretty much pertinent.

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2. Brown Hair Color

After black, brown is the second most famous natural hair color in Japan. Though, natural brown hair color is not so common in Japan as natural black hair color. Only a rare percent of the population have this natural hair color look which is lighter than the natural shade black.

A tiny percent of the Japanese population have natural dark brown hair. A tinier percent of the population rock a lighter shade of brown.

While having natural brown hair color is common for inter-racial people in Japan, the beautiful hair color is rarely found in the case of Japanese people having no inter-racial history.

Some of the natural black hair colors give a hue of brown under the sunlight. While some Japanese people with natural black hair have subtle shades of brown highlights.

Also, it’s not strange for some Japanese people with no inter-racial history to have beautiful and luscious natural brown hair.

In a country where everyone has dot black hair, having natural brown hair can make you stand out of the crowd. It is also possible for some Japanese people to assume that someone with brown hair hasn’t kept their hair natural but used dye.

With time, the people in Japan have started accepting their individuality and started wearing their natural brown hair instead of dyeing it black.

It’s also a trend in Japan to dye your hair light shades of brown to bring a “change” in their appearance. The color brown also complements the fair Japanese skin and adds a graceful touch to it.

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3. Natural Auburn Hair Color

Japanese people having natural auburn hair color is one of the rarest of the rare cases, yet it is entirely possible. You can see people on the streets of Japan having subtle shades of natural auburn hair color which looks closer to the shade brown.

Having red hair is rare in Japan but there are many Japanese people who have natural auburn hair color and hazel eyes. It is easier to find natural auburn hair color in the areas located near and situated in Northern Japan.

Japanese people having natural brown hair color can also give the illusion of natural auburn hair color under the sunlight. Some of the naturally brown-headed Japanese people also have elegant hues of natural auburn highlights.

The unique natural auburn hair color signifies beauty, cuteness and romance in Japan. As natural auburn hair color is a recessive trait in the country, both the parents of a natural auburn head must carry auburn hair color gene variants.

However, due to the uniqueness of this hair color, most Japanese fail to regard natural auburn hair color as it is and consider it as light brown.

However, having a strong red hair color can easily be identified as artificial and chemically treated. Only subtle and unpretentious shades of auburn hair colors can be identified as natural Japanese hair color as any color other than this is not found in Japanese people.

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Final Words:

Whenever we think of Japanese men and women, we create an image of soft glass skin and straight black hair in our minds. This pre-formed notion is partially true.

It’s absolutely possible for Japanese people to have natural brown and auburn hair color. We hope this article was helpful in informing you about the many natural hair colors of Japan.